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Chapter 193: Dragon Court (2)

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That disciple looked to be in his early twenties. He had rather sharp features and was slightly more well built than normal disciples. But at that instant, he knelt at his stall with a melancholic expression. His large build was curled into a ball as he looked into the pa.s.sing crowd sadly and helplessly.

Ye Qingtang looked at the stall in front of that man, and her lips slightly tugged up after this look.

The disciple was not selling any rare items but had some Spirit Crystals of varied sizes.

Spirit Crystal was a type of crystal which naturally stored spirit energy. Many veins occasionally produced it, and although not much was produced, it was not considered rare either. A Spirit Crystal was different from a Spirit Stone. The spirit energy in Spirit Stones could be absorbed and converted by humans while the spirit energy in Spirit Crystals was completely combined with the crystal, and there was no way one could extract it for cultivation.

Furthermore, because the Spirit Crystal contained spirit energy, there were many cotton fiber looking crystalline shapes in the crystal body, which greatly affected the l.u.s.trousness and appearance of the Spirit Crystal. As a result, almost no one was interested in them.

Spirit Crystals were unable to replace the effects of Spirit Stones, and their appearances were even more incomparable. It could be said that Spirit Crystals had a worthless existence.

This type of item should not appear in the sect since, after all, sect disciples were from renowned families and had extensive knowledge.

Such useless items like Spirit Crystals simply would not attract the attention of any disciple, and there were some disciples who even laughed when they saw the Spirit Crystals.

Which fool actually took this thing out?

It would be weird if they could be sold!

Regardless of the number of people walking past him, none of them stopped to look at his items.

When compared to the stall selling elixirs beside him, his area was extremely empty.

An Herbal Faction disciple who just sold two bottles of elixirs smiled as he looked at the Xuanming points on his bracelet. He turned around and spoke to a despondent-looking disciple. “Tong Hua, I told you long ago that no one wants these Spirit Crystals. Instead of sitting here foolishly, why not take on some missions to earn some Xuanming points? After all, you’re a Fist Faction disciple and selling Spirit Crystals is still too…”

The Herbal Faction disciple appeared to be well-meaning, but the sarcasm in his eyes revealed his real intentions.

Tong Hua looked at him and gave a bitter laugh without saying anything.

This Herbal Faction disciple and he entered the outer sect at the same time. He had a good physique, and his natural endowments were considered not bad in his batch. Rather, it was that Herbal Faction disciple who had an average natural endowment. However, it was different years later.

Tong Hua did not put that Herbal Faction disciple’s mockery to heart and only looked after his stall silently, waiting for that slim chance.

This scene fell into Ye Qingtang’s eyes, and the Herbal Faction disciple’s mockery still lingered around her ears. The corner of her lips tugged upwards slightly as she walked towards Tong Hua’s stall.

“How do you sell this Spirit Crystal?”

A clear female voice suddenly traveled into his ears, and the depressed Tong Hua looked up in surprise, only to be completely taken aback there and then.

Against the sunlight, the young girl was so beautiful as though she was not a mortal on earth, while her smile seemed to be able to intoxicate someone.

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