Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 379 - Ice and Fire (3)

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Chapter 379: Ice and Fire (3)

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The warden took out twenty Quenching Flame Pills and slid away two thousand Xuanming points from Ye Qingtang.

To inner sect disciples, two thousand Xuanming points were not considered to be a huge pinch in their hearts, but it was not a small amount either. When the disciples saw Ye Qingtang wasting two thousand Xuanming points just like that, they could not help but mumble that she was a fool.

Ye Qingtang kept the Quenching Flame Pills but did not leave. She calculated her remaining Xuanming points and subsequently said, “I still wish to exchange for Ice Skin Powder.”

“Ice Skin Powder?” The warden raised a brow as he looked at Ye Qingtang with an even stranger expression.

If the Quenching Flame Pill was to stimulate spirit energy, then the Ice Skin Powder was a medicinal powder which could completely seal the spirit energy in the body. It was often smeared over one’s body during hunting as it could conceal the air released by the spirit energy. However, it would also suppress the use of spirit energy, and hence, most would wipe off the Ice Skin Powder cleanly in a real fight.

The two items that Ye Qingtang asked for consecutively were conflicting in nature, and the warden was even more confused as to what Ye Qingtang had up her sleeves.

The surrounding disciples were all the more at a loss.

Could it be that Ye Qingtang still intended to use the Ice Skin Powder as a secret weapon and scatter it all over Song Junqiu and the rest on the Life and Death Ring?

Just the thought of that caused them to be unable to stifle their laughter.

There was not much use for the Ice Skin Powder, and thus, the Xuanming points required were not much. However, Ye Qingtang used all her remaining three thousand Xuanming points to exchange for two whole buckets of Ice Skin Powder.

Without a single Xuanming point left, Ye Qingtang finally returned to her residence.

As the disciples watched Ye Qingtang leave with two buckets of Ice Skin Powder without saying anything, laughter played in the eyes of the disciples in the Xuanming Pavilion.

“Near six thousand Xuanming points were spent just like that? How extravagant…”

“If I were to say, wouldn’t it be better to cultivate a few hours in the Spirit Consonance River with those Xuanming points? What can she do with a pile of Quenching Flame Pills and Ice Skin Powder? Could she swallow all twenty Quenching Flame Pills in a go on the Life and Death Ring?”

“Swallow all? Don’t kid me. If she consumed so many of it in a short time, Ye Qingtang would just die on the ring without Song Junqiu and the rest laying a finger.”

Watching Ye Qingtang’s slowly departing back view, the disciples could not stop snickering as they felt that Ye Qingtang was walking further down the path of death. They were afraid that she would have an ugly death ten days later.

After leaving Xuanming Pavilion, Ye Qingtang returned to her residence straight away.

Fei Ying was still looking after Ni Shang. Thus, Ye Qingtang got herself a bathtub of hot water. She shut her door tightly and laid the Quenching Flame Pills and the Ice Skin Powder aside.

Her eyes were narrowed as she looked at the room that was lingering with mist. After testing the temperature of the water, she immediately poured half a bucket of Ice Skin Powder into the bathtub.

The Ice Skin Powder, which gave off a cold air, dissolved in the water. Immediately, the water that was initially producing steam lost all its heat and was faintly emitting a slight tinge of cold air.

Seeing that the Ice Skin Powder was completely dissolved, Ye Qingtang subsequently took off her outer cloak and entered the bathtub.

The ice cold water brimmed over her in an instant. The effect of half a bucket of Ice Skin Powder caused the water in the bathtub to drop to a piercingly cold temperature.

In just a moment, Ye Qingtang’s complexion turned pale from the cold. However, she took a deep breath and forced herself to bear the bitter cold. She sat in the bathtub cross-legged, trying with all her might to ignore the p.r.i.c.kling cold on her skin

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