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Chapter 1731: Battle

Several days pa.s.sed, and they finally left the vast expanse of snowy plains.

There was a river before them, and the water in this river was extremely chaotic. This was like a parent river that had existed since the creation of the world.

One couldn’t enter this river wantonly, or else they would be directly killed by its immense and chaotic power.

Afterward, they would need to go against the flow of this river to reach someplace near its origin. After arriving at the banks of the river there, they would have essentially reached the deepest regions of the Severing Mundane Pool.

In fact, one couldn’t fly above this river, either, as the vapor that rose from this river contained all kinds of deadly weapons that were formed from the Regulations of the Great Dao. These were weapons that could easily kill elites at the Severing Mundane Tier, Dividing Soul Tier, and even Immortal Palace Tier.

If one wanted to travel along this river, they would need to collect wood from the nearby trees to build a raft.

Moreover, regardless of which cave one chose before, all of them would eventually lead to this river. If one failed to reach this river, this signified that they had already died in the caves.

The trees beside this river were extremely precious.

Not only could they be used to build rafts, but the fruits that they bore were also extremely valuable. These fruits were called Severing Mundane Fruits.

As its name suggested, this was a fruit that could help one advance to the Severing Mundane Tier.

How could it help?

These fruits didn’t contain power at the Severing Mundane Tier, nor did they contain comprehensions of the Severing Mundane Tier. Rather, ingesting these fruits would allow one to absorb the mystical power of heaven and earth in this Mystery Realm. Thus, the more of these Severing Mundane Fruits one ate, the more mystical power of heaven and earth one would be able to acc.u.mulate while severing the mundane. This would allow their severance to become closer to flawless.

Of course, one wouldn’t need the help of these Severing Mundane Fruits if they were already supremely talented, and could command a limitless amount of mystical power of heaven and earth with their own abilities.

These fruits were used for support, and the most important aspect was still one’s own comprehensions.

Ling Han and his two wives started to walk along the bank of the river. They had to find the precious trees as soon as possible so that they could cut them down to build a raft. Otherwise, the banks of the river would disappear soon, and there would be no other path for them to walk.

Luck was on their side, and they quickly came across a towering tree. Ling Han immediately unsheathed his Divine Demon Sword to fell this tree. He then sc.r.a.ped off its bark and sawed the tree into planks. With this done, he started to weave the bark of the tree into a rope. After using this rope to tie the wooden planks together, a simple raft quickly appeared before him.

Ling Han naturally did all of this heavy labor by himself. However, before he could complete the finis.h.i.+ng touches, he saw a group of four people approaching them. There was delight on their faces as they looked at the nearly completed raft.

“Leave the wooden raft here and f*ck off,” a young man said haughtily.

Three of them were at the Genesis Tier, while one of them was a Severing Mundane Tier grand elder. However, because he had only completed the weakest severance, he had especially come here to perform his second severance. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to acc.u.mulate enough Severing Mundane Power in the outside world.

Even so, a Severing Mundane Tier grand elder was still a Severing Mundane Tier grand elder. They possessed a crus.h.i.+ng advantage over Genesis Tier cultivators, so they could naturally act as haughtily and wantonly as they desired.

The first severance grand elder looked to be around 50 years old. He had a short beard, and his hands were clasped behind his back as he looked at Ling Han in contempt.

Not only was he here to perform his second severance this time, but he had also been tasked with guarding three youths from his clan to perform their first severance. Anyhow, this was also the most dazzling moment of their Qi Clan. There were actually three members of the younger generation severing their mundane together! If they succeeded, the power of the Qi Clan would definitely soar to a new height.

However, it was a pity that severing the mundane wasn’t so easy. Having one out of 10,000 people succeed would already be a very good result.

This was a difficult path that was fraught with fatal dangers.

Ling Han swept his gaze across the four people before asking, “You people want to steal my raft?”

“Steal? We’re more powerful than you, so you naturally need to obey our commands. Otherwise… die!” the young man from before said. There was a menacing killing intent on his face.

