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Chapter 1622, Hiding

Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

Fortunately, these pills were hand-made by Yang Kai, so each of them was of extremely high grade and quality. When the pills entered his stomach, they instantly turned into a stream of heat which flooded his body and began supplementing the Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy he had lost.

He had taken Qian Tong into the Sealed World Bead after the latter took a blow from Luo Hai. Qian Tong had suffered some injuries, and although they weren’t too serious, it was undoubtedly better for him to not fight again at this moment.

In the unlikely event that Luo Hai’s a.s.sault caused Qian Tong’s realm to fall, it would become a lifelong regret!

Qian Tong had just broken through to the Origin King Realm after all, and his realm had not stabilized yet.

In terms of cultivation, Yang Kai was far below the current Qian Tong, but in terms of being able to escape, Yang Kai was confident he would not lose to anyone.

His speed was already extremely fast, and with his Wind and Thunder Wings spread out behind him, he was able to soar through the Star Field like a bolt of lightning.

However, Luo Hai’s speed was still superior, and the ten thousand kilometre gap between was noticeably shortened in just a cup of tea’s worth of time.

Feeling a strong pressure coming from behind him, Yang Kai immediately understood that Luo Hai was closing in.

“Boy, cooperate with this King obediently and this King may spare you! If you continue to defy this King, don’t blame me for being merciless!” Luo Hai’s threatening voice clearly reached Yang Kai’s ears.

Yang Kai naturally ignored him and continued to flee. Facing such an opponent, he did not have any intention to fight, only by running as fast as possible was there a chance he could survive.

“You court death!” Luo Hai was furious when he saw Yang Kai disregard him. Now, just a thousand kilometres away from Yang Kai, he stretched out his hand and condensed a ball of energy at his fingertip and in the next instant, shot it out at a terrifying speed towards Yang Kai.

Feeling the murderous aura approaching from behind, Yang Kai grit his teeth and pushed his s.p.a.ce Force, stretching out his hands, grabbing the s.p.a.ce in front of him, and tore it apart.

A Void Crack immediately appeared in front of him.

Yang Kai flew into the Void Crack and disappeared in the blink of an eye, a moment after which Luo Hai’s attack pierced through his afterimage.

“A Void Crack!” Luo Hai called out in surprise, and with a flicker, he arrived at the position where Yang Kai disappeared. He wanted to follow Yang Kai and rush into the chaotic void.

But Yang Kai obviously didn’t give him this opportunity and sealed the Void Crack behind him.

“This boy is proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce!” Luo Hai muttered in shock.

After reaching such a height in his cultivation, Luo Hai had seldom been surprised by anything, but Yang Kai had repeatedly shocked him.

First summoning the Emperor Artifact, then casually tearing s.p.a.ce, how extraordinary was this little brat?

Possessing an Emperor Artifact could be written off as Yang Kai simply having had an extremely profound opportunity in some unknown place in the past. However, even Luo Hai had never heard of someone possessing the ability to tear s.p.a.ce freely.

Among the Star Field’s trillions of cultivators, there were indeed a few who cultivated the Dao of s.p.a.ce, but the few people Luo Hai knew about had only dabbled in this field and could at best patch slightly damaged s.p.a.ce Arrays.

How could that even compare to the ability to tear s.p.a.ce?

“Is this your trump card? No wonder you dared display such impudence in front of this King!” Luo Hai said gloomily before chuckling lightly, “But if you think this is enough for you to escape from this King’s palm, you are gravely mistaken.”

As soon as his words fell, he released his terrifying Divine Sense outwards.

After only three breaths, his eyes flashed and he turned his head to look in a certain direction, “Oh, seems you’re quite quick, little boy. You unexpectedly managed to flee five thousand kilometres!”

Taking a deep breath, Saint Qi exploded from Luo Hai’s body and he shot forward like a comet, rapidly approaching Yang Kai’s position.

Five thousand kilometres away, Yang Kai had only managed to take a few breaths before he felt a powerful Divine Sense lock onto his position, one he could not throw off.

Looking back, in the distant Starry Sky, a stream of light was rapidly approaching him.

Yang Kai grit his teeth, reached out his hands and tore s.p.a.ce once more.

A moment later, Luo Hai arrived and came to a halt. After expanding his Divine Sense for the second time and searching for Yang Kai’s location, he set off in pursuit again.

One escaped, one pursued, the distance sometimes narrowing and sometimes expanding, but the atmosphere was always extremely tense.

Yang Kai knew that he must not fall into Luo Hai’s hands, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous.

Time flew by and half a month had pa.s.sed in the blink of an eye.

Luo Hai’s originally calm and relaxed mood, as if victory was in his hand, had long ago disappeared and been replaced by fierce anger.

He thought that even if Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of s.p.a.ce, he would never be able to escape his palm.

The Dao of s.p.a.ce was extremely mysterious, and any cultivator who was proficient in it was extremely difficult to kill, but compared to Luo Hai, Yang Kai’s cultivation was simply too low!

How much Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy was required to tear s.p.a.ce even once, Luo Hai did not know, but he estimated that the cost was not small. He only needed to follow after Yang Kai, and once his prey grew weak, he would be able to easily capture him.

This was his plan all along!

But what surprised Luo Hai was that during this past half a month, Yang Kai had torn s.p.a.ce at least two hundred times, and every time, he was able to escape a distance of two to three thousand kilometres. What’s more, as time pa.s.sed, the distance he escaped seemed to be increasing, likely a result of Yang Kai’s mastery of the Dao of s.p.a.ce increasing due to the intense pressure he was under.

Worse yet, the little brat showed no signs of exhaustion!

