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Chapter 1618, Dire Situation

Old Jiu was obviously trying to show good will, taking the initiative to offer to loan Yang Kai some Saint Crystals. If Yang Kai accepted his favour, he would have a significant bargaining chip in hand; after all, eating from another man’s table and not reciprocating was simply bad manners.

“This Queen also has many Saint Crystals here,” Li Wan Ning pursed her lips and smiled.

Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he directly ignored them. Naturally, he understood what these people were up to.

At this time, if he really borrowed Saint Crystals from them, the favour would be quite heavy as this was related to Qian Tong successfully breaking through to the Origin King Realm.

“How many Saint Crystals do you have?” Yang Kai turned to look at Yang Xiu Zhu and the others.

Yang Xiu Zhu and the others exchanged a quick glance before taking out all their Saint Crystals and giving them to Yang Kai.

“That’s all?” Yang Kai did a rough count with his Divine Sense and frowned.

The number of Saint Crystals they had collectively was only about five million.

Such few Saint Crystals weren’t small, more than enough to satisfy each of their individual cultivation needs. Moreover, when they left Shadowed Star, Yang Kai had basically been responsible for bringing along Saint Crystals.

However, those Saint Crystals were already used up on Tong Xuan Realm when Little Senior Sister was refining the Star Source.

As such, Yang Kai did not have many Saint Crystals on hand!

He could not help feeling a little troubled and quickly began rummaging through his s.p.a.ce Ring.

From the s.p.a.ce Rings of Mi Tian, ​​Xue Lian, Lie Feng and a few others, Yang Kai was able to gather a few more Saint Crystals, but only about five million more!

All of these cultivators had come here to partic.i.p.ate in the Blood Prison Trial, so how could they have brought a large number of Saint Crystals with them?

“If you don’t have enough, I can lend you some,” Seeing Yang Kai’s expression, Xu Bin Bai took the initiative to speak.

“How could I ask that of you?” Yang Kai sighed, never having antic.i.p.ated that one day he would be worried about having enough Saint Crystals. In the past, he had always spent Saint Crystals freely without any cares.

“Why not? It’s just Saint Crystals,” Xu Bin Bai grinned, “But I don’t have much, only about twenty million.”

“That should be enough,” Yang Kai nodded. “Many thanks, Brother Xu.”

“You’re welcome. Maybe this Xu will also have a request for Brother Yang one day. When that time comes, please do not refuse,” Xu Bin Bai smiled and handed a s.p.a.ce Ring to Yang Kai.

Yang Kai took it and nodded to him, “This Yang will forever remember Brother Xu’s kindness. If there is ever a day you need this Yang’s a.s.sistance, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

“I hope you and I will meet again then,” Xu Bin Bai smiled lightly.

Thirty million was not a huge number of Saint Crystals, but it also wasn’t small.

However, it should be enough for Qian Tong’s breakthrough. The World Energy in this wilderness was only a little thin, not barren.

Seeing Yang Kai prefer to ask Xu Bin Bai to borrow Saint Crystals than them, the many Origin Kings present exchanged a helpless glance.

Yang Kai knew what they were thinking, so they understood his thought process as well.

Not making a big deal of the situation, Old Jiu just kindly reminded, “Boy, if you want to deliver Saint Crystals to your Elder, you should do so quickly. The dangers of breaking through to the Origin King Realm are beyond your imagination, if you remain too long inside, you will likely get caught up in those dangers.”

“Many thanks for Senior’s reminder!” Yang Kai gently nodded, took a deep breath, then flew upwards.

The next moment, Yang Kai’s figure transformed into a streak of light that rushed straight into the chaotic storm.

Everyone was paying attention to his movements with single-minded focus.

Countless big and small tornadoes swept back and forth, but Yang Kai’s figure was able to flicker between them and approach the centre of the disturbance at extremely fast speed.

The s.h.i.+ permeating from Qian Tong’s body was actually his biggest obstacle.

s.h.i.+ which was condensed to the grand accomplishment stage was almost on par with Domain, but fortunately, Yang Kai now had plenty of experience breaking into Domain Vortices inside the Blood Prison. This obstacle could not bar his path, and after integrating his own s.h.i.+ into the surroundings, Yang Kai didn’t encounter much resistance as he moved forward.

This also allowed Yang Kai to not interfere with Qian Tong’s breakthrough.

“This boy has some impressive skill!” Old Jiu’s eyes flashed.

“He managed to integrate his own s.h.i.+ into another’s so smoothly. It seems his understanding of s.h.i.+ has far surpa.s.sed that of an ordinary Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator!”

“If given enough time, he will definitely break through to the Origin King Realm!”

After less than ten breaths, Yang Kai arrived nearby Qian Tong.

Qian Tong was sitting cross-legged at this moment, but Yang Kai’s arrival had naturally disturbed him, so he opened his eyes. After seeing that it was Yang Kai, however, Qian Tong closed his eyelids again and remained as motionless as a rock.

Yang Kai did not dare to delay. Using his Divine Sense, Yang Kai took out all the Saint Crystals he had gathered from his s.p.a.ce Ring and piled them up around Qian Tong.

“Elder Qian, take this, it may be of help to you at the critical moment,” Yang Kai suddenly threw a jade bottle over to Qian Tong.

