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But no elders said anything. To them, cultivation was the most important thing. Sealing the palace meant they had less business and more time for cultivation. Lang Ying was too harsh in her means and took most of the cultivation resources. Thus, there was no elder who was truly loyal to her.

When Ting Ting took over, the top grade resources would be open to the elders and thus won over their support instead. As for the two sons of the previous palace lord, who would care about their life and death.

Plus, the 50 years revenge spoke into the hearts of the elders. If even the palace lord and the big elder were no match for that person, just how powerful would that person be? Seeking revenge was asking for death. Now that the palace lord said this, they were happy to play dumb.

After the meeting ended, Ting Ting still didn't believe she easily won power like this. the support of one elder was enough much less three.

But she didn't expect that the greater surprise was to come.

Ting Ting went to the palace lord cultivation room immediately. An Zhiqi told her she must control this place first as it had been the cultivation grounds of all the palace lord. The reason the palace lord grows so fast is greatly due to this other than their own talent.

Only the next palace lord had been able to come in here but the condition was that the previous palace lord died or immortal ascended. Ting Ting opened the cultivation room restriction and went into the cultivation room.

Seeing everything inside, she was truly awestruck. She was a young palace lord and had a truth realisation state level nine master. Although her master didn't treat her that well, she would still give her one or two extreme grade spirit range occasionally. But seeing the large amounts of top grade materials a row cultivation jade slips and a huge spirit marrow pond. The spirit chi was so dense that it was viscous. She didn't even need to cultivate to feel her power growing.

There were circles and circles of extreme grade spirit stones on the side.

Ting Ting knew that her cultivation level would be going straight up from now on. However, she couldn't bring An Zhiqi in here but there were so many good things, she could bring some out for her.

For the first time, she felt power was a good thing. If she wasn't palace lord, she wouldn't even dare to think about coming here.

"this is Mo Yue City? It's so beautiful, much prettier than my Yin Zhu island.." Jie Youkui exclaimed.

Ye Mo immediately sent a messenger flying sword out when he got to South Peace State but there was still no reply.

Just when Jie Youkui was about to ask, she found the flying magic artefact below her shake. She subconsciously looked at Ye Mo and saw Ye Mo look excitedly at a blue dressed girl standing on the gra.s.s in front.

"dad…." Yimo also saw Ye Mo and called out in joy. she ran up. Although her master was very nice to her, she had always been thinking about home. Now that she saw her father again, she had a home again.

Ye Mo hugged his daughter and suddenly eased up. Yimo had grown up a little but was still like the little girl all those years ago. He finally didn't have to worry about his daughter.

Feeling her dad's excitement, Yimo regretted. She should've left with sister Jingwen. And…

Yimo remembered she couldn't say sister Jingwen anymore.

"dad, sorry, I should've told master to bring me to find you earlier." Yimo cried in Ye Mo's arms. She knew her dad searched the entire North Far State to find her.

"it's okay, it's all good now that you're back.." Ye Mo looked up and saw Song Yangzhu, Luo Ying, Su Jingwen and them.

Ye Mo was back, so was Yimo. Everyone was overjoyed to see each other. The sliver of worry in Song Yangzhu's eyes were gone. Her only worry was Yimo and now that she was fine, everything was good.

They intentionally didn't reply to Ye Mo's messenger flying sword just so they could give Ye Mo a surprise here.

Ye Mo introduced Jie Youkui to everyone. Seeing Yimo finding her father but she didn't know if her father was even alive, Jie Youkui's mood gloomed down again.

Yimo thought of something and took out a storage ring "dad, this is for you to eat."

Ye Mo took the storage ring and scanned inside. There was a stack of blue wei fruits. They were level six spirit herb and very delicious.

Ye Mo patted Yimo's head feeling very happy. He helped her keep all sorts of spirit herbs and the 12 lightning orbs. His daughter also remembered him and kept so many blue wei fruits for him.

However, Ye Mo didn't plan to give the 12 lightning orbs to her yet. When they got back, he would get her a new cultivation method and teach her lightning sword. Then, he would give the orbs to her.

He believed that with his special customization of cultivation method for her, the 12 lightnign orbs would be much stronger in her hands than Suo Anshan.

Ye Mo thought of Tang Mengrao and asked "didn't sect leader Tang bring Yimo here? Where is she?"

"aunty Tang was asked by martial aunty Ming Xin to go see Qin Muxin in the Heartless valley." Yimo quickly said.

"by the way is your master a grey robed cultivator, truth realisation state level nine?" Ye Mo thought of the cultivator being hunted by Hong Yixing.

Yimo quickly said "yes, dad you didn't fight with him right?"

Ye Mo smiled "how can I, he was being hunted and I helped him."

"I knew it." Yimo said "when I was with Jingwen… aunty, he smashed a mountain and said he was stronger than you. Now that I think about it, he's tricking me. dad you were probably truth realisation state at the time right?"

Ye Mo shook his head "no, he didn't trick you, he was indeed stronger than me at the time."

At that time, Ye Mo was probably just foundation establishment state.

"your master is very nice to you. Your master must've paid a huge price for you to reach hollow spirit state at this age with your talent." Ye Mo knew Yimo's spirit root was good but far from Qingxue and them.

Yimo quickly said "yes, master treats me the best, I can't even finish using all sorts of pills and spirit stones."

Seeing the father and daughter can't stop talking, Song Yangzhu quickly ame and said "let's go back first." Then, Ye Mo smiled apologetically to Luo Ying, Qingxue and them before giving everyone a hug.

Back at Mo Yue City, Ye Mo revised a new cultivation method and gave it to Yimo. Then he gave the 12 lightning orbs to her. Her original magic artefact was a low grade cultivation artefact, lightning chain. This was quite good for her.

But compared to the 12 lightning orbs, it was a bit lacking.

Yimo was very happy with the 12 lightning orbs. Her equipments greatly changed up too. Her flying cultivation artefact became extreme grade too. Ye Mo spoiled Yimo and almost gave all the good things to her. Song Yangzhu and them were even a little envious watching this.

Knowing that Ye Mo was already truth realisation state level seven, everyone felt a sense of urgency, even Luo Ying. He wasn't' far from truth realisation state level nine and if he reached truth realisation state level nine and asended, what would they do?

Ye Ling was the most worried and almost went into solitary cultivation. Su Jingwen felt the easiest, she had the best spirit root and was the strongest amongst then, she was about to reach body condensation state in a while.

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