Martial Peak Chapter 1483 - What’s wrong with her?

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Chapter 1483, What’s wrong with her?

“Yes.” Huang Juan responded, taking the Origin Condensing Pill from Yang Kai’s hand and carefully storing it while trying to control the surging emotions she felt in her heart.

Two months ago, she had been rus.h.i.+ng about, struggling just to make enough to maintain her livelihood yet unable to even afford a Hundred Spirits Pill; but now, not only was she living in the beautiful cultivation paradise known as High Heaven Sect, but she also didn’t need to worry about cultivation resources and even had access to supreme treasures like the Ten Thousand Year Incense and Nine Branch Jade Crystal Tree which could a.s.sist her in breaking through to the next realm.

The difference between the two positions was as wide as the gap between Heaven and Earth. Huang Juan still could not believe that this was now her everyday life, and the grat.i.tude she felt towards Yang Kai grew even stronger. After all, if Yang Kai hadn’t brought her back, her and Lin Yun’er’s future was something she didn’t even want to imagine.

“Did Sect Master summon this subordinate for some specific reason today?” Huang Juan looked at Yang Kai respectfully.

Yang Kai smiled slightly but did not answer, instead turning to glance at Ye Xi Yun.

Since Huang Juan brought Lin Yun’er here, Ye Xi Yun had been observing this little girl, her powerful Divine Sense silently sweeping over Lin Yun’er’s body while seemingly aware of something, her beautiful eyes bursting with both astonishment and surprise.

“Has Great Elder noticed it?” After waiting for a while, Yang Kai asked.

Ye Xi Yun gently nodded before turning to Lin Yun’er and beckoning, “Little girl, come over.”

Strangely enough, although Ye Xi Yun had a serious and meticulous look upon her face, Lin Yun’er wasn’t afraid of her at all, and upon hearing her summon, Lin Yun’er only hesitated for a moment before walking over to Ye Xi Yun and standing tall.

“Don’t be afraid,” Ye Xi Yun flashed a beautiful smile before stretching out her jade white hand to hold Lin Yun’er’s wrist and gently sending her Saint Qi into the little girl’s body to inspect her more carefully.

As time pa.s.sed, the expression on Ye Xi Yun’s face became even more shocked.

After a long time, she took a deep breath, let go of Lin Yun’er, and revealed a look of pure amazement.

By now, Huang Juan was completely on edge as she stood nearby, watching Ye Xi Yun nervously while wondering if she had found something wrong. Since Yang Kai had told her about Lin Yun’er’s strange condition that day, Huang Juan had also paid more attention and found that, just as Yang Kai said, Lin Yun’er’s tiny body actually contained a brute strength which should have been impossible for her age and size.

What’s more, this was pure physical strength.

Huang Juan was worried Lin Yun’er had some kind of strange disease! After coming to High Heaven Sect, she had asked a few of the Elders, but none could give her a clear explanation, so seeing Ye Xi Yun now wear such a thoughtful expression, Huang Juan immediately pinned her hopes on her.

After all, it was rumoured that this Great Elder was once the Sect Master of Star Emperor Mountain, so there was no question that she was incredibly knowledgeable. However, it was a mystery why such a woman had suddenly left Star Emperor Mountain to live a life of seclusion or why she had suddenly decided to join High Heaven Sect.

“Great Elder, Yun’er, is she…” Seeing Ye Xi Yun remain silent, Huang Juan became even more nervous.

“Don’t worry,” Ye Xi Yun comforted her and said lightly, “This little girl is perfectly fine, but her physique seems to be a little strange.”

“A Special Const.i.tution?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up.

“En, there isn’t any other logical explanation for why the vital essence in her body is so strong; however, I don’t know what kind of Special Const.i.tution she possesses. I’ll have to consult some ancient books first,” Ye Xi Yun frowned slightly.

Yang Kai gently nodded as Ye Xi Yun’s opinion coincided with his own judgment.

He had also guessed that Lin Yun’er possessed a Special Const.i.tution. Although Special Const.i.tutions were rare and hard to come across, it did not mean they did not exist in this world.

