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Chapter 1895: One Finger

“Aiyah, you truly don’t have any sense of humor at all! I’m just joking!” Ling Han said with a shake of his head. “There are so many people here, so how could I poison you with my alchemical pills?”

After hearing this, Zhao Qingfeng still wanted to vomit blood. ‘What kind of sense of humor should I have to appreciate your sick joke?

‘Moreover, you’re also aware that there are many people here, huh?!’

Ling Han smiled, and said, “How boring is a powerful laxative? I fed you a powerful aphrodisiac, and this will cause you to become extremely interested in furry things. Once you start, you won’t be able to stop!”

“Y-you’re lying!” Zhao Qingfeng said with a shudder.

However, what if this were true? He would definitely suffer a miserable fate. If he charged over to embrace and hump any furry thing that he saw, would he still have any face to show himself in the future?

Although he was a cultivation prodigy, and although he was at the peak stage of the fourth severance, this was Alchemy City which even had Four-Star Alchemists! Refining an alchemical pill that caused him to lose control of himself was definitely a simple task.

Ling Han sighed before shaking his head, and saying, “I already said that you have no sense of humor. Sure enough, I was right.”

‘F*ck! You’re toying with me again?!’

Zhao Qingfeng was wild with rage, and he clenched his hands into fists. He then unleashed a furious roar at the sky, and this thunderous roar surprisingly transformed into numerous sharp swords that were engraved with symbols of the great dao. They were extremely terrifying.

This was a roar to vent his wild fury.

However, this might also proved something else: he had indeed recovered his strength, and returned to his peak state.

“Come battle!” he roared. The veins on his forehead were bulging.

s.h.i.+ Yu clapped her chubby hands, and exclaimed, “Stepdad is so talented at shooting his mouth off!”

“What does shooting his mouth off mean?” s.h.i.+ Lei asked with a confused expression.

“It means that he can enrage others to death with his mouth,” s.h.i.+ Yu explained.

“Oh, then Stepdad is truly very powerful!” s.h.i.+ Lei said, with his expression of confusion transforming into one of admiration. “I also want to learn how to shoot my mouth off!”

It was as if the two children were doing a comedy routine. However, as their childish voices traveled into Zhao Qingfeng’s ears, his rage soared to a new height.

Pa, pa, pa!

His clothes suddenly started to rip and pop off.

These were no ordinary clothes, and they were instead clothes that had been woven from strands of Pseudo-Divine Metal and combined with the fur of Immortal Beasts. They were astonis.h.i.+ngly tough, and they possessed extremely powerful defensive abilities. However, they had actually been ripped apart in Zhao Qingfeng’s fit of rage. Just what kind of concept was this?

“His battle prowess has risen again!”

“Heavens! He’s already at the peak stage of the fourth severance, and he’s already standing at the absolute pinnacle. How is his battle prowess rising again?”

“If he battles against that woman again, it’s hard to say who will come out on top.”

“Ling Han… is asking for trouble.”

“Tsk, who told him to have such a toxic tongue? Who told him to provoke his opponent? That woman clearly defeated Zhao Qingfeng already, and he was already enjoying an absolute advantage. Yet, he still insisted on joining the battle himself. Look where he’s got himself now? He has no option but to eat his own bitter fruit.”

If Ling Han accepted Zhao Qingfeng’s challenge now, there was a 99 percent chance that he would lose. If he refused the challenge, however, would he still have the face to show himself in the future?

Ling Han was now caught between a rock and a hard place. However, he had pushed himself into this situation, so who could he blame?

At this time, the members of Alchemy City couldn’t help Ling Han, either. After all, Ling Han had caused this trouble himself.

Ling Han wore a slight smile, and he said in a calm voice, “Sure, we can battle. But what in the world are you roaring for? Is it impressive that your voice is so loud?”

In the past, he had still viewed Zhao Qingfeng as an opponent. Following his advance to the fourth severance, however, Zhao Qingfeng was no longer worthy of being his opponent. Battling against him wouldn’t help him obtain any new improvements. Thus, Ling Han was naturally uncaring in his att.i.tude.

“Die!” Zhao Qingfeng roared. He dashed forward, bringing with him the might of heaven and earth.

Even though he had been enraged just then, he hadn’t lost his composure. Instead, he had seized the opportunity to prepare a powerful attack. As he dashed forward now, he was like a furious dragon surging out from the sea.

