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Chapter 484 The Paragon Skill (4)
Currently, there was a layer of golden flames
covering Ye Qingtang's body and was filled with
a destructive force.

The golden flames were extremely strange. They
clung onto Ye Qingtang's body yet did not harm
her. Even her hair and clothes were not damaged
at all…

“That is…”

The Xuanling Sect disciples exchanged a look,
and shock filled their eyes.

“The Paragon Skill?!”

Not far away, Ning Luo was flabbergasted as he
stared in disbelief at Ye Qingtang, who seemed to
be walking out from a world of burning flames.
“Paragon Skill… is that very powerful?” A
devilish smile was seen on Ye Qingtang's face.
“Impossible!” Ning Luo's eyes dilated suddenly.
“Paragon Skill… There is a slim chance for only
yellow spirit roots to understand it, and it's
extremely rare for green spirit roots to understand
it as well. You are only a red spirit root, Ye
Qingtang. There's no way you can understand
the Paragon Skill!”

“Ohe” Ye Qingtang sneered. “Since that's the
case, then what do you think this is?”

Ning Luo himself understood the Paragon Skill as
well and thus was extremely sensitive to the aura
of the Paragon Skill.

At that instant, the golden flames that enshrouded
Ye Qingtang clearly had the aura of the Paragon
Skill. Although there were some differences,
Ning Luo could confirm that there was nothing

“No… That's impossible!” Ning Luo shook his
head. Ye Qingtang's performance had completely
exceeded his level of comprehension.

Humans had always been fearful of the unknown.
Coldness filled Ye Qingtang's eyes. Ning Luo
was extremely powerful, and if not for her
Ultimate Origin Skill, perhaps she would really
have been killed by him just now…

Despite so, the primordial qi remaining in her
body was extremely little and not enough to
sustain her Ultimate Origin Skill for too long.

Ye Qingtang was clear that she had to go all out
with her frre abilities at this instant and take Ning
Luo down with one move. Otherwise, the
consequences would be dire if her primordial qi
was exhausted.

“Die!” Ye Qingtang hooted. The golden flames
transformed into billows of blazing flames, and a
golden Divine Phoenix about a hundred meters
tall was formed in the sky.

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The Divine Phoenix's eyes were fireb.a.l.l.s which
were extremely overbearing and arrogant.

Then, the Divine Phoenix groaned, seemingly
causing one's soul to leave their body. It was as
though the vault of the heaven trembled as well
and had to make way for it.


The Divine Phoenix flapped its wings, and
golden flames flooded out, turning everything
into nothing. With a crus.h.i.+ng force, it wanted to
turn anyone who dared to offend it into nothing
but dust…

“What… what is this!”

Feeling the imposing force of the Divine
Phoenix, Ning Luo retreated a few steps

However, the ice where the Divine Phoenix
pa.s.sed by melted and turned into flowing water,
which then was evaporated in an instant and
turned into vapor.

“Ice G.o.d!”

Seeing that the Divine Phoenix was impossible to
stop, Ning Luo bit his tongue, and blood dripped
on the ice before him.


A loud rumble of thunder reverberated in the

Under everyone's watchful eyes, an ice giant
appeared quickly and took on Ning Luo's
appearance. It held an ice spike in his hand and
was donned in an ice armor like that of a G.o.d of
War made from ice.


The Ice G.o.d of War stepped on the ground and
walked towards the Divine Phoenix slowly,
causing the entire land to tremor.


The Ice G.o.d of War growled frighteningly as the
ice spike in his hand pierced towards the Divine
Phoenix at the speed of lightning.

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