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Chapter 1609, Oddly Strong

“Why should I run?” Yang Kai stood there with a grin and asked with his brow casually raised.

“You’re not afraid of death? Are you not worried this King will kill you?” Xue Lian showed an expression of interest.

“It is uncertain who will be the victor or deceased. Senior should be careful not to speak too confidently,” Yang Kai chuckled.

Xue Lian narrowed his eyes as he stared at Yang Kai earnestly for a moment before nodding, “Although I don’t want to admit it, you’re much better than those brats from my Monster Race, human. It seems my Monster Race is on the decline now.”

“Senior’s praise is unnecessary,” Yang Kai still remained indifferent. “But Senior does not need to keep up this act. Even if you were a Monster King ten thousand years ago, how much strength can you display right now after just seizing that body? If Senior were to suddenly come up short here, your death will be quite ugly.”

Xue Lian was startled briefly but soon burst into laughter, nodding in approval, “Good good, even if you know this King’s ident.i.ty, you still don’t show the slightest fear and are even able to talk back in such an arrogant tone. Human boy, I praise you for your confidence. It is to the point that this King feels a little bit reluctant to kill you. Good, this King has just seized this body, and after ten thousand years of decay, cannot display anywhere near his peak strength, but… it’s still more than enough to kill you. What’s more, you must die as this King has taken a liking to the Golden Divine Dragon Source in your body. However, if you obediently hand it over, this King can grant you a swift death!”

“Golden Divine Dragon Source?” Yang Kai frowned, revealing a faint look. “It turns out that Senior wanted to attack me in the cave just now, no wonder I felt that something was wrong.”

“Your senses are sharp too!” Xue Lian snorted coldly, “Enough nonsense, surrender without a fight and this King can show mercy, but if you dare to resist…”

“So what if I resist?” Yang Kai snorted back, his figure flickering the moment he spoke, disappearing strangely from where he stood.

“This is…” Xue Lian frowned, revealing a dignified look. The moment Yang Kai disappeared, he noticed a strange power fluctuation, one that was both familiar and unfamiliar to him, but soon he identified it and exclaimed, “s.p.a.ce Force!”

Xue Lian’s eyes burst with a terrifying blood-red light as his expression twisted into one filled with excitement.

He hadn’t expected that this human boy’s body would contain so many treasures worth coveting.

Without even mentioning the Golden Divine Dragon Source, a treasure any Monster Race master would desire, just this boy’s ability to use s.p.a.ce Force was not something ordinary cultivators could achieve.

As long as he could seize this human boy’s body, whether it was the Golden Divine Dragon Source or his understanding of the Dao of s.p.a.ce, he could claim it all! Although his original body also inherited an ancient bloodline, it was only a diluted Variant bloodline, incomparable to a Golden Divine Dragon’s. Xue Lian felt that if he could seize Yang Kai’s body and occupy all these advantages, he may be able to reach a cultivation even higher than his previous peak!

“Excellent! The Heavens have graced this King!” Xue Lian laughed, his blood-red eyes filled with greed.

A tearing sound suddenly rang out as a half-moon-shaped Void Crack suddenly appeared a dozen or so metres in front of Xue Lian. This Void Crack was ten metres long and as soon as it formed began releasing a chaotic aura, one that made those who felt it extremely uncomfortable, as if an invisible force was trying to draw them in and exile them to the endless Void.

“Your mastery of the Dao of s.p.a.ce Force has actually reached such a level!” Xue Lian exclaimed in excitement.

Still, standing on the spot without moving or even evading, Xue Lian simply stretched his hand forward.

As he clenched his fist, the rapidly advancing crescent-shaped Void Crack suddenly seemed to be restrained by an invisible force and stopped mid-air, unable to advance any further.

Xue Lian frowned at that moment and pushed his Monster Qi madly, roaring angrily, “Break!”

After this shout, the crescent-shaped Void Crack was crushed by him and the surrounding distorted s.p.a.ce began to twist and repair itself.


A slight noise came from the soles of Xue Lian’s feet, and a small grey figure leapt out of the ground before swinging down a jet-black stick it was carrying.

“What’s this?” Xue Lian was taken aback. Even with his sharp senses, he was unable to notice any trace of this creature approaching him. It wasn’t until this figure emerged from the ground that Xue Lian was even aware of its presence.

Looking at this newly appeared figure, it was clear it wasn’t a creature but instead a human-shaped rock.

It was quite small, only about half the size of any ordinary person.

However, the black stick it held in both hands had a force behind its swing that frightened Xue Lian greatly!

If this stick hit him, Xue Lian was certain he would suffer.

His face sank and a cold snort left his throat as Xue Lian released a blood-red mist from his body that seemed to have a mind of its own and rapidly condensed into a protective layer around him.

The pitch-black struck in the next instant.

A loud crack sounded as Xue Lian’s defence was unable to withstand the power of this blow and broke, allowing the black stick to slam down at him unabated.

