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"So, this really is the Garden of Eden!" Lin Sanjiu uttered as every inch of her body trembled while she looked at her surroundings.

Due to the overwhelming shock, she looked around with a lifeless glaze in her eyes. She was in a daze. Unknowingly, a gigantic object approached her from behind, casting an enormous shadow over her. Sensing the peculiar presence, she turned behind and couldn't help cursed softly.

"What the h.e.l.l?"

Just half an hour ago, Lin Sanjiu was still sitting in the capsule, helplessly drifting along. She was right about the tree roots converging. As the flow speed of the fluid within the roots sped up, the ripples within grew stronger and she saw batches after batches of black figures being transported to the 'river' were in. Not long after, her capsule was surrounded by a variety of corpses. Waves after waves of fluid, carrying various dead corpses, hit her capsule, causing it to spin uncontrollably. For a moment, Lin Sanjiu felt dizzy. She couldn't see anything clearly. She could only feel the flow of the fluid accelerating downward.

As objects rammed violently against her capsules, due to the strong waves, some components in her capsules were loosened. As the capsule spun and whirled 360 degrees, the components fell off and were tossed within the capsule, hitting the walls noisily and almost disfiguring Lin Sanjiu a couple of times.

Considering the hectic situation, Lin Sanjiu didn't have time to protect herself. Lin Sanjiu only realized that her capsule was under attack after a minute had pa.s.sed. As the capsule was designed to imprison female posthumans, it was impossible to open the capsule from inside. On the contrary, damaging it from the outside wasn't that difficult. When the alarm bells in head started ringing, an indistinct silhouette of a man broke through the fluid and slammed the door of the capsule violently again. The hinge of the door started vibrating.

Shocked, Lin Sanjiu attempted to pull the door back, but there was nothing to provide support in the capsule. Just as she spat out a stream of expletives, she saw the black figure das.h.i.+ng toward her again. This time, he managed to grab the door handle and started shaking the door vigorously.

This time, she managed to get a better view. The person outside was a well-built man and his clothes were in tatters. There were wounds all over his pale skin. Only the mask on his face was undamaged. A pair of long thin eyes stared at Lin Sanjiu through the mask.

[This person wants to come in!]

Lin Sanjiu finally understood. Everything caught by this strange tree roots could only survive using their physical advantages, their abilities or their special items. Nonetheless, no matter what methods they use, they were still tortured badly by the corrosive slime and the thin roots. Most of the people were simply unable to survive this, and have long become the many wreaked corpse around her. 

Under such circ.u.mstances, anyone would covet a small boat-like capsule which could fully protect its pa.s.senger. The man outside must have reached his limits. He could see that there was no way Lin Sanjiu could hold back the door. Thus, he kicked and trampled the door with all his might as if he had decided to take her down with him even he couldn't get in.

After several attacks, the capsule vibrated so violently that Lin Sanjiu felt that her capsule would fall apart at any moment. Her anger flared and she quickly drew her saber, planning to stab the man once the door open. When the man suddenly noticed the saber pointing toward the door, he stopped. He looked at the saber and then at the door.

"You b.a.s.t.a.r.d! If you enter, I'm going to thrust this saber into your body!" Even though she knew that the man couldn't hear her from outside, Lin Sanjiu yelled out. "Know your place and scram!"

At that moment, the fluid within the roots grew more turbulent. Even though he was holding on to the door handle, the man was staggering from blows from the objects that hit him. It was nearly impossible for him to dodge her saber considering that he couldn't even steady himself.

In the end, the man gave up after staring at Lin Sanjiu with his long bloodshot eyes for a while. He released his hands from the handle and swam away with difficulty. Lin Sanjiu gripped her saber tightly. She didn't dare to let down her guard. She let out a sigh of relief only after he vanished from her line of sight.

Before she could catch her breath, a heavy force suddenly struck the back of her capsule. She stumbled forward along with the capsule. Unprepared, her head struck the wall of the capsule. If she didn't convert her saber back into a card in time, she would have been stabbed.

Before she could stabilize herself, someone kicked her capsule forcefully from behind once more. That pair of long narrow eyes, which had somehow gotten behind Lin Sanjiu's capsule, revealed the man's astonishment to find that Lin Sanjiu was still alive. He pulled back his leg and swam toward the capsule again.

Without even waiting for her body to stabilize, a forceful kick came again from the same direction—— The pair of long thin eyes, which moved to the back unknowingly, seemed to be flabbergasted as to why Lin Sanjiu hadn't died yet. As soon as his legs withheld back their strength, he began to dig and swim towards the capsule.

"If you really want to die, I'll grant it!"

Lin Sanjiu felt a surge of murderous intent. Within a single thought, she kept the capsule, exposing her body to the slime outside. She felt waves of stinging pain from her skin. But before she could get her saber out, she saw the man swimming upward desperately. Lin Sanjiu was stunned. Suddenly, a tsunami-like wave washed over all.

For a second, she lost all her five sense. She felt a immense pressure and only saw darkness. Pain coursed through her body and she felt surges of acid in her nostrils. Through her fragmented sensations, she felt the strong currents pus.h.i.+ng her body for a long distance, before she finally hit a solid surface.

[Is this some creature's corpse?]

Once that thought struggled out from Lin Sanjiu's cluttered mind, she suddenly felt an emptiness behind her. The solid wall-like surface disappeared, and a length of thing root pushed her waist. She felt herself being pushed out. The rhizome's epidermis opened up.

