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Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

Little Flame Belle had grown up after eating Soul Seed Pieces. There was no limit to the flames she could spit from her body.

Whenever she puffed up her cheeks, the little Flame Belle would spit out flames like a huge red carpet...

Little Flame Belle kept on spitting out flames, covering everything within two hundred meters around Mo Fan. These were flames that could last for a long period of time. The flames were tiny at the start, like weeds that had just sprouted. However, their strength was their ability to last, allowing them to grow stronger as they burned!

The flames spread into the surrounding area, forming fiery gra.s.s carpets everywhere. It totally resembled some fire rituals when seen from the sky, showcasing little Flame Belle's artistic talent, which she had developed after watching anime since she was very young!

The flames covered a wide area, with lots of fire sprouts. It would take some time for them to grow into fire saplings. However, the zombies would not simply wait until Mo Fan was done constructing his fire walls. They sprinted across the fiery carpets that were still unable to pose any threat to them toward Mo Fan.

One mutated zombie in particular was excessively quick, leaving a trail of wind behind. It leapt into the air when it was still ten meters away from Mo Fan, extending its sharp claws at him.

Mo Fan's arms were covered in lightning. When he caught a glimpse of the agile zombie, he immediately pushed his hands forward, directing the Lightning Strikes to attack the creature lunging at him.

The agile zombie was struck by lightning in midair. The living ropes of electricity scorched the creature, leaving it twitching on the ground at Mo Fan's feet...

Regardless of how agile the zombie was, it was completely useless after its limbs were paralyzed. Mo Fan kicked the creature away, and it fell onto one of the fiery carpets nearby. The weak flames slowly crawled over the creature's body...

The fire sprouts made contact with a burnable substance, allowing the fire to grow stronger after devouring the zombie's body. Just a second ago, the fire sprouts were only the height of weeds, but now, they had instantly grown to half a meter!

The Little Loach Pendant quickly collected the zombie's Soul Remnant. Its continuous buzz was like an electric stick, pleading and asking Mo Fan to kill more creatures!

Mo Fan scanned his surroundings and immediately discovered two zombies making their way toward him across the fiery carpets around a hundred meters away. They completely disregarded the fact that their feet that had caught on fire, showing no intentions of looping around the flames...

Straightforward creatures like these zombies were Mo Fan's favorites. If they were any other species of demon creatures that lived in packs, even the slow Giant Lizards, they would never try to cross the fire carpets, as the pain from the burns would simply drive them away. However, the undead were different, they had no sense of pain. Their movements were like machines, allowing Mo Fan to use a perfect plan to deal with them.

"Fire Burst!"

After Mo Fan waved his right hand, a streak of flame landed accurately on the fiery carpet, drawing a hundred meter arc in the sky!

In the following second, the fire erupted into a bigger fire with a diameter of almost two meters. The two zombies, who happened to be standing relatively close to one another, were blasted into pieces. Their flaming body parts scattered across the fire carpet...

The fire sprouts suddenly rose a meter high, like plants that had just absorbed nutrients. Even though it was still some distance away from achieving the fire walls he planned, with another Fire Burst and zombies as the fuel, the walls would soon be built up.

Little Flame Belle flew around Mo Fan like a little fairy, spreading more carpets of hungry fires across the place.

Mo Fan continued to cast Fire Burst from his palms and throw them at the places covered by the fire carpets...

The fire sprouts continued to grow into fire walls almost two meters tall around fifty meters away from Mo Fan. The walls also had the ability to spread further, helping the carpets nearby to grow stronger, too. It was safe to say that Mo Fan had managed to construct an effective defensive line of fire around himself...

"Burn, keep on burning!" Mo Fan asked the little Flame Belle to produce more flames while he kept on throwing Fire Burst onto the fiery carpets.

The Fire Burst helped the flames to grow by blasting the zombies charging toward them into pieces, providing fuel for the fire sprouts...

The fire sprouts grew into shoots and gradually became fire trees. Under all the effort that the father Mo Fan and daughter Flame Belle put in, a wall of flames was finally constructed around them. As a matter of fact, the flames were more like rows of trees setting up defensive perimeters around them. The zombies were rapidly set aflame when they sprinted into the fire brainlessly.

Although there existed zombies that were quicker or had skin that was not flammable, they still turned into fiery figures when trying to cross the layers of defense.

The flames were deadly for the zombies, yet Mo Fan was not even afraid of the fire due to his outstanding Fire Resistance. On top of that, with the little Flame Belle beside him, Mo Fan could simply weave through the flames freely. On the other hand, unless the zombies had enough numbers to simply trample the flames and extinguish them, they would simply be burned to death in the forest of flames.

Mo Fan had no intention of fighting the zombies head-on. He continued to weave through the flames while building the fire walls, erecting barriers to guarantee his safety.

If the number of zombies suddenly became overwhelming, Mo Fan would not mind sending a Fiery Fist: Nine Halls across the place. The surging fiery pillars would detonate the heat acc.u.mulating in the forest of flames, which not only would eliminate the zombies that had stacked up over a period of time, it would also help the flames to grow stronger...

The Corpse Generals had already made their way to the fire walls. It was somehow impossible for the flames alone to destroy their flesh, but the burning effect of the flames was continuous. The st.u.r.dy flesh of the Corpse Generals could easily endure the damage dealt by the flames, but when Mo Fan started blasting them with Intermediate Spells, inflicting severe damage, the burning effect would drain their life force at a much quicker rate!

Little Flame Belle never stopped spitting out plant-like fire sprouts that were able to grow at a shocking rate. The zombies entering the flames were simply like logs fed into the flames as fuel. When the fire fully evolved into a dense forest of flames, green Soul Remnants were continuously floating toward Mo Fan from all directions, without him casting a single Spell.

In the beginning, the green light dots flying toward Mo Fan were like fireflies, yet as the fire grew stronger and the number of zombies increased, the light dots became denser, and at times, would simply form a line of glowing dots in the air...

The Little Loach Pendant crazily absorbed the Soul Remnants and refined them into Soul Essences. Mo Fan initially thought it would take him a while to refine ten Soul Essences, yet at the rate he was collecting the Soul Remnants, it was possible that he could finish his Stars tonight!

"Luckily little Flame Belle is able to produce fire sprouts of the Calamity Fire! Otherwise, I wouldn't even last a few minutes against so many zombies… the fire is now as strong as a group of Fire Magicians casting Fire Bursts continuously. I should eliminate the Poison Tumor Corpse Generals as soon as possible!" Mo Fan was currently standing in the middle of a sea of flames.

He was well aware that the flames were only effective against the brainless zombies. His real enemies were the three Poison Tumor Corpse Generals, still observing the situation from outside the fire!

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