How could he have so much Saint Qi to splurge? Where was he getting all his Spiritual Energy from? Even taking high-grade pills constantly would not allow him to escape for such a long time.

Luo Hai was completely baffled!

Nevertheless, he didn’t give up. He firmly believed that his guess was correct, and that Yang Kai would eventually have no choice but to stop from exhaustion.

Luo Hai’s a.s.sumptions were indeed correct, Yang Kai needed to consume a huge amount of Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy to tear s.p.a.ce, and after two months of fleeing like this, he was akin to a lamp without oil!

Fortunately, he still had more than enough Saint Qi to spare as all he needed to do was explode a drop of pure Golden Blood to refill his reserves.

Spiritual Energy was another matter, however. Yang Kai was consuming Spiritual Energy at a terrifying rate, faster than he could restore it. If it weren’t for him possessing a supreme treasure like the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai would have already been rendered powerless.

Even so, he was now an arrow at the end of its flight!

He had taken a lot of pills already and almost exhausted the ones which were capable of restoring his Spiritual Energy!

With no other choice, Yang Kai could only swallow raw herbs that helped restore Spiritual Energy now.

Although swallowing such herbs was nothing short of wasting Heaven’s precious gifts and was extremely inefficient, in the middle of this desperate escape how could Yang Kai care about such things?

As a side effect though, pus.h.i.+ng his limits again and again was unconsciously expanding Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea as well as strengthening his Spiritual Energy.

His mastery of the Dao of s.p.a.ce was also increasing with time.

But Yang Kai didn’t notice this as all his energy was focused on escaping from Luo Hai’s tracking!

After thinking about it for so long, Yang Kai knew there was only one option.

He had to hide inside the Sealed World Bead! However, this method was far too risky, and once Luo Hai found where he was hiding, he would become akin to a turtle hiding in its sh.e.l.l.

He didn’t dare to do this unless he had no other choice!

Five more days pa.s.sed.

The pursuer and pursued had now crossed an unknowable part of the Star Field, but Luo Hai was relentless, remaining not far behind Yang Kai the entire time, forcing the latter to tear s.p.a.ce to open up some distance only to have it closed in short order.

Origin Kings were truly not to be underestimated!

With his Knowledge Sea almost completely dried up, even swallowing raw herbs couldn’t replenish Yang Kai’s waning Spiritual Energy. Right now, he could tear s.p.a.ce three more times at most before he was completely exhausted.

Gritting his teeth, Yang Kai tore s.p.a.ce and leapt into the Void Crack. The next moment he appeared a few thousand kilometres away.

Without pause, Yang Kai tore s.p.a.ce a second time…

Then a third time…

In a single breath, he had put ten thousand kilometres between himself and Luo Hai.

Yang Kai’s face was as pale as paper, and as he looked around, his sight immediately landed on a ma.s.sive nearby asteroid.

This asteroid was about a hundred kilometres wide, as big as a mountain.

After arriving at the asteroid, Yang Kai looked for an extremely well-concealed location and immediately took out the Sealed World Bead, hid it in the crevice, then with a flicker entered the Small Sealed World.

This Small Sealed World was incredibly peaceful.

The relatives and friends Yang Kai had brought from Tong Xuan Realm had lived here for some time now.

There was no compet.i.tion in this world and the World Energy aura was quite strong. Apart from the incomplete World Principles, this place was simply a paradise.

Inside the Small Sealed World, there were many recently constructed lofts scattered in a roughly hundred-kilometre radius. Inside each of these lofts were cultivators meditating in seclusion.

They were built by the cultivators from Tong Xuan Realm. Inside the Small Sealed World, there were mountains, rivers, plains, and forests, so it was very convenient for them to collect basic construction materials.

The Three Clans, Human, Demon, and Monster, lived in harmony without disputes.

Everyone treasured their current life greatly.

The cultivation conditions and environment here were many times better than those on Tong Xuan Realm. Almost ninety-nine percent of the people had already made some kind of breakthrough in recent years.

Meng Wu Ya, Chu Ling Xiao, Ling Tai Xu, Demon Commander Zhang Yuan, the Monster Race Great Seniors…

All of these veteran Third-Order Saints had successively broken through to the Saint King Realm.

Although the World Principles of this Small Sealed World were incomplete, they were still able to meet the breakthrough requirements for these people; after all, the Saint King Realm did not require that much.

When Yang Kai appeared, the entire Small Sealed World remained silent.

No one noticed his arrival.

Relying solely on willpower to endure the pain in his head, Yang Kai spread out his Divine Sense to investigate.

Quickly, he found the location of Xia Ning Chang and his figure flickered, immediately arriving on the second floor of her loft.

Xia Ning Chang was still wearing her black veil as she performed Alchemy silently. When she was focused on Alchemy, she seemed to exude the faint halo that gave her a mysterious and dignified atmosphere, and although one could not see her face clearly, just the outline of her figure was enough to make any man lose his soul.

Yang Kai’s appearance greatly surprised her, but after she noticed his weak aura, her beautiful face paled immediately and she rushed over to support him, anxiously asking, “Junior Brother, what happened? Who hurt you?”

“It’s nothing, I just met a strong enemy who is currently chasing me,” Yang Kai wanted to laugh to relieve Xia Ning Chang’s worries, but he was too weak to even do that.

Xia Ning Chang’s expression changed noticeably but she didn’t ask anything. She knew that anyone who could force Yang Kai into such a state must at least be an Origin King!

She understood Yang Kai’s strength very well. Back at Chi Yue’s palace, even a master like Xue Lian was not Yang Kai’s opponent. So with him being in such a miserable state now, who else besides an Origin King could be responsible?

Xia Ning Chang grit her teeth and a pained look flashed across her wet eyes.

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