Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 520 - Paying Respects To The Guardian (3)

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Chapter 520: Paying Respects To The Guardian (3)

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“I know that already.” Ye Qingtang nodded.

“So… Guardian, do I bring all the other Division Heads and Branch Masters together to pay respects to you?” The Division Head asked.

The Blood Moon Guardian was extremely high-ranking in Blood Moon Sect. It was not like that of the Blood Moon Holy Lord’s and was second only to the Blood Moon Sect Master. Guardians held great authority in the Blood Moon Sect.

One of the three great Blood Moon Guardians appeared in their division, causing the Blood Moon Division Head to be overwhelmed.

Currently, the Blood Moon Division Head naturally wanted to notify the other Division Heads to come over as he could show off to them.

Ye Qingtang was deep in thought.

Her position as the Guardian should be solidified already. However, from the Division Head, Jiang Chen, before her, Ye Qingtang knew that everyone of the Blood Moon Division Head level was not easy to deal with. The more Division Heads there were, the higher the possibility that her ident.i.ty would be exposed.

Although there were risks, it could gather the powerful figures in Blood Moon Sect and defeat Yunxiao Sect fiercely. There were both pros and cons, and risks and rewards…

“How long would it take to summon them here?” Ye Qingtang asked after pondering.

“In response to your question, there is only this Blood Moon Division in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty. The other two divisions are in the Nine Nights Dynasty, and there’s still another one in an uninhabited place. The fastest time possible should be at least a month or so.” The Blood Moon Division Head replied respectfully.

Presently, the Blood Moon Division Head was fully convinced of Ye Qingtang’s ident.i.ty as a Blood Moon Guardian and naturally did not hide anything as he told Ye Qingtang the locations of the other resurrected Blood Moon Divisions immediately.

“A month…” Ye Qingtang’s brows were slightly furrowed.

Yunxiao Sect had already attacked Xuanling Sect now, and Xuanling Sect would probably already be annihilated a month later. What was the use for those powerful Blood Moon Sect figures then?!

“There’s no need already. It’s too long,” Ye Qingtang said.

“Oh?” The Blood Moon Division Head was surprised, seeming to hear the underlying meaning behind her words as he asked carefully. “Guardian, do you have any urgent matters to settle?”

“That’s right.” Ye Qingtang nodded and looked at the Blood Moon Branch Masters present. “What is the state of the recovery of your skills?”

The Blood Moon Sect had been wiped out by many super sects a thousand years ago, and those powerful figures who did not die in the battle were severely injured at the least. Their martial foundations were damaged, causing their realm to fall greatly.

“Guardian, we have been recuperating for a long time. Although our martial skills cannot be compared to when we were at our peak, they have still recovered a little. Do you need to use our skills, Guardian?” The Blood Moon Division Head inquired.

Confusion rose within the Division Heads. The Guardian should not ask about the state or their martial skills for no reason. Perhaps…

“That’s right.” Ye Qingtang’s lips tugged up slightly. “Let me ask you. Which sect sent the most spies in this division back then?”

Anger emerged in the eyes of the Blood Moon Division Head after hearing of this matter. Their division was the first amongst all Blood Moon Divisions to be wiped out, and the biggest reason for this swift defeat was because there were too many spies. With both attacks internally and externally, it made it impossible for them to guard against the enemies!

Recalling the tragic situation when the division was wiped out, the Blood Moon Division Head reflected malice and hatred in his eyes.

“It’s Yunxiao Sect.” He replied.

“Let me ask you again. Was there an Elder Qu in this division back then?” Ye Qingtang questioned again.

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