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Chapter 448: Worries (2)

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As for Divine Venerate Domain, it was too far away from the Blue Sky Domain, and there were tempests surrounding it which even a mighty Paragon would be torn into pieces by the violent storm should they be slightly careless. Hence, Ye Qingtang never had the chance to take a look at that domain in her previous life.

Nevertheless, there were many legends about the Divine Venerate Domain.

It was said that the Divine Venerate Domain was the peak domain in the world. Hundreds of primordial clans were in it, and humans were the weakest forces.

Despite that, the martial skills of the weakest human clan disciple in the Divine Venerate… was at least… at a Paragon level!

Presently, Ye Qingtang was in the weakest and smallest domain out of the three big domains, Blue Sky Domain.

There were hundreds of islands in the Blue Sky Domain, and each island was a mainland. The bigger the island, the more flouris.h.i.+ng the martial culture was.

The mainland that Ye Qingtang was in was only the tip of the iceberg on Blue Sky Domain. Relatively speaking, this mainland was extremely small, and its martial culture was immensely underdeveloped.

Martial Qi Level Three was almost the peak of one’s martial skills on this mainland while the number of powerful figures at Yin Yang True Lord was so few that it could be counted with one hand.

The backward martial culture was closely related to the insufficient spirit energy on this mainland. In this thin spirit energy, it was already a miracle for Ye Qingtang to successively advance to the Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level Two in a night.

If Ye Qingtang wanted to prevent the extermination of the sect this time, her cultivation must at least reach the state of a Yin Yang True Lord…!

Yin Yang True Lord was the attainment after Martial Qi Level Three, and it was extremely rare for this mainland to have a cultivator of such attainment. It was simply unrealistic for Ye Qingtang to achieve it in a short amount of time.


A long while later, Ye Qingtang opened her eyes and walked out from the memories of her previous life.

After her rebirth, she no longer had the powers of a Paragon, and the current her was only at Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level Two.

Stopping Yunxiao Sect with an attainment of Martial Qi Level Two was no different from a fantasy.

According to the knowledge from her previous life, almost all the higher-ups in the sect were killed when the sect was wiped out with all of them losing their lives in the battle… while most of those unyielding sect disciples who fought courageously were ma.s.sacred by Yunxiao Sect…

“What must I do to change Xuanling Sect’s fate…” Ye Qingtang sighed lightly.

There was a total of two dynasties on this mainland, which were Nine Nights Dynasty and Formidable Heavens Dynasty.

Sects like Xuanling Sect were rooted in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty, with Yunxiao Sect being one of the most powerful sects.

The Nine Nights Dynasty and Formidable Heavens Dynasty were arch enemies, and both had been in hundreds of battles with each other in the past thousand years. In the Formidable Heavens Dynasty, there were powerful forces which could compete with Yunxiao Sect, and one of them was the Falling Sky Valley.

Because of Ye You, Ye Qingtang was ultimately hunted down for her life by Yunxiao Sect in her previous life. There was nowhere to turn for help, and she was forced to hide in Nine Nights Dynasty, where she was rescued by the master of a valley division in Falling Sky Valley who was known as Perfected Xuanchen.

Yunxiao Sect did not dare to remain in the Nine Nights Dynasty for long or even more so fight with the Falling Sky Valley on Nine Nights Dynasty’s territory and thus could only return.

From then on, Ye Qingtang remained in Falling Sky Valley.

Regardless of her previous or present life, Ye Qingtang’s feelings towards Falling Sky Valley could not be cut off. Her Master, Perfected Xuanchen, as well as her senior brothers and sisters… and that dirty black dog behind the mountain which only knew how to speak the human language…

At this moment, Ye Qingtang was lost in her painful memories.

In the eruption of the war between Nine Nights Dynasty and Formidable Heavens Dynasty, the internal corruption of the Nine Nights Dynasty resulted in the Formidable Heavens Dynasty’s great victory, where Yunxiao Sect and other influential sects charged into the Nine Nights Dynasty.

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