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Chapter 1656: Just Love These Contribution Points

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Ye Mo’s power burst up but he didn’t have to fight this Zhen Bingchao. He definitely wasn’t scared of him but he had too many secrets. He would prefer not exposing them.

The main reason he came here was to ask for benefits. If Zhen Bingchao planned to give nothing then don’t blame him. He wanted to rob him first so now he was here to get back at him.

“We can fight of course but if I fight I might not be able to stop myself. That Suo Fei wants my things at the mist demon palace entrance, I didn’t stop myself in time and caused some regrets…”

As soon as Ye Mo said this, Zhen Bingchao’s heart went cold. From what Ye Mo said, that great unity immortal really was killed by him.

“What do you want?” Zhen Bingchao’s tone softened again. If possible he really didn’t want to fight with Ye Mo.

He was dominant but also careful. Even if he was going to rob, he would rob people who were far weaker than him. if there was someone who could threaten him, he wouldn’t act tough. This was why he could reach great unity immortal, he was cruel but clear minded.

Ye Mo nodded “You marked me with spirit sense mark for no reason, making me worry more. I don’t have any other hobbies but I like to collect some contribution points…”

Zhen Bingchao cursed, worry my a.s.s hole. Who doesn’t like contribution points.

“How much contribution points do you want?” Zhen Bingchao asked.

Ye Mo really wanted to ask how much do you have but he knew if he asked this they would end up fighting.

That Suo Fei had one million or so so this Zhen Bingchao shouldn’t have lower than 1 million. He’ll just take half. Ye Mo said “500k.”

“What?” Zhen Bingchao dazed. He only had 700k altogether. Even though he knew he was no match for Ye Mo, he would still fight. If he couldn’t beat Ye Mo he would run but what if he couldn’t run? Zhen Bingchao was a little hesitant.

The abstruse immortals around dazed, Ye Mo was too cruel asking for 500k contribution points straight up. It was hard even for great unity immortal to take out 500k contribution points.

“I only have 700k contribution points. If you’re willing I can give you 300k. If you don’t agree to that then we’ll have to fight.” The great unity immortal couldn’t take it after being oppressed like this.

Ye Mo frowned, he wasn’t afraid of fighting Zhen Bingchao but his main purpose was contribution points. Zhen Bingchao dind’t seem to be lying. Thinking about this, Ye Mo took out Sui Fei’s aqua contribution card “can you swipe out some of the contribution points in here. If you can, I can ask less of you.”

Seeing this, Zhen Bingchao’s heart went cold again. His last sliver of hope was gone. This aqua jade card was definitely great unity immortal, perhaps the great unity immortal who chased Ye Mo before. without a doubt, he was killed if his jade card was in Ye Mo’s hands.

“Immortal friend Ye Mo, I can’t open this spirit sense mark but I have a way to sell out 30% of the contribution points inside.” Zhen Bingchao’s tone grew even weaker. The courage he just summoned up was gone.

Hearing this, he gave a few jade cards all to Zhen Bingchao and said, “I’ll give you all the jade cards here, give me your contribution points.”

Zhen Bingchao took the jade cards and found there was even one with 2 million contribution points. He was shocked. If he exchanged all these jade cards he could get nearly 100 million contribution points. He would be earning.

Even if he wasn’t earning he wouldn’t want to fight with Ye Mo anymore.

“Sure.” Zhen Bingchao took out his jade card and removed the spirit sense mark and gave it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took the card and found there was indeed only 700k points. He swiped it all to his card without hesitation.

Taking the jade card Ye Mo threw back, Zhen Bingchao didn’t even look and quickly saluted with his fists “Good bye.”

The abstruse immortals here looked dazily at this deal. The main thing was that Ye Mo used a yellow jade card, this was the lowest grade. Even a golden immortal rarely used that.

Seeing Zhen Bingchao and the other abstruse immortal tertiary stage disappear brother Xian came up to Ye Mo “Brother Mo thanks for helping, you deserve this mud lotus.”

Ye Mo had too many of them, he didn’t care about one.

Ye Mo quickly waved his hand “No need I’m not interested in that thing.”

Although Ye Mo didn’t fight at all, people from both sides saw Ye Mo’s power. The other team quickly saluted with his fists “We won’t take this mud lotus…”

Brother Xian was a rather righteous person and said “We’ll give you some contribution points then.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo thought and asked “Brother Xian, how much contribution points is needed for a great unity immortal ill?”

“Good quality ones usually cost one million contribution points. Some abstruse immortal wouldn’t be able to save up this many points after countless years.” Brother Xian answered.

Ye Mo thought, he had so many great unity immortal pills, if he sold them all wouldn’t he immediately be rich. But then he immediately gave up the thought. Great unity immortal pills were the top resource of big sects. If so many great unity immortal pills suddenly appeared, people would definitely investigate. He was only a mere abstruse immortal middle stage, not enough to fight against even a finger of great eternity immortal.

“Brother Xian I also want to ask, where there is more level four demonic immortal spirit beast?” Ye Mo said.

Brother Xian quickly took out a jade slip and said “The blue area in this jade slip are where the level four and level five demonic immortal spirit beast are at. You must not go to the red areas.”

“Why not?” Ye Mo asked.

“Because it’s where they gather in If you go in, there’s no chance for survival.” Brother Xian quickly said.

Ye Mo realized, when he got the du luo heaven fruit, he encountered countless demonic immortal spirit beast. It must be because those immortals went to the red area and were chased. But this also meant that there would be good treasures there.

“In that case, good bye.” Ye Mo was going to leave.

“Brother Mo, wait…” that red robed female immortal stopped Ye Mo.

Ye Mo immediately knew what she wanted to say so he said “My friend is very safe thanks for your concern.”

Then Ye Mo took out Zi Xu and disappeared.

“He’s probably a great unity immortal qian bei right?” the abstruse immortal tertiary stage fighting brother Xian asked.

“I don’t know, but I saw him kill an abstruse immortal same power as me in one move.” Brother Xian shook his head.

“He’s that powerful?” the other four abstruse immortal finally realsied what that great unity immortal would take out his contribution points and leave.

Ye Mo wasn’t interested in the blue areas. Level four and level five demonic immortal spirit beast weren’t easy to deal with. To him, the best was level three, the more the better.

He went to the red marked area.

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