Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort Chapter 530

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Under the bright moon, two people sat near the small pond with the white lotus heads fully bloomed and the water glimmering. Even the lamps could not outs.h.i.+ne the brilliance and beauty of the moon.

The two people were both extraordinary, the woman incomparably gorgeous and the man incomparably handsome. At a glance it was obvious that they were siblings, and their bonds were deep. The woman was quiet, holding a cup of tea in her hands tightly, trembling slightly as she talked to him. Her beautiful features held a trace of melancholy just like her peach blossom eyes.

The man looked cold, however, in the face of such a younger sister, he was gentle as he inquired her woes. Every time he heard her shaky voice and felt her sadness, he wanted to flay the current Emperor of Feng alive. How dare he treat his sister this way, favouring only one wife and giving her permission to destroy the life of others?

How dare he do what he did to her!

It made him furious just thinking about what was happening currently, but the Yue family could not do anything against the royal family or the one who caused such pain to his sister, the s.l.u.t, Ri Wu Xie of the Left Minister Ri's family.

Brother and sister talked for a long while, until they had no words to exchange. The quietness was stiffling Yue Chan Juan, and she spoke up in a low tone.

“Brother, how is Tai Yin?”

Immediately, her ice cold brother's face lightened, traces of joy in his heart as he thought of his three year old daughter. Her brother, Yue Chan He, was nine years elder to her, but previously only had one son who was now seven. For years, he had wished for another child and when Tai Yin was born his happiness and the happiness of the whole clan could not be explained in words.

“Tai Yin is good, we will test her attributes tomorrow.”

“Brother, you intend to make her a warrior? She's still so small, just a tender bun-do you have the resolve to be so heartless?” Yue Chan Juan teased her elder brother.

“Who in our family is not a warrior? She will not train now, just test her attributes.”


A silence ensued.

“I still don't understand it. How can the Emperor ignore you? You are well versed in the four arts, humble, kind and polite, you can make battle strategies that rival mine. If not blind, what is he? Other than utterly incompetent… He even gave the position of Empress to that unrefined s.l.u.t who only acts coquettishly. His brain has gone to the grazing fields.”

Yue Chan He said venomously, wanting so bad to crush that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's face in. Frothing with anger, but helpless.

The current Yue family's power had been greatly reduced. Yue Chan Juan had previously been the Empress for three years, she had the Yue family's firm backing, she was one of Feng's great beauties and she was talented. However, she had been unable to bear a child. This caused the Emperor to be dissatisfied with her, and her position extremely precarious.

Then that s.l.u.t Ri Wu Xie walked in, within a few months, she was the Empress and bold enough to bully his sister. The Ri family's daughter was the Empress, while the Yue family's daughter had been abandoned; this caused vicious slander against their family. The power-hungry minister's felt it right to back the Ri family and with Ri family themselves pressuring them, the Yue family was in a tight spot.

They's have to be mad to act against the Ri family now, and insane if they decided to show dissatisfaction with the Emperor.

The situation was sticky and not good.

Chapter 530  Treasure, Gla.s.s Sword!

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[ T/N  Liu Li 琉璃 (literally) means “Glazed Tile“. While individually the characters mean “Precious Stone” and “Gla.s.s/Colored Glaze“. I really can't think of a name that fits the sword without it sounding cringe worthy, so, I've kept it in the pinyin form. ]

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