Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 258 - Deer City (3)

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Chapter 258: Deer City (3)

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A layer of red fumes surrounded the entrance of the city almost instantly. The horses that were running froze when they hit the blood fog as if they were controlled by a particular force.

Immediately, the horses were crushed into pieces by the blood fog in front of everyone’s eyes. The horses screamed as they were torn apart into pieces.

Everyone’s noses were filled with the smell of blood.

Dai Changming and the rest were pale when they witnessed the b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

“WHAT… WHAT IS THAT…” Zhou Qu s.h.i.+vered in fear. Witnessing death in front of his eyes was like a nightmare.

Ye Qingtang’s face clouded. She scanned through her surroundings, and the force that she sensed just now had evolved into layers of blood fog and enclosed the entire city. The moment she saw the blood fog, an ominous feeling arose in her heart.

She had seen the blood fog before.

Back when the heretic spirit appeared in the Spirit Condensation Mountain Village!

Now, the same blood fog appeared in Deer City. Ye Qingtang could not help but think of the terrible thing when the whole city was haunted and empty.

The Blood Moon Sect!

If it was really the Blood Moon Sect…

Ye Qingtang tensed. She took out the soft jade and crushed it immediately while everyone was stunned.

Qin Huan was shocked when he saw Ye Qingtang’s actions.

The soft jade was given by the Sect Elders to each disciple before they set off for the mission. Once they discovered anything, they would crush it, and the Elders would find their way over.

The one that Ye Qingtang held was given by Qin Huan half-way in case of emergency.

However, Ye Qingtang crushed it. Did she… discover something?

Before he could ask, a gloomy breath spread out suddenly. The light from the dusk pierced through the blood fog, and the whole Deer City was blood red.

Everyone felt strongly disturbed.

“Be cautious.” Dai Changming suppressed his fear. He pulled out his sword and reminded the rest.

Everyone held their breaths and pulled out their swords nervously. They gathered around Dai Changming and glanced around.


A cracking sound came from their back. They turned their head in panic, but they saw that…

A hanging board was blown away by the wind and fell onto the ground.

“Do not scare yourself.” Dai Changming warned.

Everyone sighed in relief. However, when they turned back, a silhouette appeared a few meters away all of a sudden!

All of them trembled in fear just by glancing at the silhouette. Their eyes were opened wide.

A dry figure entered their sight. It was a monster that could not be described as a human. His skin was completely dried up throughout the body as if all the water had evaporated under the sun. The dark red and dry skin was wrinkled and stuck to the bone tightly. It was like a dry corpse, a horrifying creature.

On that dry face, a pair of red eyes was staring deadly at all of them. The pair of eyes in the sunken eye socket was as dreadful as the evil spirit!

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