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Chapter 440: Compensation (3)

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“Don’t talk amongst yourselves. Let Wind Moon Sect be the judge!” The Qinglin Sect waved a hand while his chest was in pain from anger.

Qinglin Sect had already agreed to the compensation. Once Wind Moon Sect obtained the compensation, they would definitely not continue to make things difficult for Qinglin Sect. As long as Wind Moon Sect said something now and made their stand clear, Qinglin Sect would definitely not be given out.

“I think that Ye Qingtang did suffer injustice. Someone at Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level Two was not supposed to appear at the Three Sect Compet.i.tion in the first place… Now that this Ye girl was injured by Fu Lingtian, there is nothing wrong for Qinglin Sect to compensate one Mind and Heart Pill,” the Wind Moon Sect elder said with a smile.

“Mhm… Elder Du’s words are justified. Don’t be so petty, Qinglin Sect. The Ye girl isn’t making a fuss about it already. So what if you compensate one Mind and Heart Pill? Would your skin fall off from compensating it?” Another Wind Moon Sect elder laughed.

While Qinglin Sect cheated in the compet.i.tion, they had already agreed to compensate Wind Moon Sect, which they were on friendly terms with, and Wind Moon Sect should originally speak for Qinglin Sect. However, if not for Ye Qingtang, Wind Moon Sect would never know that Fu Lingtian was at the Second Heaven of Martial Qi Level Two and even more so would not receive any compensation.

Moreover, Ye Qingtang was Elder Mo’s disciple, and Qinglin Sect was indeed in the wrong this time. There was no need to offend Xuanling Sect and Elder Mo over this matter.

The Wind Moon Sect elders were very shrewd. Just from Ye Qingtang’s performance, they knew that she was not an ordinary girl and would definitely s.h.i.+ne one day in the future if there were no critical accidents. By speaking for Ye Qingtang today, she would remember something good about Wind Moon Sect when she was accomplished in the future.

The words of the Wind Moon Sect’s elders truly left the Qinglin Sect elders dumbfounded.

They never thought that Wind Moon Sect, which was on the fence, would speak for Xuanling Sect although they had already agreed to the compensation…

“There’s no problem already,” Elder Mo said without emotions after seeing how Wind Moon Sect was so cooperative.

Qinglin Sect requested Wind Moon Sect to speak, and with it leaned towards Xuanling Sect now, Qinglin Sect could only hold in their fury helplessly.

“Humph!” A certain Qinglin Sect elder snorted coldly before taking out a “Mind and Heart Pill” and throwing it to Elder Mo.

This “Mind and Heart Pill” was originally planned to be a reward for Fu Lingtian after he won the first place, which was why the elder carried it around with him. Who would have expected that it would be taken away by Xuanling Sect today?

“I’ll give you the Mind and Heart Pill to you first. As for the compensation, someone will pa.s.s it to both Xuanling Sect and Wind Moon Sect in half a month!”

Afterward, that Qinglin Sect elder glared at Fu Lingtian fiercely.


The Qinglin Sect elders no longer had any patience to remain there any longer and brought their disciples away.

“Ye Qingtang… you will regret…”

A cold glint shone in Fu Lingtian’s eyes. As he turned around and left, he swore in his heart to definitely make this girl have a taste of the most painful torture there was in the world!

“Take care. We’ll not send you off already.” Ye Qingtang waved with a grin.

Because of Fu Lingtian, Qinglin Sect naturally lost the rights to cultivate in Drifting Cloud Island this year, which really gave the Wind Moon Sect disciples an advantage.

“Hahaha! Elder Mo, you really know how to hide. You accepted such a talented disciple but hid it from us so well.” The Wind Moon Sect elder walked up and laughed.

“My inferior disciple is still not skilled. There’s naturally nothing to show off about.” Elder Mo replied.

While he said that, the Wind Moon Sect elder saw a hint of pride that bolted in Elder Mo’s eyes.

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