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"What… what exactly is this!" Zhou Qu's legs wobbled in fear, and the hand which wielded a sword could not stop trembling.

A disciple suddenly saw the dried corpse's glabella and was shocked. All color faded from his face in an instant!

"It's the Blood Moon Sect…" Horror could be heard from the disciple's voice while fear filled his eyes.

"Blood Moon Sect?!" Everyone turned pale upon hearing the name.

That disciple's body stiffened as he locked his eyes on the Blood moon symbol on the corpse's glabella. His voice began trembling as well.

"My ancestors once told me about a legend. Thousands of years ago, the Blood Moon Sect was formed, and it committed countless ma.s.sacres and spread fear around the world. The Blood Moon Sect then was the first Heretic Sect. Its members were exceptionally fierce and possessed the abnormal power of immortality… bringing utter misery to everyone in the world… In the Blood Moon Sect, the elders would have a Blood Moon Sect symbol on their glabella…"

Then, the disciple raised his stiff hand and pointed at the gruesome and frightening corpse.

In the center of that corpse's forehead, there was a symbol of a red, bleeding crescent right at its glabella!

"That is… a Blood Moon Sect elder?" Even Dai Changming's voice could not help but be mixed with fear when mentioning this matter.

Apart from its heretic cultivation technique of immortality, the Blood Moon Sect could induce terror in everyone for thousands of years because of its overbearing power.

Legend had it that anyone of an Elder level in the Blood Moon Sect could easily wipe out any sect!

They were able to annihilate countries and exterminate sects. As such, the three words "Blood Moon Sect" at that time represented death and destruction. Even now, thousands of years after the extermination of the Blood Moon Sect, this terror still remained in everyone's hearts.

Never would Dai Changming and the rest think that they would actually encounter a Blood Moon Sect Elder!

How was this something normal outer sect disciples like them could deal with?

At that moment, everyone realized why the sword of that youth from Wind Moon Sect was left behind here.

They were afraid that those two people from Wind Moon Sect had long become ghosts by the hands of the Blood Moon Sect Elder!

In front of the Blood Moon Sect Elder, even a highly-gifted inner sect was as minuscule as an ant.

Ye Qingtang frowned deeply as she stared at the forehead of the Blood Moon Sect Elder not far away. Previously, she was not even able to battle the evil spirit that she encountered at Spirit Condensation Mountain Village. Now if the dried corpse before her was actually an Elder of the Blood Moon Sect, the chances of winning were even more non-existent.

The disappearance of disciples from various sects was most likely related to the resurrection of the Blood Moon Sect!

Knowing everything now was already too late. The image of the tragic death of the few horses previously was deeply imprinted in everyone's hearts. The entire Deer City was already shrouded in blood fog. How could their bodies of flesh pa.s.s through that blood fog which was able to crush every living thing into pieces!

Despair filled everyone's minds at that instant.

In the dead silence of despair, the Blood Moon Sect Elder swept his scarlet eyes across the group of sect disciples before him. Its dry lips parted a little, and an almost-illusory sound floated into everyone's minds like a nightmare.

"Submission or death."

The ghastly and low voice was completely not what a human could make. That shudder that reached their hearts sent a chill down the spines of all disciples present.

Submission… or death…

"We are a sect from the orthodox. How would we submit to a Heretic Sect!" A disciple suppressed the fear in him and declared suddenly.

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