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Chapter 2191 Terrifying Monk

When he attacked again, the aquarius divine emperor’s heart was on fire. He was certain that Ye Mo’s sword was a Primordial Spirit Artefact. Otherwise, Ye Mo would be heavily injured just then. Not only that, Ye Mo’s strike struck ripples in such solid void.

If this wasn’t a Primordial Spirit Artefact, how could it do this?

At the same time, he released Zi Xu again. The sword ray wasn’t as vibrant as before. It was only around 300m long but it was twisted. This time, Ye Mo attacked with full force. This was a sword G.o.d art even he couldn’t control. Falling mark sword rune.

Ye Mo knew how terrifying his falling mark sword rune was now. if he couldn’t control it, this sword rune might backlash him. But Ye Mo was facing a half primordial essence. If he held back it was suicide.

“Hmm…” This half primordial essence immediately felt Ye Mo’s falling mark sword rune. He could immediately tell it was related to Great Primordial G.o.d Rune.

After realising that Ye Mo knew Great Primordial G.o.d Rune, he was instead very happy. He knew that Great Primordial G.o.d Rune could be pa.s.sed down. If it really was Great Primordial G.o.d Rune, then even if Ye Mo was a pill divine, he would still kill Ye Mo. The Great Primordial G.o.d Rune was no small matter. Even he could resist his desires for it.

The 300m long twisted sword rune swept the entire void. This sword rune seemed much smaller than the one before but the lethal force was bigger than the three hundred km long purple sword ray. The void was instantly bound by the G.o.d rune and this soul piercing destructive killing intent pierced everything.

The half primordial essence who didn’t consider Ye Mo to be much of a threat was shocked and scared after seeing the twisted sword rune. At this moment, he felt the sword rune set gaze on all over his body.

At this moment, the aquarius divine emperor’s white ruler turned into this heavenly screen that was going to block the destructive sword rune out.

Ye Mo was shaking all over his body. The half primordial essence didn’t give him this feeling. He felt that he couldn’t control this sword rune. This sword rune was too scary. Ye Mo was certain that if he could master it he only needed to use instant second and then Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination and he would definitely be able to kill this half primordial essence.

However, he couldn’t control this G.o.d art much less use other G.o.d art. Ye Mo really wanted to keep using this sword rune but he knew that if he continued, his mind would be tom.

He was only a dao actualisation divine emperor but he knew a G.o.d art far beyond that of dao actualisation divine emperor. Yet, his Zi Xu could release such G.o.d art.

When there was cracking sounds in Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness, Ye Mo no longer dared to let this sword rune rampage. He forcefully stopped the destructive lethal force of the sword rune. He knew that if this continued, he would definitely be able to kill his half primordial essence. He didn’t even need to use Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination. At the same time, he knew that after killing this half primordial essence, he would be backlashed by this sword rune. Even if he didn’t die, his sea of consciousness would explode. He would become an idiot.


When the sword rune clashed with the white screen, cracks appeared in the surrounding void. Ye Mo’s clothes shattered and his sea of consciousness made cracking sounds.

The powerful G.o.d essence backlash sent Ye Mo flying. The broken planet could no longer handle such power and was destroyed.

The half primordial essence spat many mouthfuls of blood and his clothes were completely torn. He was covered in blood. Clearly, he was injured more.

Ye Mo forced down the pain in his sea of consciousness and was about to release the Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination when he heard a furious roar “Who destroyed my house. I’m going to kill you b.a.s.t.a.r.d…”

Ye Mo saw that amidst the pieces of the planet a monk emitting golden light around his body shot out. he had no clothes but the golden light wrapped him. The half primordial essence was closer to him than Ye Mo. Ye Mo saw this monk grab at the half primordial essence and roared “I’m going to crush you insect, how dare you destroy my house…”

Ye Mo wasn’t shocked that this monk was hiding in this barren planet. He often did that too. However, Ye Mo was shocked that this monk easily grabbed this half primordial essence like an insect. The half primordial essence couldn’t resist at all.

Ye Mo didn’t dare to stop at all now. He swept up some dark ray and disappeared into the void. The instant he went in, he saw the half primordial essence getting crushed to pieces.

“Hmm, a mere dao actualisation dares to run? Do you think my head is still clumsy?” The monk’s hand loosened and the half primordial essence’s storage ring and small world was taken. Everything else completely disappeared.

The monk grabbed at the direction Ye Mo went. A huge crack appeared in the void. The monk stepped in immediately but then he murmured “This kid is really cunning but don’t even think about running from me.”

He was in no rush to grab Ye Mo. Instead, he took out some materials from the storage ring and they instantly turned into a complete set of buddhist robes.

When Ye Mo went into the crack, he felt like his sea of consciousness was going to explode. Ye Mo ate a few spirit sense recovery pills and hacked out Zi Xu. Another crevice appeared in the void and Ye Mo charged in without hesitation.

Ye Mo kept hacking at the void with Zi Xu and going in. he was extremely experienced at running. He knew that for someone who could crush a half primordial essence with one hand, even if he used all his means, he wouldn’t be able to hurt this guy at all.

Ye Mo didn’t like the feeling of his life being controlled by someone else. His only line of life was to run away before that person could react. He couldn’t escape in the same realm. He had to keep tearing open the void.

In the shortest time, he opened more than ten voids. Ye Mo felt his sea of consciousness was almost about to explode. He knew he couldn’t keep doing this anymore. He didn’t know what sort of void he was in right now. When he saw an asteroid group fly over, Ye Mo stuck onto one without hesitation and entered the Golden Page World.

The Golden Page World seeped into the asteroid and disappeared into the endless dark void.

At this moment, that monk had put on Buddhist robes. He patted his sleeves and said in contempt “I want to see how a mere dao actualisation can escape to? How dare you destroy my house…”

However, before he finished, his face changed. His spirit sense pierced many void realms but didn’t find any signs of Ye Mo.

“He got away?” This monk said in shock and then suddenly tore the s.p.a.ce next to him and stepped in. He scanned out with his spirit sense again.

The reason he wasn’t scared of Ye Mo getting away was because his spirit sense could piece more than ten void realms. Even if Ye Mo used magic artefact to tear open the void, Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to escape his spirit sense range in a short time. But now, Ye Mo really was gone.

“I could tell you were a slippery one. Count yourself lucky today. I can’t be bothered wasting my time on a slippery eel like you. I have business to do but what a waste of a good sword.” The monk said and disappeared.

Three days later, Ye Mo came out of the Golden Page World but his sea of consciousness still hadn’t recovered but with the chaos tree, he was much better than before.

Ye Mo didn’t feel too much danger coming out but he didn’t dare to be careless. He released Zi Xu and dashed away. Ye Mo guessed that monk was probably a primordial essence divine emperor. Only a primordial essence divine emperor would be this terrifying.

A primordial essence divine emperor would have no trouble tearing open void. How would Ye Mo dare to stay here?

Plus Ye Mo didn’t know where he was right now.

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