Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 673 - Nine Nights Dynasty (2)

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Chapter 673: Nine Nights Dynasty (2)

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The Blood Moon Elder was filled with confusion as he looked at that jade pendant. He could sense that this jade pendant had an extraordinary significance to Holy Lady; otherwise, she would not order him to investigate it so solemnly.

“Rest a.s.sured, Holy Lady. I will definitely do my best.”

After giving a slight nod, Ye Qingtang turned to look at the little white tiger which was still sleeping soundly.

Under the warm sunlight, the little white tiger was comfortably sprawled on its back with its stomach exposed.

“Before we go to the Nine Nights Dynasty, I still need to make some preparations.” Afterward, Ye Qingtang narrowed her eyes balefully and walked right towards the little white tiger.

The little white tiger was still sleeping soundly and had not realized the incoming “danger.” It was still dreaming, but suddenly, it felt a tight grip at the back of its neck, and it was directly lifted off the ground!

It widened its eyes in horror and met with Ye Qingtang’s eyes that hid a subtle smile.

“F*ck you! What are you doing!”

Ye Qingtang raised her hand and flicked the tip of the little white tiger’s nose. “If you curse at me again, I won’t hold back anymore. I need to help you make a tiny change now…”

“I’m very good now! I don’t need any changes!” The little white tiger rubbed its painful nose as it looked at Ye Qingtang in horror.

“Don’t be nervous. I’m just helping you to dye a color…” Afterward, Ye Qingtang brought the little white tiger to the stream outside the cave with another hand touching her s.p.a.ce ring.

There was already a number of people who saw the little white tiger’s appearance in the h.e.l.l of Avicinaraka mystic realm. Although white tigers were not a frequent sight, if anyone found out about it, Ye Qingtang might be embroiled in troubles because of it.


It was simple to dye a white tiger into the appearance of a common tiger.

“Dye?! Woman, put me down quickly! If you don’t let me go, I won’t hold back anymore!!” After hearing that, the little white tiger’s hair stood up. However, no matter how loudly it roared, it was still brought to the stream by Ye Qingtang.

In no time, Ye Qingtang brought a little tiger with orange fur back.

The Blood Moon Elder almost burst out laughing there and then when he saw the little white tiger which still had some wet patches on its body.

The little white tiger became a little orange tiger in an instant.

It must be said that the color did not feel out of place.

“Woman! If not for the fact that I signed a contract with you, such mischief is already enough for me to kill you countless times!!” The little white tiger glared at Ye Qingtang.

After hearing that, the smile on the Blood Moon Elder’s lips twisted.

Until when is this d.a.m.n Fiendcelestial Beast going to be so stubborn?

Revolt if you have the ability!

Without responding to the little white tiger, Ye Qingtang took out a bottle of elixir from her s.p.a.ce ring and consumed it.

That elixir was used for changing one’s looks. The young teen which Ye Qingtang disguised as was already exposed before everyone by the Grand Elder, and she could only use other objects to disguise herself.

A while after the elixir was consumed, a subtle change appeared in her appearance. The original soft features gradually had traces of wilfulness like that of a young boy. Although it was different from her previous male appearance, her features were still exquisite and outstanding. As Ye Qingtang’s lips curled up slightly, she immediately turned into a beautiful boy who could bewitch anyone…

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