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Chapter 1728: Severing Mundane Pool

This young man was incredibly arrogant.

However, he indeed had the right to be arrogant. After all, he had already become a first severance grand elder at such a young age. This was far too astonis.h.i.+ng, and it was no wonder that even the Return to Origin Palace had recruited him as a disciple.

Changsun Liang, Xiao Sheng, and the other king tiers were all extremely indignant. However, the gulf between them was far too large, and this was a gulf that they couldn’t surmount regardless of how freakish their talent was. Even Ling Han would be seeking a beating if he stepped forward. The most he could do was ensure that he didn’t die.

The king tiers all humphed coldly in their minds. They would determine who the true king tier was after reaching the Severing Mundane Tier!

A disdainful smile tugged at the corners of Bei Xuanming’s lips, and he said, “My venerable master especially told me to seize this opportunity to see whether there are any talented cultivators to recruit into the Return to Origin Palace. Heh, by the looks of it, all of you are tras.h.!.+”


Everyone was as p.i.s.sed off as could be. Bei Xuanming was indeed a supreme prodigy, but did he really need to taunt them like this?

However, there were also those who were extremely roused by his words. Bei Xuanming could recruit them into the Return to Origin Palace?


That was a four-star force! If they could join such a force, then wouldn’t everyone need to treat them with respect in the future?

Thus, many cultivators shamelessly approached him to curry favor. However, Bei Xuanming acted as aloof as could be. Anyhow, he had only casually said that he could recommend them to the Return to Origin Palace. Regarding whether they could actually join the Return to Origin Palace or not, this wasn’t up to him.

One had to realize that only the supreme prodigies of three-star forces would have the right to be recommended to the Return to Origin Palace. Otherwise, they could only partic.i.p.ate in the disciple recruitment ceremony of the Return to Origin Palace. However, only a small number of fortunate prodigies would be able to pa.s.s all of the trials.

After all, the trials were far too difficult, and only genuine king tiers would be able to pa.s.s them.

Fu Xiaoyun remained apathetic the entire time, and she would only smile when she was talking to Bei Xuanming.

“What a shame,” the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden said. “That man isn’t worthy of her at all.”

Ling Han involuntarily chuckled, and said, “Although he’s fairly arrogant, the fact that he’s reached the Severing Mundane Tier at such a young age is an indication of his supreme talent!”

However, the Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden was still unwilling to accept this fact. Bei Xuanming seemed detestable no matter how she looked at him.


There was suddenly a deafening boom as the earth fractured, and it was as if the earth were opening its mouth. The Severing Mundane Pool had been a deep and eerie valley before, yet after these fractures, it transformed into a valley that was countless times wider.

Moreover, it was so deep that one couldn’t see the bottom. At the same time, there were also countless layers of clouds and mist also drifting across its surface. Even Severing Mundane Tier grand elders couldn’t see the depths of this valley.

The Severing Mundane Pool had officially opened!

“Hmm?” Ling Han immediately detected a starkly different power. However, this power was extremely faint and indiscernible.

“Severing Mundane Power?” the Empress asked as she looked at Ling Han. She also sensed the wisp of starkly different power.

Ling Han nodded, and replied, “Most likely. However, the power here is too weak, so we can only barely detect its presence. We can only properly comprehend it after we enter the depths of the valley.”

No wonder one had to enter the depths of the Severing Mundane Pool to sever the mundane. This was because only the depths of the Mystery Realm possessed enough mystical power of heaven and earth for one to sever the mundane.


Like a tumultuous wave, the sea of cultivators started to soar into the valley. Some were at the Genesis Tier, while others were at the Severing Mundane Tier. However, none were at the Dividing Soul Tier. Even though these elites had accompanied their juniors here, they all chose to wait outside at this moment.


This was because Mystery Realms like the Severing Mundane Pool possessed unique restrictions against cultivators at higher cultivation levels. Thus, it was extremely likely that they would be killed if they forced their way inside. Even though this was only a Mystery Realm for severing the mundane, even Celestial King Tier elites would need to be extremely careful if they wanted to force their way inside, to say nothing of those at the Dividing Soul Tier.

Changsun Liang and Xiao Sheng weren’t in a hurry to enter the valley. They were both king tiers of the current generation, so they possessed absolute confidence in their own abilities. What did it matter if they entered later? Who at the same cultivation level could rival them?

