Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 648 - Order A Change To The World

Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor -

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Chapter 648: Order A Change To The World

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As the demonic aura in the black ball was completely absorbed away, the black ball that was initially floating in the air crushed instantly and turned into nothingness.

Although the demonic aura energy in the black ball was extremely magnificent, Ye Qingtang had absorbed three-quarters of it while the little white tiger merely absorbed one-quarter of it.

Ye Qingtang shot a look at the little white tiger. She did not do it intentionally as the Heart of the Demon G.o.d was not what she could control. Earlier on, she never thought of s.n.a.t.c.hing the demonic aura on the black ball with the little white tiger. She could only say that the little white tiger had bad luck…

“Congratulations, Holy Lady. Your martial skills have improved further… You’re only days away from the Yin Yang Perfected Lord realm. It is truly to be congratulated!” The Blood Moon Elder rushed up hurriedly and piled smiles on his face.

Although the Blood Moon Elder did not know how Ye Qingtang did it, he had long been accustomed to the various miracles that Ye Qingtang displayed.

“It’s the heart in her body again…” After calming down, the little white tiger’s eyes landed on Ye Qingtang’s chest subtly.

“Could it be that… the rumor that my father told me back then was all true… Could it… really be related to that Heavenly Emperor… If that was really the case… won’t… the history back then be repeated once again…” The little white tiger had a serious expression as it pondered to itself.

Ye Qingtang saw the little white tiger in deep thought from the corner of her eyes.

“Do you have anything hidden from me?” Ye Qingtang asked the little white tiger with a slight frown.

The little white tiger was a little taken aback by Ye Qingtang’s question. After it returned to its senses, it snorted coldly. “F*ck you. You absorbed my energy previously and absorbed three-quarters of the demonic aura energy in the black ball now… We clearly signed an equality contract, but my treatment is worse than what I’d have if we signed a master and servant contract…”

With a scoff, the little white tiger immediately looked away and seemed as if it did not wish to talk to her.

Ye Qingtang felt a little awkward to hear that.

What this little what tiger said made sense as well. She and the Blood Moon Elder only followed behind it, and the mutated beast which had the combat power of a half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord was also killed by the little white tiger. She did not do anything at all yet reaped the largest gains…

“You are a Fiendcelestial Beast and have such a n.o.ble ident.i.ty. How can you be so petty? At most, I’ll just compensate more to you.” Ye Qingtang promised ultimately.

“I don’t care. If you ever enter a mystic realm, land of inheritance, or a blessed Grotto-heaven in the future, all the treasures you obtain will be split fifty-fifty with me.” The little white tiger puckered its lips and put on an expression which read “I will not forgive you if you don’t agree.”

“Forty-Sixty.” Ye Qingtang smiled.

“Okay.” The little white tiger nodded straightforwardly.

After witnessing the sight, the Blood Moon Elder could only sigh. Thinking about it carefully, he seemed to live a life even worse than that beast. To think that he was so powerful on this mainland a thousand years ago, but a thousand years from then on… the world had changed…

Ye Qingtang’s lips were curled up at that moment. Currently, she had finally entered the half-step Yin Yang Perfected Lord state, and it was only a matter of time for her to break through to the Yin Yang Perfected Lord state…

In her previous life, she used a whole ten years to reach the Yin Yang Perfected Lord state with much difficulty…

“Give me some more time…” Ye Qingtang’s eyes flickered. “Once I truly enter the Yin Yang Perfected Lord state… I will order a change… to the world!”

“My dear Fiendcelestial Beast, how is the energy stored in your body? How long can you sustain your enlarged form?” The Blood Moon Elder looked at the little white tiger and asked with a smile.

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