After finis.h.i.+ng all this, Yang Kai rushed back out.

A short time later, Yang Kai returned to his original spot.

As soon as he stood firm, a shocking energy fluctuation suddenly emerged.

A white beam of light shot up into the sky, and along with this beam, the thirty million Saint Crystals Yang Kai had just scattered about and burst into dazzling light. It seemed that the energy inside these Saint Crystals had been drawn out and sucked up into the dark clouds up above.

The dark clouds immediately became thicker and more solid.

A shocking clap of thunder suddenly resounded.


With a deafening sound, the power of Heaven and Earth fell from above like a great flood dragon and bombarded Qian Tong without warning, pouring into his body in a relentless torrent.

“It has begun!” Luo Hai muttered in a low voice and stared fixedly.

Qian Tong’s breakthrough had finally begun!

A kind of magical aura spread out as soon as the breakthrough began, causing all the cultivators present to involuntarily show a thoughtful expression. Everyone was trying their best to comprehend this mysterious air to benefit from it.

This was the Domain of an Origin King that was breaking through, something that was of great value to the growth of all the Origin Realm cultivators present.

The first wave of World Energy in the baptism caused the entire region to tremble violently, with tremors reaching as far as ten thousand kilometres away. It was a terrifying experience that left all in awe of the power of the world.

Such a display of power left many Origin Realm masters pale.

These masters were imagining themselves in Qian Tong’s place and realizing that for most of them, at their current strength, it would be impossible for them to resist. In all likelihood, a single confrontation would result in them dying!

Was breaking through to the Origin King Realm really this frightening?

Some people felt their confidence suffer a blow while others instead felt inspired as a strong sense of desire filled their eyes.

The Origin Kings present were paying close attention to Qian Tong but were also keeping an eye on the reactions of the surrounding cultivators, identifying which of them were talents that could be cultivated.

The second wave of the baptism pounded down soon after, followed by a third, then a fourth…

Soon, it was as if a torrential downpour was taking place, with not a single break in-between.

Qian Tong’s beast-like roars rang out and it was not difficult for anyone to imagine just how much pressure he was currently facing.

His own s.h.i.+ was fluctuating wildly as the numerous whirlwinds whipped around him, gradually sublimating, and transforming his s.h.i.+ in the process.

As time pa.s.sed slowly, Yang Kai and the others looked on nervously.

From Qian Tong’s roars, Yang Kai could infer some information. The pressure Qian Tong was experiencing seemed to be growing greater and greater, and his aura was simultaneously growing weaker and weaker, his vitality now seeming quite weak.

It was as if he was afloat on a small boat in the middle of a storm, in danger of being swallowed up at any moment.

“The situation isn’t good!” Old Jiu looked worried.

“En, the World Energy baptism that he is bearing seems to be much stronger than the one I experienced,” Li Wan Ning also frowned.

“The stronger the baptism you endure, the higher your achievements will be in the future. Each Origin King experiences a different intensity of baptism when they attempt to break through. If one survives, their horizons expand greatly, but if they fail, even their soul will be extinguished,” Luo Hai sighed softly, “From ancient times to present, how many geniuses have fallen on this threshold? Breakthroughs for the Martial Dao’s first few Great Realms aren’t too troublesome, but after the Saint King Realm, no Great Realm can be crossed casually, each one is a struggle against death!”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Each person present was a seasoned expert, so how could they not understand such simple truths?

Luo Hai was right. When a Saint King broke through to the Origin Returning Realm, they would have to face a life or death challenge, and failure would have only one result, death!

There was no other possibility!

Once the power of Heaven and Earth gathered, either one was reborn under its baptism, or they died trying.

Old Jiu glanced over at Yang Kai, pondered for a moment, then spoke, “Boy, you’d best be mentally prepared, the current situation is not optimistic.”

Yang Kai simply turned his head and glanced at him before chuckling, “Elder Qian will succeed.”

Old Jiu simply shook his head, “Sometimes will is not enough to overcome reality. This old master also hopes that this person can succeed, but…”

He did not continue, apparently feeling Qian Tong’s prospects weren’t optimistic.

Yang Xiu Zhu and the others also became nervous.

Five of them had followed Yang Kai to leave Shadowed Star and come to Green Mountains Star. It was mere coincidence that their arrival here coincided with the once-in-a-thousand-year opening of the Blood Prison Trial and Qian Tong’s opportunities had clearly been the best, bringing him to the point where he was finally qualified to touch the threshold of the Origin King Realm. None of them wanted to see him fail at this last moment.

If he succeeded, Qian Tong would become the first Origin King born on Shadowed Star in over ten thousand years.

Although he would be breaking through on a different Cultivation Star, it would be enough to allow Yang Xiu Zhu and the others to see hope for the future.

The power of heaven and earth continued to fall, bombarding Qian Tong constantly while his roars grew increasingly weaker. Soon, Qian Tong’s vitality was akin to candlelight caught in a storm, teetering on the brink of being snuffed out…

“Ha, it looks like he will fall short,” The old woman surnamed Lei shook her head suddenly, a trace of regret appearing on her face.

“En, it’s a pity after reaching such a point,” Old Jiu nodded in agreement.

Under their perception, Qian Tong’s vitality had already dimmed to the point where there was no hope of him surviving.

If nothing changed, this person would undoubtedly die!

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