By chance, this 'unnutritional' creature had been pushed close to its epidermis, the rhizome seemed more than happy to squeeze her out of its network of roots. The man caught in the middle of the chaotic flow was stupefied by the scene in front of him. Following which, he struggled crazily, using all his limbs to swim forward, but he couldn't even get close to the epidermis before it closed up.

Only layers of soil, a few thousand meters deep, await her outside.

"I'm really going to die this time..."

The rhizomes continued heading downward. They probably already reached the planetary core. Lin Sanjiu closed her eyes and waiting for the layers of rock and soil to crush her to death. Suddenly, her body became light and a sense of weightlessness embracing her.

With the sound of whoos.h.i.+ng air by her ears, her heart nearly shot out from her chest when she opened her eyes. She was falling down rapidly. Tears spilled from her eyes, as the wind whipped her body painfully. But at that point, nothing could compare to her immense fear that she would fall to her death. She drew out her saber in a panic and stabbed it into the thing beside her. It might be the wall of a precipice for all she knew, surprising, she managed to stab her saber into it, slowing her fall. Though she was still falling at a rapid speed, judging from her current speed, at least she wouldn't die from the fall. Lin Sanjiu clutched the hilt of her saber firmly with both hands. Sparks flew as she slid down the 'wall'. The blade of her saber quickly became blunt as her black ground below her grew closer and closer. She steeled her heart and let go of her saber before jumping down.

Lin Sanjiu landed heavily. She felt a sweetness in her throat and rolled hastily to dispel the impact from the fall. Fortunately, she fell on soft, slight pliable ground. She checked herself and found that she only had some abrasions and bruise. She didn't even fracture a single bone.

Escaping a narrow death, Lin Sanjiu took a few deep breaths before she calmed down.

"What's this? What's going on?"Her mind was an utter mess. "Wasn't the roots heading for the planetary core? How could I have fallen from a high place?"

Without the sparks from the saber, she found herself in pitch-black darkness. She couldn't see a thing. Lin Sanjiu had been to many dark places, but never was there a place darker than her current location. Most people should have such experiences— no matter how dark a place is, there would always be a ray of light; no matter how dim it is, after one's eyes adapted to the darkness, one should be able to see silhouettes at least. For posthumans, they can see even better.

Yet, she found herself in pure darkness. There wasn't even a single beam of light. If it weren't for the sparks from her saber, Lin Sanjiu would even believe that she had gone blind all of a sudden. It was as if someone had used bricks and cement to build a room without any windows or door.


Lin Sanjiu felt a little startled by her thoughts, she felt a drop of cold sweat sliding down her forehead. She had put together the fragmented clues subconsciously. The tree roots were on the shallow layers of the soil. The deeper the roots go, the thicker they got. After a few thousand meters deep, everything with the roots converged...

She should be at the core of the planet, yet she fell from a height. This place without any light was like a fortified room...

Compare to Nüwa, admittedly, Lin Sanjiu's intelligence was lacking. But when things were so clearly spelled out for her, she couldn't help shuddering as she had finally solved the mystery regarding the tree roots.

Lin Sanjiu quivered as she took out her [Ability Polis.h.i.+ng Agent]. The silver light lit up the s.p.a.ce around her immediately. However, the light seemed to waver in the darkness due to her trembling hand. Before she had the time to survey her surroundings, she hastily raised her [Ability Polis.h.i.+ng Agent] and looked upward.

There was nothing except a darkness which seemed capable of swallowing everything.

"Cling!" Her [Ability Polis.h.i.+ng Agent] fell and rolled on the ground, illuminating a small area.

"This is the planetary core…" Lin Sanjiu murmured, her words sounded illogical even to herself, "but, the center of this planet is hollow."

This planet was like a sphere without a center core. When she reached the center of the planet, it was just an empty s.p.a.ce. She naturally fell after being pushed out by the plant's fluids...

So that was why the roots were on the shallow layers of soil. This tree grew upside down. The tree roots stayed on the topmost layer, absorbing nutrients from whatever creature it can capture. Burrowing through the planet's crust, it delivers the nutrients to the tree crown which grows in the hollow core of the planet.

She concluded that she must have fallen out from that unseekable 'tree'. But when Lin Sanjiu looked around, she didn't see a single tree. There were certainly many tall plants around her, but they seemed to be some large species of herbaceous plants. She landed on top of these large plants just now. She picked up her [Ability Polis.h.i.+ng Agent] and squinted. At the edge of the illuminated area, she could make out the vague outlines of a few round shadows. From this distance, they were probably about the size of a truck.

"What the h.e.l.l is that?"

Even after looking at it for some time, the object did not move. "It probably isn't some sort creature so it shouldn't be that dangerous…" she muttered to herself before she approached the shadow carefully. As she got closer, the light from her [Ability Polis.h.i.+ng Agent] also illuminated the object.

It was an apple which was one and half times her height.

The unique outline for an apple was drawn by the reflection of the light off it surface. Even though she couldn't really tell its color, and couldn't see its entire appearance clearly, and its size was twice that of a truck…

Lin Sanjiu stared at it with her mouth wide opened. For a second, she couldn't believe her eyes. After some time, she finally uttered, "So, this is really the 'Garden of Eden'."

While she was still in shock, a dark figure, even larger than the apple sneaked toward her and into the silver light coming from her [Ability Polis.h.i.+ng Agent].

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