Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 383 - Come Up Together (1)

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Chapter 383: Come Up Together (1)

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Ten days were over in the blink of an eye.

That morning, many disciples crowded around the Life and Death Ring.

Song Junqiu and the other three disciples arrived early in the morning. They stood beside the ring and chatted with other disciples.

“Senior Brother Song, do you think Ye Qingtang really dares to come today?” An onlooking disciple asked.

“Maybe not. Didn’t you notice how she disappeared these past few days? She was nowhere to be seen even in the Martial Arts Hall. She isn’t even cultivating. What does she have to fight you all on the Life and Death Ring with?”

“Perhaps she has been working behind closed doors.”

“Working behind closed doors? Haha… Who does she think she is? If her cultivation level could increase by kneeling in the room, then why do we still need to enter the sect? Might as well kneel at home. Isn’t that better?”

This group of disciples did not conceal their dislike of Ye Qingtang, with their words covertly supporting Song Junqiu.

Song Junqiu was related to an inner sect elder, and thus, there were naturally benefits to be on his good side. Ye Qingtang was merely a disciple who just entered the inner sect and came from Lin Town, which no one had heard about. How could she be compared to Song Junqiu?

There were two groups of people: one who flattered the powerful and trampled on the humble, and the other who watched the bustle.

Song Junqiu listened to the discussions, and although he did not utter a word, he stuck his chin out, revealing his arrogant att.i.tude as always.

“Senior Brother Song, if Ye Qingtang dares to come, just leave her to us. You don’t have to take the trouble to attack her,” said the other three disciples who were Song Junqiu’s partners-in-crime.

In their eyes, it was simply impossible for Ye Qingtang to win any one of them with her skills. Although Ye Qingtang did challenge the four of them, realistically speaking, she would probably not be able to even win against the first opponent.

Song Junqiu did not say anything. His eyes scanned the crowd, but Ye Qingtang was nowhere to be seen.

“The Life and Death Ring is about to start already. Why is Ye Qingtang still not here? Could she really be scared?”

“If she’s scared, wouldn’t she become a laughingstock in the inner sect from today on? She was the one who initiated the Life and Death Ring. She was so arrogant initially yet hiding in cowardice now. Does she still want her face?”

“Face? Do you think she wants her face or her life? If she really entered the Life and Death Ring, she would probably not be able to leave it alive.”

There was a clamor of discussions. Time pa.s.sed, but Ye Qingtang was still nowhere to be seen. Then, everyone could not help but suspect if Ye Qingtang was really afraid and did not dare to meet for the challenge.

“Senior Brother Song, do you want to send someone to take a look?” One of the three disciples asked.

Song Junqiu waved a hand. Although he wanted to use this opportunity to kill Ye Qingtang on the Life and Death Ring, if Ye Qingtang did not have the courage to enter the ring and admitted defeat, there was no way he could force Ye Qingtang into the ring according to the rules.

It was all up to Ye Qingtang to decide whether to come or not.


If she dared to stand up to them today, she would probably not be able to survive in the inner sect in the future.

If the elders heard that Ye Qingtang broke the agreement, her future prospects would basically be gone.

At that thought, Song Junqiu could not help but sneer.

The moment Ye Qingtang issued the challenge, she was destined to not have any way out.

As Song Junqiu guessed that Ye Qingtang would not appear today, there was suddenly a bustle in the crowd.

Three people walked into everyone’s sight, and the person in the lead was Ye Qingtang, whom everyone had been waiting for a long time!

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