This was a Mystery Realm that was completely sealed off from the outside world. In fact, even rare treasures wouldn’t be able to initiate contact with the outside world. Thus, as long as there were no witnesses, they could easily kill people to shut them up.

Ling Han shook his head. He then looked at the Empress and the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden before saying, “It looks like we can’t avoid battle.”

“So be it,” the Empress said. She was naturally unafraid.

Ling Han transported the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden into the Black Tower before asking, “Do you want the big fish or the small fry?”

“The big fis.h.!.+” the Empress replied with a soaring fighting spirit.

“No worries. Call me if you start to struggle,” Ling Han said with a smile. He was genuinely unafraid of first severance grand elders. Even if he couldn’t kill them, such grand elders couldn’t threaten his life.

The Empress instantly dashed forward to attack the first severance grand elder.

Xiu, xiu, xiu!

Her nine clones materialized beside her, leaving 10 Empresses on the battlefield. However, none of her nine clones were wearing face veils, so their breathtaking beauty instantly left the four cultivators from the Qi Clan stunned.

‘Holy f*ck, holy f*ck! How can such beautiful women exist in the world?’

However, the first severance grand elder was still slightly astonished by the Empress’ battle prowess. Her strength had already far surpa.s.sed the level of ordinary Genesis Tier cultivators, though it was still far inferior to first severance grand elders. In any case, her battle prowess could already be regarded as at the level of pseudo-Severing Mundane Tier grand elders.

She was a supreme prodigy!

“Hahaha!” The first severance grand elder laughed heartily. Although he had already severed the mundane, this didn’t mean that he had also severed his mortal emotions and desires. He immediately grabbed at the Empress. So what if she was a pseudo-Severing Mundane Tier grand elder? Before a genuine Severing Mundane Tier grand elder, she was as weak and frail as could be!

However, the reality was starkly different from his expectations. The Empress was extremely powerful, and the first severance grand elder was unable to suppress her in just a few strikes.

However, this didn’t matter. If a few strikes weren’t enough, then he would add a few more strikes!

Ling Han also moved at this moment, launching a fist at the three Genesis Tier cultivators.

“You’re seeking death!” the three juniors from the Qi Clan roared. They all replied with an attack of their own.

Ling Han’s fist soared over.


A junior from the Qi Clan was instantly smashed apart, directly transforming into a cloud of flesh and blood. He was completely obliterated.

In Ling Han’s eyes, these four people were even more detestable than the highway robbers from before.

Thus, he had spared the highway robbers, and only stripped them of their wealth. Now, however, he was killing the juniors from the Qi Clan without any mercy.

“Aaah!” The two remaining juniors from the Qi Clan roared with wild rage. They were both furious and terrified. This was because they might suffer the exact same fate.

‘How is he this powerful?!’

The first severance grand elder was completely stunned. Both of these youths were far too extraordinary, with one being even more powerful than the other! How was this possible?! If they were king tiers, he should have at least heard about them before!

“You all deserve to die!” the first severance grand elder howled as he sent the Empress flying with a palm strike. He then turned around to charge at Ling Han. If he didn’t stop him, the remaining two juniors would definitely be killed by him as well.

However, Ling Han ignored him, and continued to attack the two juniors of the Qi Clan.


Before the first severance grand elder had even arrived, another junior of the Qi Clan was mercilessly killed by Ling Han.

“Aaah!” The first severance grand elder was about to go crazy. However, he finally arrived at this moment, and he immediately reached toward the last remaining junior, transporting him into his Spatial G.o.d Tool. After doing this, he didn’t have anything else to worry about. He immediately turned around to attack Ling Han.

“I’ll take a handicap of 100 strikes. It’s your victory if you can wound me,” Ling Han said with a smile.

Peng, peng, peng!

The first severance grand elder struck out in rage, with his attacks as wild and furious as could be. However, upon striking Ling Han, they could only cause him to waver around from left to right. These attacks were completely unable to wound him!

The first severance grand elder was astounded. ‘What kind of freak is he?!’

To say nothing of Genesis Tier cultivators, even fellow first severance grand elders couldn’t withstand such wild and wanton attacks from him!

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