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Chapter 102: Sect a.s.sessment (4)

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When everyone was mocking or sighing at Ye Qingtang, she still remained calm. Staring at the Spirit Stone, her eyes were immersed with an undetectable smile.

Her spirit root just leveled up!

Initially, her spirit root was just a pure red spirit root. However, after nouris.h.i.+ng it with the Floating PaG.o.da for a month, her spirit root was about to level up to an orange one.

That faint orange color, ignored by the rest, provided Ye Qingtang with great hope.

She would need at most one more month to nourish it into an orange spirit root. Afterward, she could reach the yellow spirit root… Even the blue spirit root that appeared for a split second before was not totally impossible now.

However, her spirit root would require more nourishment to level up further. The requirement would multiply as it leveled up slowly. If Ye Qingtang really wished to nourish a blue spirit root, that would be a long way to go, and she was not in a rush.

Under the sarcastic gaze by the audience, Ye Qingtang put down her hand and stepped back.

The middle-aged man stared at Ye Qingtang in a complex way. He was silent for a while, and then asked people to register Ye Qingtang’s spirit root level on the booklet.

He previously thought that this lady was full of potential, but he did not expect that her spirit root would be one of such low quality.

It would be almost impossible to enter the sect with such a spirit root. Whether she would be allowed to enter the sect by the Elders was now fully dependent on her performance in the following a.s.sessments.

Such a pity…

To this point, all candidates’ spirit root levels were recorded, and the real a.s.sessment was just about to begin.

Everyone sighed in relief when they witnessed Ye Qingtang’s spirit root. They would not want to see another strong compet.i.tor when Yun Shu and Lu Xiuwen were already present.

“Spirit root is not that important. There will be more a.s.sessments.” Yun Shu was the only one who talked to Ye Qingtang. He spoke to her slowly and gently. It seemed that he was trying to comfort her.

Ye Qingtang smiled slightly. She could clearly notice Senior Brother Yun’s worry from his reaction. It was funny for her, but at the same time, she felt the warmth from his concern.

Yun Shu finally felt relieved after seeing her smile.

“We should both strive hard to enter the sect!” Yun Shu said.

Ye Qingtang nodded.

“Brother Yun, you are always so gentle to all kinds of people.” Yun Shu and Ye Qingtang heard an unpleasant voice.

Ye Qingtang raised her eyes and saw Lu Xiuwen sneering at her sarcastically.

Lu Xiuwen took a glimpse at Ye Qingtang and spoke to Yun Shu. “Everyone knows about Liu Yun family’s fame. I’m not surprised by Brother Yun’s kindness. But you should know what kind of person to befriend. Do not downgrade yourself with your kindness.”

Yun Shu frowned as he disliked Lu Xiuwen’s att.i.tude.

“I know what I am doing, Brother Lu.” Yun Shu said.

Lu Xiuwen did not take it seriously. He turned to look at Ye Qingtang and said:

“Ye Qingtang, how dare you to come for the sect a.s.sessment with this kind of spirit root? If even you can enter the sect, wouldn’t the rest of us be useless!”

Lu Xiuwen did not bother to hide his hostility towards Ye Qingtang. He was very certain that she had no way to enter the sect. He would not let her go easily.

Yun Shu’s face clouded and wanted to speak up for Ye Qingtang.

Ye Qingtang suddenly stepped forward and struck back at Lu Xiuwen before Yun Shu could.

“Lu Xiuwen, remember what you just said.”

She would soon let him understand who was really useless.

“I will definitely remember that.” Lu Xiuwen smiled coldly.

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