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Chapter 312: Inner Sect a.s.sessment (1)

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“Senior Brother Ji is the first on the ranking chart and also the first in the outer sect. Who would dare to spar with him? Isn’t that seeking death?”

“Not just Senior Brother Ji, but which person on the ranking chart can we defeat? Moreover, only the top three elites in today’s a.s.sessment will be accepted into the inner sect. Even if one managed to clinch the fourth place, they would still be unable to enter the inner sect. Unless you have outstanding natural endowments and the inner sect elders took a fancy on you to make an exception and bring you into the inner sect, you all can just dream on.”

Many outer sect disciples were gathered at the place and actively discussed the inner sect a.s.sessment this year.

The wide difference between the inner sect and outer sect was known by everyone. Even if outer sect disciples like them were the best in the outer sect, they would not be able to defeat the low-ranked inner sect disciples.

All the outer sect disciples had their eyes set on entering the inner sect, but there were only a few people who had this chance every year.

“Will the few elders from the inner sect come today?” A new disciple who just entered the sect this year asked with twinkling eyes.

“Yes. The inner sect elders will observe from aside in the a.s.sessment every year. Remember, fella. This is the only chance for outer sect disciples like us to see the inner sect elders. You must open your eyes wide and take a clear look later.”

“Thank you for your reminder, senior brother. I will definitely remember.” That new disciple nodded repeatedly, but he took a glimpse of the ring’s sidelines. “Senior brother, why do I… not see the inner sect elders?”

“Are you dumb? Will the inner sect elders stand beside the ring? Didn’t you see the observation tower behind the ring? The inner sect elders are already in the observation tower right now. They will be able to see everything that happens in the ring later clearly.”

“So that is how it is.”

“But speaking about this, there are still some interesting things to watch this year.”


“Didn’t you hear? There are two dark horses from the outer sect entering the ring this year. One of them is Tain Fu family clan’s Yuan Wei whom Elder Huang personally recommended, while the other is… Ye Qingtang, the only red spirit root in our outer sect.”

Another disciple had a surprised expression on his face. He did hear of Yuan Wei’s name before and felt that Yuan Wei had the qualifications to challenge the top ten people on the ranking chart.

But Ye Qingtang…

“Don’t think about it already. Just treat it as watching a spectacle. She wants to humiliate herself, so why should we be worried? Just treat it as a comedy to enjoy.”

At that instant, everyone was waiting for the a.s.sessment to start. Although this ring would decide the only three people to enter the sect, any capable person could also enter the ring to challenge those who ranked slightly before them. Even if they did not have the ability to become the top three, they could still gain another mean of entering the inner sect should their performance be outstanding and the inner sect elders make an exception to accept them as an inner sect disciple!

In the observation tower, the inner sect elders were already standing by the window. They glanced across the thousands of outer sect disciples at the square.

“Elder Lin, do you have any outer sect disciple that you think highly of this year?” The Fist Faction Elder asked with a smile as he looked at Elder Lin beside him.

Elder Lin had a calm expression as he took a sip of tea, and his eyes fell on the Eight Trigrams Ring.

“It is not important whether I think highly of anyone. What is important is whether they have the qualifications to enter the inner sect.”

“A few days ago, Elder Huang from the outer sect recommended Tian Fu family clan’s Yuan Wei. I heard that his natural endowment is good, and I am interested to see his performance today,” said the Fist Faction smilingly.

“There’s indeed such an incident,” Elder Lin said without emotions.

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