The King of Hell's Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 753: Unbelievable

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Chapter 753: Unbelievable

Nalan Feixue was bound by the natural silk, so she couldn’t help herself. As soon as Zhu Zhongba pulled her, she fell into his fat embrace.

Zhu Zhongba laughed, humiliating her indifferently. He pinched her plump chest, then he said condescendingly, “However, now that I married Nalan Feixue, I’ll forget it. However, since Feixue has married my family, she is a member of my Zhu Family. In the future, I think she should go back to the Nalan Family lesser.”

“Ahhh!! No, I don’t want!!” Nalan Feixue shouted as she pushed away Zhu Zhongba, rus.h.i.+ng toward Nalan Zhengze and Nalan Yurong.

“Father, save me! I don’t want to go back to the Zhu Family. That is not a place for people to stay. They beat me up, and even sealed my cultivation. I also heard Zhu Yiqun said that he wanted to treat me like a furnace to let Zhu Zhongba absorb my vitality (this can be referred to the arts of chamber)!”

“Father, I’m Feixue. I’m your most beloved daughter, not the b.i.t.c.h Nalan Hexi. Please save me…”

“Elder sister, please save me. Please master, let the Zhu Family issue the divorce. Elder Sister, I’m beggin you, wuuuuu…”

Nalan Yurong looked at the desperate and embarra.s.sed sister who was kneeling in front of him and crying. Her face also looked terribly gloomy, and she almost bit her teeth until bleeding.

“Nalan Hexi, Nalan Hexi, I actually underestimated you!”

Nalan Feixue hugged Nalan Yurong’s feet and cried loudly, “Elder sister, please, please help me!”

Nalan Yurong took a deep breath, and she pushed her sister’s hand lightly. She said lightly, “Feixue, stop making trouble, for whatever reason, you are now married to Zhu Family’s young master, and you have become his woman. In that case, you better go back with Master Zhu obediently. Don’t make a big fuss outside, lest you lose the face of our Nalan Family!”

“You… what did you say?!!!” Nalan Feixue’s eyes widened suddenly, and she stepped back in disbelief.

She murmured over and over again in her mouth, “Elder sister, are you lying to me? You are lying to me, right? I’m your sister of the same father and mother. You used to love me the most. You… how could you say that?”

Nalan Yurong sneered and looked at her condescendingly. There was a hint of contempt in her eyes, “Feixue, you can only blame yourself for being stupid. You have been framed by Nalan Hexi again and again. Even my perfect plan has a flaw now. Since that’s the case, you should just accept your fate. After all, you are already Young Master Zhu’s woman!”

Zhu Zhongba was both delighted and proud when he heard this. He laughed and said, “The elder sister is really righteous. No wonder everyone praises you as the most dazzling jewel of the Nalan Family. Feixue and I have long had intimate contact. She is my Zhu Family’s legitimate wife. My father has instructed me to bring her back so that I can love her move, hahaha…”

Nalan Feixue shook her head desperately, looking at her magnificent elder sister, but her heart was full of strangeness.

The contemptuous and cold eyes made her fearful and injured heart riddled with holes.

Nalan Feixue rushed in front of Nalan Zhengze, crying loudly, “Father, father, save me! I’m your daughter!”

Nalan Zhengze frowned and said sternly, “What are you crying for? It should be a festive day for your return. Look at your crying face, how ugly is that? Do you want our Nalan Family to be a laughing stock again?”

From the far gate, someone was already looking into the main hall.

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