Rebirth Of The Strongest Female Emperor Chapter 1519 - Age Reversal Curse 1

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Chapter 1519 Age Reversal Curse 1

“Emperor Yan, just stop already. Haven’t you fought enough?” Seeing that the redheaded child was about to punch again, another child hurriedly ran over with his short legs and hugged the redheaded child from the back.

“Get away from me, Fu Xu. I will beat you up if you utter one more piece of bullsh*t!” The redheaded child had a vicious look on his face.

“All you do is beat people up. Do you think that only you know how to do that? I was already annoyed with you back when we were in the Second Domain. Watch how I’m going to beat you up real hard today.” A chubby child frowned deeply at the redheaded child’s bl.u.s.ter and slammed his round fists onto his head.

The redheaded child was dumbfounded for a moment, but in the next second, he lost all control and pushed away Fu Xu, who was hugging his waist. Leaping with his short legs, the child lunged at the chubby child. The two children, both who could not even reach Ye Qingtang’s thigh, were in a brawl in no time.

“Xiong Yan, don’t think I’m afraid of you just because you’re big. Back in the Second Domain, you caused trouble for me time and again. I’m going to skin you today!”

Furious shouts escaped the mouths of those two fellows continuously as though a life and death battle was about to happen in the next second.

Yet in reality, all Ye Qingtang saw was two kids hugging each other and rolling around until they were covered in mud.

“…” Watching the fight, Ye Qingtang was speechless. Apart from those two, there were still a few other kids in the cave who seemed to have some grudges with each other and were awfully busy with fighting each other from the start.

The other children, on the other hand, were calm, and there were even two children who sat on the floor, drew a simple chessboard on the ground, and played chess using rocks…

The indifferent child who was hollered at by the redhead was standing aside with an impatient look as he looked at the chaotic sight.

The child known as Fu Xu shook off the mud on his body. With a helpless expression, he walked to the child beside him.

“Jiang Yu, although Emperor Yan is not nice with his words, there is nothing wrong with what he said. You kneeled at that temple for thousands of years to pray to the G.o.ds to revive your dead wife. But why must you destroy that temple after kneeling for thousands of years?”

The child who was called Jiang Yu frowned slightly with a deep gaze.

“The G.o.ds deceived me. Why can’t I destroy this temple that lies to everyone? Back then, I heard that as long as I kneeled in the temple and prayed earnestly, the G.o.ds would show kindness and revive my wife. However, I kneeled for thousands of years, and my wife’s corpse has already turned into skeletons, yet there was still not a single sign of the G.o.ds’ advent… Why can’t I destroy such a ridiculous place?”

Ye Qingtang, who was hidden in the dark, heard every word that Jiang Yu said.

And the words “Jiang Yu” left Ye Qingtang dumbstruck instantly.

Jiang Yu?!

Isn’t that the name of the Jiang Family’s Domain Monarch Founder?

Ye Qingtang was surprised. Subsequently, she thought of the names of the children that were called out earlier on.

Emperor Yan, Xiong Yan, Fu Xu…

Ye Qingtang had gone to the Second Domain before in her previous life and had naturally heard rumors related to the Second Domain.

The names of these three people were that of the supreme powerful figures widely known in the Second Domain!

Moreover, Emperor Yan was even the Domain Monarch of the Second Domain thousands of years ago…

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