Doomsday Wonderland 523 The Villain Dies Because It's Too Talkative

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After preparing herself to fight a powerful enemy, all tensed up, Lin Sanjiu started to feel a little foolish. Her gaze s.h.i.+fted between the dimwit and the old duoluozhong a few times. Finally, she straightened her posture and exchanged a look with the grand prize. They were at a loss.

"Deun... What sort is he?" Ji Shanqing asked cautiously while he peeked from behind Lin Sanjiu.

"There are trashy people, naturally there are trashy G.o.ds. It's the name that the other G.o.ds gave him," the old duoluozhong's voice came from the entrance. It tossed a glance at the dimwit and suddenly hissed, "Why did you reveal yourself so early? We almost gained their trust."

It changed.

Even though the duoluozhong still looked like a greenish-black skin sack, the image he sculpted (that of an old man single-handedly raising up a large child) had completely fallen apart. Right now, it was observing them from the shadow with one of its insect-like eyes sticking out from its layers of skin.

"I don't care," the dimwit— no, he should be called Deun—said with pursed lips, "Anyway, I am the only True G.o.d. Humans should know my ident.i.ty. Since you're the warrior of True G.o.d, obey me. Get them."

"Why don't you do it?" the old duoluozhong leaped up. Its skin shook. It scrunched its face like a wrung towel turning its face into a tubular shape again. Putrid gas spewed from the black hole at the end of the tubular face, "You're a G.o.d. Why don't you create a miracle?!"

Deun was not offended by its disrespectful words, instead, he repeated himself firmly, "You are a warrior of a G.o.d! Your G.o.d commands you! Don't kill them first. Just capture them. They gave me many delicious offerings. You've never given me things like that."

"Are you a f.u.c.king idiot?" the old duoluozhong wanted to rant on the spot. Rather than attacking Lin Sanjiu, it looked more like it wanted to fight Deun, "If I can win, do you think I'd bring this woman back here? Catch them? Between her and I, who do you think will get captured?!"

Deun rolled his eyes. Even if both his eyes were nearly touching, his scleras were still larger than his pupils, "This is a decree!"

Those words seemed to strike the old duoluozhong's weakness. He tossed a dour glance at Deun and plodded toward Lin Sanjiu.

Lin Sanjiu looked at it with her arms folded. To her, killing that old duoluozhong was as simple as squis.h.i.+ng a bug. She just needed a brick, so she even kept her [Tornado Whip] tucked away.

Accompanied by a fetid stench, the old duoluozhong stopped a few steps away from the two people.

"As you can see, I don't wish to be your enemy. I don't want to lie to you either. But, he's forcing me to do this," the duoluozhong hissed at both of them.

"So, you have to obey his command?" Lin Sanjiu laughed, "Why don't you escape?"

"You don't understand," the old duoluozhong was a little irritated but he immediately tried to smile at Lin Sanjiu. His blackish-green, wrinkly face contorted into a creepy form, "The duoluozhongs in the world need to serve a G.o.d to survive. No matter which G.o.d we choose, we need to rely on a G.o.d or we'll die quickly."

Ji Shanqing scoffed cynically.

"It's true. Duoluozhongs from different worlds have their own way of life. You should know this well," the duoluozhong squinted its pair of insect-like eyes as if to express his amiability. "Using a bad a.n.a.logy, duoluozhongs are like G.o.d's employees. If we don't rely on a G.o.d, we'll be unemployed, and we will die from hunger. However, a G.o.d's life is totally unaffected even without us."

"Since you know this, why don't you act quickly?" once the duoluozhong finished its sentence, Deun immediately yelled at it.

All of them ignored him.

"So, what do you want?" Lin Sanjiu asked slowly.

"I can't defeat you, and I don't want to fight," the old duoluozhong exhaled with a hissing sound, a malodorous smell pervaded the air. "Why don't you negotiate with Deun to work for a few days for him before leaving?"

Lin Sanjiu wanted to laugh.

