Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 287 - Committing Murder To Snatch A Treasure (3)

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Chapter 287: Committing Murder To s.n.a.t.c.h A Treasure (3)

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The warden frowned deeply, and he looked sternly at Lu Xiuwen who was standing beside Yun Shu with a relaxed expression.

“Lu Xiuwen, what do you have to say about this?”

Lu Xiuwen took a glimpse of Yun Shu’s pale face from the corner of his eyes without emotion. “I have never done such a thing.”

The warden said, “When you all returned from the mission, it was reported that Yun Shu was met with a mishap. Now that Yun Shu is still alive and accused you of murder, how are you going to explain this?”

Lu Xiuwen replied. “Half a month ago, Junior Brother Yun and I went out on a mission with the rest. We did not have any conflicts on the journey. I was with other teammates from the start to the end and did not have any chance to attack Junior Brother Yun. Junior Brother Yun was lost from the group when we were killing the demonic beast. After the demonic beast was slaughtered, Junior Brother Yun was missing, and we searched the forest for a long time but only saw his blood-stained clothes, so we thought Junior Brother Yun was murdered…”

Then, Lu Xiuwen turned to look at the furious Yun Shu and said calmly, “I do not understand why Junior Brother Yun would accuse me as his murderer as well. Please clear my name, warden.”

Lu Xiuwen spoke neither hurriedly nor slowly, and there was neither panic nor guilt in his tone.

At that sight, the disciples surrounding outside the Disciplinary Hall could not help but start whispering.

Yun Shu and Lu Xiuwen were the most gifted out of the new disciples, and their skills were around the same level. However, these two new talents were involved in this incident, and many were interested to watch on.

“Lu Xiuwen is born in the Formidable Heavens Royals. What kind of treasures has he not seen before? He shouldn’t go as far as to s.n.a.t.c.h a Shangyue Fire Tripod, right?”

“What do you know? That Shangyue Fire Tirpo is the best cultivation mystical artifact for Connate Level Nines. It can speed up one’s cultivation rapidly. Who doesn’t want it?”

“There was originally a slight difference between Lu Xiuwen and Yun Shu’s skills, and if one of them obtained the Shangyue Fire Tripod, that person would definitely be able to get way ahead of the other person. This item is, thus, obviously a treasure.”

The warden frowned slightly and said to Yun Shu, “Yun Shu, you said that Lu Xiuwen deliberately led you away. Is there anyone who can testify for you?”

Yun Shu frowned. After thinking for a while, his eyes scanned through the crowd and saw Su Wan standing amongst the people.

When Su Wan met with Yun Shu’s eyes, her eyes flickered a little, and she pursed her lips.

“When Lu Xiuwen called me, an outer sect disciple, Su Wan, was nearby as well,” Yun Shu said slowly.

The warden pondered for a moment and called Su Wan up.

The disciples were struck by a thought when they saw Su Wan going forward.

In this period of time, Su Wan and Yun Shu were very close, and there were already rumors about both of them in the outer sect. Now that Yun Shu called Su Wan up to testify for him, everyone could not help but guess that Su Wan would definitely stand against Lu Xiuwen given her affection for Yun Shu.

“Su Wan greets Warden,” Su Wan said gently.

The warden nodded. “Did you see Lu Xiuwen and Yun Shu leaving together that day?”

Su Wan’s lips were slightly pursed. She took a glance of Yun Shu’s expectant face and looked back. After remaining silent for a while, she finally said,

“The battle was very intense at that time. I was focused on attacking the demonic beast, so… I never took any notice of it…”

With that, everyone was stunned.

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