Yang Kai had met several Special Const.i.tution possessors. The Sacred Spirit Medicine Body of Little Senior Sister Xia Ning Chang, the Poison Widow Body of Beguiling Demon Queen Shan Qing Luo, and the Dragon Marrow Phoenix Body of Xue Yue all belonged to the category of Special Const.i.tutions.

Special Const.i.tutions were an innate gift and granted their possessor all kinds of incredible effects.

For example, Xia Ning Chang’s Sacred Spirit Medicine Body allowed her unmatched apt.i.tude and ability in Alchemy. To her, Alchemy was basically an instinct that did not require others to teach her about. On top of that, she could use Alchemy to enhance her cultivation.

As for what kind of physique Lin Yun’er possessed, that was unknown for the moment, but seeing how it seemed to grant her immense physical strength, it should be one related to battle.

Yang Kai could not help looking at her as if she was a giant piece of uncut jade!

The little girl was so young and her body was so thin, yet she already possessed such incredible force, so if she were to fully mature, it was likely even the strongest from the Monster Race would be nothing compared to her in a contest of strength.

“Great Elder, if you have nothing else to attend to in the meantime, why not accept the little girl as a disciple? Not only will you have a way to relieve your loneliness, but there will also be someone to give you filial piety in the future, killing two birds with one stone,” Yang Kai suddenly said with a smile.

Ye Xi Yun glanced over at him and said faintly, “So this is what Sect Master had been planning all along by introducing this little girl to me.”

Yang Kai grinned meaningfully and openly admitted, “Great Elder is also aware of the Sect’s current situation. Other than you, no one else has the qualifications to teach her. This little girl possesses a Special Const.i.tution, so if others were to instruct her they would only delay or impede her progress. Only Great Elder would have the necessary skill to avoid such a mishap.”

Hearing what Yang Kai said, Huang Juan’s eyes lit up and she immediately began pleading as well.

Although she could not bear the thought of separating from Lin Yun’er, she was also aware of her limits. Lin Yun’er cultivating under her guidance would naturally result in vastly inferior results compared to the little girl studying under Ye Xi Yun. Considering Lin Yun’er’s future, Huang Juan felt she could tolerate a short separation.

What’s more, the Great Elder lived in High Heaven Sect, so she and Lin Yun’er would still have many opportunities to meet in the future.

Huang Juan and Yang Kai singing the same tune caused Ye Xi Yun to smile bitterly, rubbing her forehead gently as she said, “If I were to flatly refuse, wouldn’t that be too unreasonable?”

“Subordinate would not dare think so, if Great Elder has difficulties then Subordinate will naturally withdraw her request,” Huang Juan said hurriedly.

“Ha…” Ye Xi Yun sighed, “It’s not that this Queen doesn’t want to accept her as a disciple, it’s just that before I figure out exactly what this little girl’s Special Const.i.tution is, even I would not feel confident formally instructing her; however, just providing a little guidance shouldn’t be an issue.”

Huang Juan was immediately overjoyed.

“But everything will depend on her own will,” Ye Xi Yun smiled slightly before turning to Lin Yun’er and asking her gently, “Yun’er, are you willing to cultivate under this Queen’s direction?”

“Yes,” Unexpectedly, Lin Yun’er replied crisply without even a moment of hesitation.

Ye Xi Yun was slightly startled by this and could not help asking curiously, “Why?”

“Because you should be very fierce.” Lin Yun’er tilted her head and replied.

Yang Kai and the others could not help but laugh. Although this little girl was ignorant of worldly affairs, she possessed her own intuition and was able to instinctively understand who here had the highest cultivation.

Ye Xi Yun put on a dignified expression and quickly said, “It will be very hard to follow this Queen. If you don’t cultivate well, this Queen may hit and scold you, do you understand?”

“Yun’er will cultivate well so she won’t need beating or scolding.”

“Good.” Ye Xi Yun nodded with satisfaction, “Then from today, you will stay here on Hundred Flowers Peak.”