“Sister Yun, let’s go,” Bei Xuanming said in a haughty voice. He was already at the peak stage of the first severance, and he was more so an invincible king tier among those at the same cultivation level. Thus, he could naturally crush everyone else in the Severing Mundane Pool. He simply needed to remain wary of the environment that was fraught with danger.

Fu Xiaoyun nodded in reply as she entered the valley with Bei Xuanming. Their robes fluttered in the wind, and they were like an ethereal and carefree immortal couple. Many people gazed at them in envy.

Song Ji and Ma Ying followed not far behind. They were also king tiers, though neither of them had reached the Severing Mundane Tier yet. As such, their aura was naturally suppressed by that of Bei Xuanming, causing them to seem less dazzling than the couple before them.

Changsun Liang and Xiao Sheng also entered the Severing Mundane Pool. They could be considered as enemies, so there was strong hostility between them as they entered the valley together.

One of them wanted to drag the other off the throne of king tier, while the other wanted to seek revenge for the arrow from before. There were sparks flying between them.

“Let’s enter as well.”

Ling Han saw Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu—these two had entered the valley after Changsun Liang. Recalling his promise to Mao Dai, Ling Han decided to enter the valley behind these two cultivators.

However, Ling Han hadn’t expected for Mao Shuyu to also come.

She most likely hadn’t acc.u.mulated enough Origin Power and comprehensions yet, so she was still unable to sever the mundane. Hence, she had most likely come to experience the mystical power of heaven and earth. By doing so, she would have more experience and confidence when it was genuinely her turn to sever the mundane.

There was no path in the valley, so they could only continue to fly and descend. After at least one hour, they finally reached the ground. However, it was extremely difficult to land here as the ground was littered with stone spikes. There were fresh bloodstains on these spikes, and there were also corpses lying beside them. In fact, these corpses were still warm.

Deadly dangers had already appeared!

These stone spikes couldn’t be touched, even if one channeled their Origin Power to hover in the air. Even if one lightly trod upon them without making actual contact, these stone spikes would still pierce their skin. Moreover, once their skin was pierced, they would definitely die.

Theoretically speaking, this was already no secret. After all, this had already been discovered countless years ago. However, the fact that people still died here proved one thing—there were always those who were overconfident and insisted on seeking death.

The three of them maintained a distance of around five kilometers behind Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu. This was the limit of how far Ling Han’s divine sense could observe, so he could clearly see the actions of the two people before him.

Inside the Severing Mundane Pool, the power of heaven and earth was violent, meaning that one couldn’t extend their gaze or divine sense too far. Thus, five kilometers was the limit of Ling Han’s divine sense.

The surroundings were frighteningly quiet at this moment, and everyone was fully focused on making their way forward. After all, the Severing Mundane Pool wouldn’t be open forever, and it would start to close in around three months. If one didn’t leave at that time, their fate would most likely be none other than death.

This was inevitable seeing that even Celestial Kings would frown upon facing the violent and chaotic environment of the Severing Mundane Pool.

The valley continued to slope down, yet the surroundings didn’t become any darker. Instead, they started to become brighter. This was because some of the rocks were actually radiating with a soft glow.

“These are Radiant Rocks, and they possess the Great Dao of Fire within them. To fire-element cultivators, these rocks are incredibly rare treasures,” Ling Han told the two women beside him as he sorted through the information in his mind.

The Heavenly Phoenix Divine Maiden’s heart throbbed in excitement when she heard this. She had obtained an inheritance from three Phoenix Kings, and she was also especially skilled in manipulating flames. Thus, these Radiant Rocks were extremely valuable to her.

Ling Han tried to mine these rocks, yet they were far too large and buried far too deep into the earth. There were also jagged rocks in the surroundings, and this made it extremely difficult to get near the Radiant Rocks and gain enough leverage to mine them. Thus, Ling Han didn’t dare to carelessly mine them even with his freakishly powerful physique. In the end, he could only give up in exasperation.

“Huh? It seems like they’ve come across trouble,” Ling Han suddenly said. He discovered that Zhang Chong and Mao Shuyu had suddenly stopped in their tracks. Meanwhile, 13 unfamiliar cultivators had appeared before them.

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