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Ye Mo immediately knew she misunderstood. This red robed female immortal probably thought Zhen Bingyu was killed and he felt Zhen Bingyu was c.u.mbersome so he didn't save her.

Knowing this, Ye Mo didn't get angry despite her being rude with him. an ordinary person wouldn't even care if you killed your dao partner or not.

This grey robed abstruse immortal was already concerned with Ye Mo to be able to escape from the demonic immortal spirit beast tide. Now, he seemed to have friends.

This abstruse immortal saw Ye Mo was talking with the female immortal and turned to leave. He knew quite some people here but there might not be a single one who would help him.

Ye Mo was going to kill him, how could he let him go. As soon as he turned, Zi Xu hacked out and he shot out multiple spirit sense blades. He was going to end it fast in case people interfered.

The people around immediately made s.p.a.ce seeing Ye Mo was fighting the grey robed abstruse immortal. The abstruse immortal ignored Ye Mo's sword ray and released a s.h.i.+eld while activating his mobility magic.

But clearly, he woudlnt' be able to do this with Ye Mo's spirit sense blades. His s.h.i.+eld wasn't able to stop the sword ray in time.

The purple sword rays sliced into his body and when his essence spirit flew out, he was still in disbelief. Why was his spirit sense hacked by an invisible sword? That pain in his spirit sense slowed his s.h.i.+eld by just a little.

Spirit sense cultivation method? Spirit sense blades? As soon as he realized what was going on, the purple ray rolled back and his essence spirit along with his body was destroyed.

Seeing this abstruse immortal tertiary stage being sliced and diced with one strike from the back, everyone was dazed, not daring to believe what they saw.

Everyone could tell there was conflict between the two. The abstruse immortal was running probably not because he was scared of Ye Mo but the four abstruse immortal tertiary stage behind Ye Mo.

But this abstruse immortal tertiary stage died. He was running and clearly ready for Ye Mo's attack.

But that s.h.i.+eld happened to be that bit slower and didn't block the sword ray. No one believed this was a mistake.

Killing an abstruse immortal tertiary stage as abstruse immortal middle stage in one move, not even letting the essence spirit go. This abstruse immortal middle stage was not only strong but ferocious.

Even that red robed female immortal dazed. Before she could keep talking, the other three in her team stopped her.

A few great unity immortals also frowned at Ye Mo, asking everyone to pause the attack.

The great unity immortal who marked Ye Mo also shook. He looked at Ye Mo with even more concern. Even he wouldn't be able to kill that abstruse immortal in one move nor stop his s.h.i.+eld.

Ye Mo took the grey robed abstruse immortal's storage ring and saluted with his fists "I didn't know this person at all but when the demonic immortal spirit beast tide came, he ambushed me. I'm just getting revenge this time."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

So that was it, the immortals realized. Some of them would've done the same to survive. But Ye Mo survived in that and came back for revenge immediately, not caring there were great unity immortal and great extreme immortal here.

"Wait…" suddenly, an eagle nosed immortal landed before Ye Mo.

It was a great unity immortal primary stage, Ye Mo knew this guy came for the storage ring.

The great unity immortal stared at Ye Mo and said "you just killed my friend. Since he ambushed you first, I won't care about it but I need to take back this storage ring."

Ye Mo sneered, he needed some contribution points the most, how oculd he give out what he took. He just put away the storage ring as though he didn't hear it.

Seeing this, the great unity immortal's face went bad and released a yellow magic artefact immediately.

The great extreme immortal before sneered "now is the time for everyone to enter the mist demon palace. Everyone will be attacking the restriction, if you have conflicts then resolve them elsewhere. If you keep fighting here, then don't blame me for what happens."

The great unity immortal's face changed and saluted with his fists before saying to Ye Mo "let's go resolve it on the side."

Ye Mo smiled calmly "very well, let's go resolve it on the side."

If it was elsewhere, Ye Mo woudlnt' be interested in fighting this great unity immortal but he easily got 100k contribution points from Feng Shangjian last time. He really liked this method of collecting contribution points.

Seeing the two leave, the immortals nearby took back their glances. Some people shook their heads, Ye Mo was indeed powerful but no matter what he was still an abstruse immortal.

5 minutes later, the great unity immortal stopped and looked at this abstruse immortal middle stage who didn't fear him at all. He was a little confused, Ye Mo even seemed a little happy as though he was about to get something.

At this moment, he even felt a little creeped out. He didn't understand where Ye Mo got his confidence from.

"Give me Suo fei's storage ring, if you think you're losing something, I can give you some compensation." The great unity immortal frowned and didn't stay so dominant.

Hearing this, Ye Mo realized this great unity immortal really knew the grey robed abstruse immortal. But no matter what, Ye Mo wasn't going to give a storage ring he got away.

"If you want to fight then fight, stop wasting time. I still need to go to mist demon palace." Ye Mo said.

No matter what he was a great unity immortal. An abstruse immortal middle stage dared to be this with him, how could he take it. he released the yellow magic artefact.


Countless yellow rays shot out from it and entwined together. But they didn't shoot towards Ye Mo and instead slowly expanded forming a death chamber. The magic artefact then turned into two wheels.

The two wells squeezed towards Ye Mo.

As the magic artefact sped up, the sounds grew louder, making Ye Mo's head dizzy. He even had the impulse of running away or his sea of consciousness would be over turned by this sound.

But before this sound got sharper, Ye Mo expanded his spirit sense domain and released world rock.

The terrifying sound weakened a lot immediately.

The great unity immortal breathed easy. He was very concerned with Ye Mo to be able to kill Suo Fei in one move but now Ye Mo didn't seem to be able to last under his soul sound. It seemed he over estimated this abstruse immortal middle stage or something went wrong with Suo Fei.

Suddenly, Ye Mo's world rock smashed over.

Rumble, crack.

The world rock collided with his magic artefact and a shocking sound flew out. Even with spirit sense domain, Ye Mo felt his sea of consciousness go dizzy.

The immortals before the palace all heard this sound and was shook. An abstruse immortal middle stage fighting a great unity immortal caused such a huge commotion.

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