Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 194 - Dragon Court (3)

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Chapter 194: Dragon Court (3)

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Tong Hua was rather besotted from looking for a moment, and only after that girl waved her hands smilingly in front of his eyes did he finally return to his senses. He instinctively s.h.i.+vered as a blush crept onto his chiseled face.

How could there be such a good looking junior sister!

“Do… do you want to buy Spirit Crystals?” Tong Hua had a rigid nature, and because he was tall and well-built on top of the fact that his strong facial features made him look fierce, there were rarely any female disciples who interacted with him. Now that he met such a pretty junior sister, he could not help but be tongue-tied.

The Herbal Faction disciple nearby saw that shockingly beautiful girl as well, and his eyes glowed. Before waiting for Tong Hua to say anything, he immediately opened his mouth.

“This junior sister, Spirit Crystals are not Spirit Stones. Even if you buy it back, there will be no use for it. Don’t get cheated,” he said without caring that Tong Hua was right there.

Ye Qingtang looked at the both of them with a smile and understood more or less.

This senior brother, Tong Hua, had such a poor business partly due to the “help” from this Herbal Faction disciple, didn’t he?

Tong Hua’s expression turned a little ugly after the Herbal Faction disciple said those words in his face. He was about to say something, but the Herbal Faction disciple spoke before him again. “Tong Hua, this little junior sister seems to be quite young. You must not cheat her because of her young age.”

Then, Tong Hua was really furious that his face flushed.

When had he cheated anyone?!

He could not even say anything and was already called a cheater by this Herbal Faction disciple. He was enraged.

The Herbal Faction disciple looked at Tong Hua’s red face in delight and was not at all bothered. Disciples were not allowed to fight amongst themselves in the sect, and he was certain that Tong Hua would definitely not act recklessly. Moreover… he was sure from the start that while Tong Hua appeared rather fierce on the outside, he was a very honest man.

The Herbal Faction disciple’s words were to, firstly, embarra.s.s Tong Hua and, secondly, establish some relations with this beautiful junior sister.


“Senior Brother Tong, is it? You haven’t said how you’re going to sell these Spirit Crystals,” Ye Qingtang said to Tong Hua with a flower-like smile without bothering with the Herbal Faction’s provocation.

The fury in Tong Hua was extinguished by that crisp-sounding “Senior Brother Tong.” He, who was not good at conversing with people of the opposite s.e.x, looked at Ye Qingtang before him and panicked a little.

“This Spirit Crystal is sold at one Xuanming point for one crystal… If… if you like them, two Xuanming points for three crystals is fine as well…” Tong Hua said this one sentence with many stumbles, and his voice became softer as he spoke on.

One Xuanming point was really a low price.

While this Spirit Crystal was useless, it was worth more than this price.

According to normal calculations, it should be two to three Xuanming points for one crystal no matter what.

The price that Tong Hua set surprised Ye Qingtang slightly.

The Herbal Faction disciple saw that Ye Qingtang did not reply immediately and mocked. “Tong Hua, this Spirit Crystal is simply a useless piece of rubbish. Isn’t it too big of a rip-off to sell it for one Xuanming point?”

Tong Hua hurriedly waved his hands as though Tong Hua was afraid that Ye Qingtang believed the other party’s words and misunderstood him. “I… I am not ripping off from her.”

However, Ye Qingtang replied with a grin. “How many Spirit Crystals does Senior Brother Tong have?”

Tong Hua was a little confused as to what this junior sister asked it for but still said honestly, “About… seventy to eighty plus…”

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