Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1602 - Sudden Change at Corner Soul Domain

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Chapter 1602: Sudden Change at Corner Soul Domain

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The few hundred immortals in the stadium rustled, wanting to go in immediately.

At this moment, one abstruse immortal tertiary stage got up and said, “Everyone calm down. There are eight formation doors: some are real and some are fake, or they might all be real or all be fake. I think we should divide into eight groups and each group should attack a formation door. Then, everyone go in and try their luck.”



“This is the best solution…”

Many people agreed and soon the few hundred immortals formed eight groups of about equal size.

Luo Wufa walked to Zhen Bingyu and scanned Ye Mo contemptuously before saluting with his fists. “G.o.ddess Bingyu, let’s go together. I know a little about formations, I won’t let you lose out.”

Zhen Bingyu didn’t look at him and stared at Ye Mo for a long while before asking coldly, “You really don’t want to go in and test your luck?”

Ye Mo smiled plainly. “There are so many masters here, it’s not something I can get. I’m going, but if martial sister Bingyu wants to go to the place you spoke about, then you had best come with me.”

Then, Ye Mo walked out rapidly. Seeing Ye Mo’s speed, Zhen Bingyu clenched her teeth and chased up to Ye Mo. “I’ll listen to you once.”

Ye Mo ignored Zhen Bingyu and just went even faster. At this moment, another skinny young golden immortal peak stage chased up to Ye Mo and left the stadium with Ye Mo. All the immortals were attacking the formation door wanting to get Wushuang immortal’s heritage. The three went out and some people saw, but no one cared.

Seeing another person come out, Ye Mo looked at that golden immortal with confusion and killing intent. He didn’t understand how someone could resist the temptation of Wushuang immortal emperor’s heritage.

“Qian bei, wan bei is Cha Qiong, a solo cultivator of the Ji Feng (Extreme Wind) heaven domain,” the skinny golden immortal quickly said.

Ye Mo looked at him and said, “Brother Cha I’m only a golden immortal primary stage, why are you calling me ‘qian bei’?”

But Ye Mo didn’t slow down at all and instead went even faster.

Cha Qiong saluted with his fists. “I saw qian bei at the asteroid door, so I know qian bei is definitely not someone who is scared of death nor that abstruse immortal. With your courage to cross the heaven domain void alone, how can you be scared at the heritage grounds?”

Ye Mo nodded. “You’re very smart, if you don’t want to die then leave with me.”

“Thank you qian bei.” Cha Qiong saluted with his fists in joy.

Before Zhen Bingyu could say anything Ye Mo said heavily, “Quickly release your flying magic artifact and let me control it.”

“Okay.” Zhen Bingyu didn’t argue at all.

Ye Mo used the rainbow stamp at full power and it dashed towards the exit of Corner Soul Domain rapidly.

Seeing this, Cha Qiong was shocked. He knew his guess was right, this qian bei’s spirit sense wasn’t depleted at all here, how could he be afraid of that abstruse immortal middle stage? He could easily annihilate that abstruse immortal middle stage with such spirit sense, but why didn’t he kill that guy and instead gave the Corner Soul Mushroom to him?

Just when Cha Qiong wanted to ask Ye Mo asked him, “Brother Cha, do you have a Corner Soul Mushroom on you?”

“Wan bei picked one,” Cha Qiong quickly took one out and said.

“Throw it away,” Ye Mo said.

“Yes, qian bei.” Cha Qiong threw it away without any doubt.

Ye Mo sped up the rainbow stamp even more. Cha Qiong’s mind was clear and Ye Mo didn’t sense any ill will from him, that’s why he decided to help.

Ye Mo felt this person was worth helping and not someone to betray someone who helped him.

“Brother Cha once you leave today, do not mention anything about Corner Soul Domain or you won’t escape death. Don’t even mention that I can use part of my spirit sense,” Ye Mo reminded him.

“Yes, Cha will remember qian bei’s words…”

Before he even finished, he felt the s.p.a.ce around here rattle as though it was about to collapse.

Ye Mo’s face changed greatly and he sped up the rainbow stamp even more, but the rattling of s.p.a.ce was getting greater and greater. The rainbow stamp seemed to be getting slower and slower.

Even Zhen Bingyu noticed things weren’t right. Her face was cold but she approved of Ye Mo. She really couldn’t comprehend how Ye Mo knew something was wrong and how it was related to Corner Soul Mushroom.

Cha Qiong was shook even more. He felt that since Ye Mo dared to cross the heaven domain void alone when he was golden immortal primary stage, he was definitely someone extremely talented and wouldn’t make a mistake in such a situation. Now, it seemed his decision was right, something scary was about to happen at the Corner Soul Domain.

The s.p.a.ce rattled more with a sliver of a soul enchanting sound, as though the sound was telling them to stay.

Even Zhen Bingyu felt her mind was shaking and subconsciously looked at Ye Mo. She found that Ye Mo bit his lips but the rainbow stamp didn’t slow down at all.

There was a rattle and the rainbow stamp shook.

She wanted to ask Ye Mo, but seeing his sunken face, she ate the words.

About 15 minutes later, s.p.a.ce shook even more and it began to distort.

But then, Zhen Bingyu saw Ye Mo’s face finally easy. Before she could ask, she felt her sea of consciousness loosen up and her spirit sense recover.

They were out of the Corner Soul Domain. Just when Zhen Bingyu wanted to talk, she found that Ye Mo didn’t slow down at all.

As though knowing what she wanted to say, Ye Mo said coldly, “Use your spirit sense to scan the Corner Soul Domain and you will know. Quickly helped me control rainbow stamp, I need to kill Shadowless Vultures.”

Cha Qiong looked back at the disappeared Corner Soul Domain and his face was pale. Zhen Bingyu saw what happened and her face went pale too.

She finally understood what Ye Mo meant. The Corner Soul Domain was shrinking and those few immortals standing at the border were swept in. Instantly, the shrinking Corner Soul Domain disappeared from their spirit sense.

For three days, Ye Mo just killed Shadowless Vultures and Zhen Bingyu just controlled the stamp.

Three days later, Ye Mo said, “Brother Cha, it’s safe now but I suggest you go to level one or level three for trial. Even if you stay at level two, don’t stay near here.”

Cha Qiong knew the two were about to leave so he got up and saluted with his fists. “Qian bei, wan bei’s life was saved by qian bei. If qian bei needs my help in the future, just send a message to Extreme Wind Heaven’s Luo Mo Immortal City’s Cha family. I swear I will never mention anything about qian bei, if I go against my oath, the heavens and earth will annihilate me, I will die to divine d.a.m.nation.”

Ye Mo smiled. “This is a coincidence, if I go to Luo Mo Immortal City in the future, I will definitely come visit.” Ye Mo was quite happy with Cha Qiong making the oath proactively.

Cha Qiong nodded and left the rainbow stamp.

Now, Zhen Bingyu asked, “Where do we go?”

“Level three, you go find a place for nirvana, I have to reach abstruse immortal. Otherwise, my power is too weak,” Ye Mo said.

Zhen Bingyu was speechless. Cultivate to abstruse immortal, such words made people want to puke blood.

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