This was his most brilliant strike.

Ling Han shook his head, and he casually raised his hand to block.


There was a resounding boom as Zhao Qingfeng exchanged a strike with Ling Han. Devastating rays of light shot into the surroundings, carrying with them the power of Regulations.

This wasn’t a fighting arena, so how could there be any protective barrier?

Several elites immediately dashed forward, with each of them responsible for stopping the shock waves in a certain direction. They couldn’t allow anyone to get hurt.

Meanwhile, Ling Han and Zhao Qingfeng each retreated several steps.

They were evenly matched in this exchange.

However, everyone was astounded upon seeing this. In fact, their heads went numb with apprehension.

They had clearly witnessed the might of Zhao Qingfeng’s attack. That was definitely a vicious attack that had exceeded the level of Severing Mundane Tier. Yet, Ling Han had easily blocked such a powerful attack with a casual wave of his hand! Just what kind of power was this?

He was invincible!

Everyone was transfixed with shock and disbelief. At this moment, none of them could find any words to describe Ling Han’s freakish talent and power. Perhaps he was already a pinnacle monarch tier. In fact, he might even be able to rival Yan Xianlu?

This thought flashed through everyone’s minds. However, they quickly shook their heads, sure that they were overthinking things.

Regardless of how powerful he was, Ling Han definitely couldn’t rival Yan Xianlu. After all, this was a true and unparalleled monarch tier. Everyone in his generation and at the same cultivation level as him was destined to lose their l.u.s.ter.

“I refuse to believe this!” Zhao Qingfeng roared. His eyes were bloodshot, and as he slapped his chest, he immediately vomited another mouthful of blood. His aura rose to a new height. However, he wasn’t satisfied with this, and he continued to slap his chest again and again.

With each slap, his aura would become significantly more powerful. However, his eyes would also become increasingly bloodshot. It was as if he were about to transform into a burst of murderous aura. He was like a peerless Divine Sword that was radiating with heaven-splitting killing intent.

He was going to muster the most powerful attack in his life. If he succeeded, both his divine sense and his body would undergo ascension. Perhaps he might even push open the door to the fifth severance. If he failed, however, he would consume an exorbitant amount of his essence, and he would have no hope of ever advancing to the fifth severance. At that time, he could only sever his own life.

This was a huge gamble, one that would potentially cost him his life.

He was nothing short of a madman. He was born for cultivation, and he was a madman who desired nothing but to become stronger.

However, Ling Han was completely unfazed by this. In fact, it was a pity that Zhao Qingfeng had performed too poorly before. Otherwise, Ling Han wouldn’t have minded sending him off with some dignity and respect.

“I won’t die! Only you will die!” Zhao Qingfeng roared, with his eyes bloodshot. He fully unleashed his Copper Divine Fetus, and his entire body transformed into a copper sword that was filled with mystical symbols.

These were symbols of the great dao that were at the Celestial King Tier. After sacrificing his life force to unleash this sword, he was finally able to release its brilliance.

A murderous aura rose into the surroundings, and it was seemingly tangible as it circled around him. This allowed his destructive power to rise by another level.

At this moment, Zhao Qingfeng was confident that his destructive ability was unparalleled among those at the Severing Mundane Tier. He was confident that no one could rival him.

That being the case, how could Ling Han—someone who was also at the Severing Mundane Tier—block his strike?


He charged forward, with his body transforming into a sword as he unleashed his most brilliant and powerful attack.

This sword flashed with a dazzling glow as it sliced through the sky, and this was a radiance so brilliant that it could even be seen from billions of kilometers away. It was as if this radiance would never dissipate.


The formidable sword strike slashed down at Ling Han.

Ling Han didn’t dodge, and he simply raised a finger, pressing it toward Zhao Qingfeng.

He looked much like a mantis trying to stop a chariot in its tracks.

The sword slashed down, and it erupted with a spectacular glow. Even the most powerful Severing Mundane Tier cultivators couldn’t see through this sword light. It was as if they had gone blind.

When the sword light gradually dissipated, everyone could see that Ling Han’s finger was raised slightly above his forehead, pressed against the blade of the copper sword. It was clearly only one finger, yet it was much like a divine peak that could hold up the heavens.

That had been a supremely powerful attack, yet Ling Han had managed to block it with only one finger!

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