"A few days isn't enough," Deun contemplated for a moment. "You need to carve at least one hundred idols. You will also have to wors.h.i.+p me with food. We will discuss the matter about sparing your lives after you run out of food," he added solemnly.

"G.o.ddammit! Can you shut up?" the old duoluozhong puckered its mouth furiously. All his skin started wobbling, "If you want to kill them, kill them yourself!"

Lin Sanjiu's mouth twitched. She did not have the patience to deal with them anymore. She threw an irksome glance the old duoluozhong.

She wondered what she should do with it when Deun suddenly grumbled, "I'll do it."

The grand prize cried out. Lin Sanjiu turned and found that Deun was already in front of her even before she noticed. He held a piece of hard bread high up and swatted at them.

Momentarily, Lin Sanjiu's temper flared. Unafraid, she pulled the grand prize aside. She raised her hand and tried to draw out her [Tornado Whip]. Unexpectedly, nothing appeared in her hand.

On top of that, she even staggered for a bit. It was as if her muscles suddenly stiffened. A thought flashed in her head and Lin Sanjiu's expression changed. She glared at the old duoluozhong.

"Hehe," it chuckled. It exhaled another breath of rancid air from its tubular face.

"I lied," it said with a viscid voice, "My ability isn't enhanced speed."

"Look out!"

Lin Sanjiu heard her grand prize and immediately threw herself to one side. Her body suddenly felt more sluggish. When she staggered and fell to the ground, she suddenly understood what had happened.

The old duoluozhong had planned everything systematically from the moment he ran from them. Each time he spoke, he rambled on, mixing lies and facts. Other than gaining some temporary trust from them, his main aim was probably to distract them from noticing the gas he released when he was speaking.

"Sigh, I need to exhale a lot of it before I can nullify all your evolved abilities, including your body enhancements," the old duoluozhong laughed with a hissing sound. It stepped to one side. Deun's shadow loomed over the two people on the ground. "After play-acting with you for quite some time, I already figured out your ability. You can convert objects into cards, right?"

It pointed at Lin Sanjiu. Its dangling skin shook.

"Furthermore, you've acquired the habit of converting your Special Items into your cards after using them," it relaxed his facial skin and stretched its mouth and started laughing, "Both of you can't do anything. Even if this G.o.d is useless, he isn't someone you can deal with."

"Have you said enough?" Deun was getting a little impatient.

"Why do you stand there doing nothing when I'm talking? You should attack them, quick!" It was quite apparent that the old duoluozhong and Deun did not like each other.

"Don't worry," Deun wasn't angry. He turned around and spoke to them, "I won't kill both of you for the time being. After all, you still have to carve idols of me and present your offerings of food to me. However, both of you would eventually have to become duoluozhong, so I'll need to kill you. The reason why you can't become duoluozhongs immediately…"

While he spoke, Lin Sanjiu exchanged glances with Ji Shanqing. They decided to sit down crossed-legged on the ground almost comically.

The old duoluozhong narrowed his eyes, noticing something amiss, it interrupted Deun, "Enough of your nonsense! Get them! Quick!"

The grand prize murmured something.

"Huh?" Deun sniffled.

Seeing that Ji Shanqing didn't reply, he didn't continue asking. He took a step back as if to gather momentum and charged at them. Deun's body flew into the air the very next second. As if caught by an invisible force, Deun was suddenly flung into the distance. His body successively smashed through several houses. Lin Sanjiu dusted herself and stood up.

"You're quite crafty," Lin Sanjiu praised the old duoluozhong. "If you met anyone else, you could have succeeded."

The old duoluozhong opened its mouth speechlessly. He even forgot to emit his gas.

Lin Sanjiu smiled at him.

"I have a choker but it can't be converted into a card," she said to the duoluozhong sympathetically.

That was the last sentence the old duoluozhong heard. Lin Sanjiu eyed him. It opened its mouth slightly. Then, darkness enveloped the old duoluozhong.

When it exploded into a million pieces mid-air, Deun who was sitting in a pile of rubble let out a long shriek, "That was my only warrior!"

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