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Chapter 792: The Second Round

With the half-baked level of Baili Hongzhuang, there is only one result when it comes to refining black rockwood – failure!

The previous att.i.tude of Baili Hongzhuang obviously made them very dissatisfied. As per reason, with the half-baked level of Baili Hongzhuang should feel very inferior to them while in front of them. However, instead of feeling inferior, she dared to laugh at them.

In this round of compet.i.tion, Baili Hongzhuang would definitely lose, and they would see how Baili Hongzhuang was going to be arrogant.

Once Baili Hongzhuang gets eliminated, they will definitely humiliate Baili Hongzhuang with this opportunity!

Everyone looked at Baili Hongzhuang, but Baili Hongzhuang seemed to be completely unbothered. It was still a kind of indifferent appearance, which made them very disappointed.

Six people lined up in a row above the high platform, each with an identical alchemy furnace in front of them, and three pieces of black Rockwood on the table next to it.

“Now the refinement of the black Rockwood began, the time limit is an hour.

Within one-hour, Black Rockwood should be refined successfully. If the refining of all the three black Rockwood fails within one hour, they will be eliminated directly!”

Lin Hao's words were heard by everyone. These were the rules of this round.

Baili Hongzhuang looked at the side of the black Rockwood, it was not that they only prepared three black Rockwood.

It was just that, if someone failed to refine all the three black rockwood, then it would be too late to refine the fourth black rockwood.

Refining the black rockwood is a very tedious thing. It was a very long process to burn the outer sh.e.l.l of black rockwood.

Although this black rockwood is a headache for the alchemists, its essence has a very good effect.


Lin Hao knocked the bronze gong; the second round has officially started!

Chinese Bronze Gong

The whole high platform has become quiet, and people like Baili Hongzhuang were starting to make fire and preparing to refine black Rockwood.

Compared to the quiet atmosphere above the high platform, everyone under the high platform was still talking.

Pill refining was a very long and quiet process. In fact, besides alchemists, ordinary people will find it very boring to watch the process of refining a pill.

Because apart from seeing the actions of the alchemist, they can't even see the changes in the pill furnace, which was really boring.

“In this round, Baili Hongzhuang is definitely going to be eliminated. This round is not team-based. She is a cultivator. Her accomplishment in alchemy must be limited.”

“In any case, the talent of Baili Hongzhuang in cultivation is already amazing, and even understanding alchemy a little is wonderful.”

Everyone nodded. Baili Hongzhuang had already convinced them with her strength.

As for Baili Hongzhuang's talent in alchemy, they didn't care at all. She was sent by the Canglan College just to make up the numbers. So, they didn't expect Baili Hongzhuang to achieve something in this contest.

Xia Zhiqing and others listened to the people around them, and they felt that it was a bit funny. These people have underestimated Baili Hongzhuang.

Baili Hongzhuang systematically controlled the flame, and then placed the black Rockwood into the Pill furnace.

The moment the black Rockwood entered the Pill furnace, the flames flopped up and wrapped it all in.

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