Rebirth Of The Tyrant: Regent Prince Is Too Fierce Chapter 259 - Invitation (2)

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Chapter 259: Invitation (2)       "Humph! This little amount of wine isn't even enough for one sip!" "Stop talking big." Gong Yimo rolled her eyes. "I have personally improved the wine; I promise you that you won't be able to get up and go to court tomorrow morning." Gong Yimo sat down on of the chairs near the table. Shen s.h.i.+ye still remembered that this girl was a gluttonous person so he left the study and instructed one of his subordinates to get some food to accompany the wine before entering the room again. He was now much more considerate and dependable compared to before. Surely, his character had improved. Shen s.h.i.+ye finally sat down and the two of them began chatting. Gong Yimo didn't restrain herself as she looked around the room and said, "I've wanted to ask you this since last time, why aren't you getting married? You're not young anymore, even the Crown Prince is getting married!" Everyone was worried about this matter in Prince Ping's residence. Shen s.h.i.+ye was almost twenty years old. Every time his paternal grandmother saw him, she would talk about this matter and would would always end up crying at the end of their discussions. It was annoying. He raised the wine pouch and drank directly from it. As a result, he nearly spat out all the wine in his mouth. This was the familiar tribute wine from the Yuli tribe, but why was the taste so spicy? Just mouthful of this had caused his cheeks to flush red and his big eyes to water. Gong Yimo proudly laughed and took a small sip of the wine. She squinted her eyes and said, "How is it? I have brought the best wine for you to fulfill my promise, but it seemed like you won't be able to bear it." "What did you say?!" Shen s.h.i.+ye endured the urge to stick out his tongue at her by glaring at her. His beautiful eyes could suck someone's soul away. Gong Yimo took another sip of the strong wine. Drinking like this, it seemed to be able to dispel the unhappiness in her heart. Shen s.h.i.+ye took a few breaths before he saw Gong Yimo sullenly drink the wine. Although she was smiling, he was able to tell that she was unhappy. He said, "You're criticizing me, but what about you? You're almost fourteen. There's no girl in the capital that isn't engaged yet at the age of fourteen. Are you waiting to turn into an old lady?" Gong Yimo impatiently waved her hand. "Then I'll just become an old lady. Besides, if I marry someone, then there won't be anyone willing to accompany you to drink wine. Are you sure you want me to marry?" Shen s.h.i.+ye raised one of his eyebrows. In an extremely neutral tone, he said, "…what's the harm? Why don't you marry me?" The moment he finished speaking, Gong Yimo's beautiful eyes immediately looked at him, as if trying to find out whether he was joking or being serious. Shen s.h.i.+ye didn't dare to look at her. He shook the wine bag in his hand and said, "I can't promise you anything else, but I can let you drink as much as the tribute wine from the Yuli tribe as you want!" Gong Yimo immediately laughed and patted his shoulder. She said, "Just based on your words, I will definitely consider you when I want to marry someone in the future." She was originally just joking around, but Shen s.h.i.+ye's ears turned red. Shen s.h.i.+ye had always been fearless, but right now, he didn't dare to ponder whether she was speaking the truth. After drinking and eating, Gong Yimo was finally full. Shen s.h.i.+ye's eyes were slightly red, it was obvious that he was a little drunk. "You can't freely move around the capital now, what are you going to do in the future?" Seeing that Shen s.h.i.+ye was concerned about her, Gong Yimo waved her hand. "Even if this place doesn't want me, there will be a place that will. There's no need for your concern."   Want to read ahead? Join Kitty Jiu's Patreon for only $5 to read 97 advanced chapters below

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