Seeing Ye Xi Yun accept, Huang Juan’s eyes filled with excitement and she offered her sincere thanks.

Ye Xi Yun simply waved her hand and said, “I’m simply going to give her a little advice regarding her cultivation, not formally accepting her as a disciple. Please remember this.”

“Subordinate will remember, Yun’er being able to receive Great Elder’s advice is already a great blessing, it doesn’t matter whether she has the status of a disciple or not.”

“En, as long as you can have such a mentality. Also, you need not move to Hundred Flowers Peak, I will let Yun’er come visit you,” Ye Xi Yun exhorted before immediately turning to Yang Kai, “Sect Master, please return if there’s nothing else.”

[Another eviction order…]

Yang Kai’s expression became a bit depressed as he scratched his nose and stood up. Not wanting to disturb Huang Juan who was giving Lin Yun’er a tearful reminder of things she needed to pay attention to, he left on his own.

Five days later, outside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, inside the palace housing High Heaven Sect’s s.p.a.ce Array, a light flashed and Yang Kai appeared. Without saying anything to the disciples on guard duty, Yang Kai simply summoned his Star Shuttle and flew off towards the horizon.

Now that matters in High Heaven Sect had been settled, and Yang Kai had no worries inside or outside the Sect, he needed to prepare for his impending long-distance voyage.

Twenty to thirty years had pa.s.sed since he entered the Star Field and just thinking about everyone back on Tong Xuan Realm was enough to stimulate his worries and desires. Now that he had an Origin King Grade Stars.h.i.+p in High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai felt that it was time for a trip back home.

Of course, he also wanted to look for Su Yan and Shan Qing Luo if possible.

Many people were out there waiting for him, so he could not just remain on Shadowed Star forever.

But before setting off, he needed to procure some cultivation resources; after all, this voyage would not be a matter of just one or two years. High Heaven Sect did not have any contact with the outside world and was not self-sufficient in terms of various cultivation resources, so before leaving, Yang Kai wanted to make sure the Sect disciples and Elders had plenty of reserves on hand.

Saint Crystals were the least of his worries as there was a ma.s.sive Saint Crystal lode in the second layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field that would be enough to supply the Sect’s needs for thousands of years; however, there was a noticeable lack of pills available.

Although Yang Kai was an Alchemist, he could not refine so many pills in short order, so his only recourse was to purchase some and stockpile them.

Based on this consideration, Yang Kai did not choose to use s.p.a.ce Arrays to hurry along and instead used his Star Shuttle to fly from city to city, purchasing various pills and herbs as he went.

The direction he chose to head was towards Shadow Moon Hall!

For this long-distance voyage, Yang Kai certainly wanted to invite Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu. The two of them had made their desire to set sail with him known long ago, Yang Kai hadn’t picked a departure date until recently, so he had not been able to give them a positive answer.

Now that even Clear Sky Sect had obtained a travel quota, Yang Kai would certainly not forget Shadow Moon Hall; after all, Qian Tong had taken care of him in many ways since arriving on Shadowed Star and his friends.h.i.+p with Fei Zhi Tu was also not shallow.

If Yang Kai were to just leave without informing them, that would be too unreasonable.

At the same time, on a vast plain in Shadowed Star’s east, a ma.s.sive city stood that stretched thousands of kilometres in every direction. At the centre of this city, there were many beautiful, enormous palaces arranged close together.

This was the headquarters of Heaven Battling Union, Heaven Battling City.

Inside one palace at the centre of the city, two people were discussing important matters, one of them was an old man with a youthful complexion while the other was a burly middle-aged man.

If Yang Kai were here, he would recognize the old man as Heaven Battling Union’s Great Elder Mo Xiao Sheng, a fellow cultivator of the Dao of s.p.a.ce.

At this moment though, this prestigious Great Elder was respectfully addressing the middle-aged man.

The ident.i.ty of this man was easy to discern just from this, Heaven Battling Union’s Union Master, Qu Zheng!

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