Xue Lian’s complexion finally changed as he once again displayed his Flood Dragon Transformation to cover his arms in blood-red scales and throw out a fierce punch to meet this stick. This punch not only contained enormous physical power but also a strange aura.



Blood-coloured and black light collided to create a dazzling explosive halo. Xue Lian’s figure was directly smashed into the ground while Xiao Xiao was also sent flying, landing with a thud some distance away. Quickly shaking his head though, Xiao Xiao stood up, as if nothing had happened.

A sharp bird cry rang out at that moment as a strange giant flaming bird manifested high up above.

Flapping its wings, the Firebird Artifact Spirit opened its beak and sprayed out a barrage of burning hot fireb.a.l.l.s towards Xue Lian’s position.

Xue Lian’s roar instantly sounded along with the echoes of exploding fireb.a.l.l.s!

Yang Kai’s figure appeared like a ghost at this time and dove straight down from the sky. The Verdant Dragon Bone Sword was already in his hand and a giant dark green dragon appeared as he poured his Saint Qi into it, opened its gaping maw, and rushed towards Xue Lian, as if it wanted to swallow him whole!

Yang Kai had used almost all his cards at this moment, not showing any intention of holding back.

His opponent’s strength was unfathomable and Yang Kai would naturally not regard him as a common Origin Returning Realm master.

The giant dark green dragon ferociously hit the ground, sending out a ma.s.sive shockwave. Yang Kai then ejected hundreds of Golden Blood Threads to madly slice through the surrounding s.p.a.ce.

“Boy, you court death!” Xue Lian roared furiously. He never expected he would suffer such a big loss at Yang Kai’s hands just after seeing the sun again after thousands of years.

He thought Yang Kai was no different from Mi Tian or Lie Feng, who he had easily killed just now. He had severely underestimated Yang Kai’s abilities.

Releasing his Domain, Xue Lian stopped all the fireb.a.l.l.s dropping towards him ten metres outside his body, causing all of them to burst. At the same time, he punched away the giant dark green dragon, sending it flying. As for Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Threads, they didn’t have much effect, leaving only shallow scars on the surface of Xue Lian’s body.

After being taken over, Xue Lian’s strength had ma.s.sively increased.

Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and stretched out his hand, summoning his Purple s.h.i.+eld to defend his body.

The next moment, a blood-red giant fist bombarded the s.h.i.+eld.


After following Yang Kai for many years, the Origin Grade High-Rank defensive artifact that had been repaired and refined several times by Yang Yan was completely shattered.

The destruction of the Purple s.h.i.+eld slowed the destructive power of Xue Lian’s punch, allowing Yang Kai a chance to intercept it with one of his own.

When the two fists collided, Yang Kai only felt an incredible impact he was unable to resist. As hot liquid filled his throat, Yang Kai was sent flying a few thousand metres before managing to stabilize his figure.

After standing firm, Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood before staring forward fixedly.

In the direction he stared, with the dust clearing, Yang Kai saw a dishevelled Xue Lian glaring back at him with a hideous and terrifying expression.

He seemed to have become truly enraged.

Yang Kai grinned widely as his nerves settled.

Just now, although he seemed to be going all out, Yang Kai was actually making a careful but forceful probe.

Now that he obtained the desired result, he was naturally happy.

Xue Lian wasn’t invincible!

He was wary of the Heaven Shaking Pillar held by Xiao Xiao, Yang Kai’s Golden Blood Threads, the Verdant Dragon Bone Sword, and the Firebird Artifact Spirit!

All of Yang Kai’s means could cause him harm!

This was enough. Yang Kai had been worried that no matter how hard he tried, Xue Lian would remain unharmed. If that was really the case, he would have immediately fled. If he couldn’t break his opponent’s defences, what point would there be in fighting?

As Yang Kai’s mind turned sharply, Xue Lian’s furious expression abated significantly, as if he became aware of something and a look of dread flashed across his eyes.

He finally understood the situation he was in clearly. Yang Kai was very different from Lie Feng and Mi Tian and not an existence he could kill at will.

This little brat was oddly strong!

Sweeping his eyes solemnly over the Firebird, Stone Puppet, and giant dark green dragon, Xue Lian suddenly shouted, “Boy, you are truly impressive! Since you cultivate s.p.a.ce Force, this King is not confident he can kill you! En, how about we make a deal? Leave behind this King’s Origin Essence Crystal and we can shake hands and make peace, from now on not interfering with one another!”

“You want that Origin Essence Crystal?” Yang Kai grinned.

“Yes, that is this King’s core, this King naturally cannot give it away.”

“In your dreams!” Yang Kai laughed, “The Origin Essence Crystal is mine now, there’s no way I will return it. If you want it, come get it yourself.”

“Boy, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! This King appreciates your talent and does not want to bully the weak, don’t make the mistake of embarra.s.sing yourself here.”

“Really? Why does it sound more like Senior is lacking in confidence? Don’t you want my Golden Divine Dragon Source? If you kill me, everything is yours, why bother wasting so much breath here?”

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