Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 195 - Dragon Court (4)

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Chapter 195: Dragon Court (4)

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Ye Qingtang calculated mentally and immediately smiled. “I want all of them.”

Right after Ye Qingtang spoke, Tong Hua was dumbfounded, and even the Herbal Faction disciple who had been mocking Tong Hua felt his jaw drop from the shock!

She wants all seventy to eighty of them?

Is this little junior sister crazy!

Tong Hua was stunned for quite a while and suspected whether he heard wrongly. He could not help but confirm again. “Little… little junior sister, how many did you say you wanted??”

Ye Qingtang’s smile remained as she said, “All.”

“…” Tong Hua was really shocked.

He got these Spirit Crystals half a year ago, and after selling for a whole six months, he only sold two or three pieces. Never would he dream that someone would actually buy all of his Spirit Crystals at one go, and it was someone who seemed to be a newly-entered disciple!

“Are… are you sure? But… these Spirit Crystals really do not have many uses…” Tong Hua hoped to quickly get rid of these hot potatoes, but when he saw this pretty junior sister bravely saying that she wanted to buy all the Spirit Crystals, Tong Hua did not dare to sell them instead.

He was afraid he would really rip-off this little junior sister!

“Uh… if you really like it, I’ll just gift you two of them then… It is better if you don’t buy them…” Tong Hua said as he scratched his head.

Ye Qingtang was tickled by Tong Hua’s frank response. This senior brother was really an honest man.

“Senior brother, I am not joking with you. I want all of the Spirit Crystals. Let’s just go with the price you said just now: one Xuanming point for two crystals,” Ye Qingtang said generously.

From aside, the expression which the Herbal Faction disciple used to look at Ye Qingtang was as though he was looking at a lunatic.

Why was it that this junior sister was born with such a pretty face but did not have any brains?

Even if the price was one Xuanming point for two Spirit Crystals, she would still need thirty to forty Xuanming points, and spending this amount on two bottles of Xi Spirit Pills was more worth it.

Tong Hua did not know what to do with Ye Qingtang’s stubbornness and was troubled over it but suddenly saw a familiar person walking in his direction. He hurriedly stood up and shouted, “Junior Brother Qin! Here!”

Qin Huan, who was strolling leisurely in the Dragon Court, suddenly heard a shout, and when he looked over, he saw a tall and muscular Tong Hua waving at him frantically.

“Senior Brother Tong? What happened to you?” Qin Huan walked over brightly and could not help but laugh when he took a look at Tong Hua’s stall. “Senior Brother Qin, you haven’t sold this batch of Spirit Crystals which you got cheated to accept that time? I think it is better to find a fool quickly and sell them off cheaply.”

“Junior Brother Qin, stop talking already. Help me here. This person wants to buy all of my Spirit Crystals at one go. Hurry! Persuade her not to do it!” Tong Hua knew that he was not good at talking to people of the opposite s.e.x, so he might as well pull Qin Huan, who was good at flirting with girls, to help him out.

Upon hearing Tong Hua, Qin Huan could not help but laugh as he turned to look at the person who Tong Hua spoke about. “There is really a fool who wants to buy these rotten… rotten…”

The moment Qin Huan turned around, he was met with a pair of smiling eyes, and his words were immediately stuck in his throat before he finished his sentence.

Ye Qingtang folded her arms and looked at Qin Huan with a beam as a dangerous glint emerged in her eyes. She said casually, “So I’m actually a fool in Senior Brother Qin’s eyes…”

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