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Chapter 1516 Ingesting Saint Pill

Ling Han had obtained some Saintly medicine, but at his present cultivation level, he was still not qualified to refine it into alchemical pills yet. Thus, he decided to settle for the next best thing. He would not refine it into alchemical pills. Instead, he directly extracted the divine essence from within through heating.

The effects from this were definitely inferior to an alchemical pill. There would definitely be a certain amount of wastage, but Ling Han merely wanted to improve his abilities as soon as possible, so he did not bother about it.

If he cooked this outside, this would lead to too much commotion. The divine essence of the Saintly medicine was not something that Ling Han could conceal. If he actually drew the attention of the Saints, should he share with them or not?

Thus, he concocted everything within the Black Tower, planning to silently reap the benefits. Furthermore, it was much more efficient to concoct inside this place. There was no need for him to worry about his cultivation level lacking, causing his loss of control over the situation.

In merely three days, the Saintly medicine had been cooked into a soup. Ling Han had long since told Jiuyao to inform the others. The Rain Emperor, Ding Ping, the Notionless Saint, and the others entered into the Black Tower to enjoy this rare Saintly medicine soup.

This was an extremely nutritious item, but everyone’s cultivation level was too low—especially of those aside from Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing. None of the others had entered into the Eternal River Tier, so they could only drink a little soup, and could not touch the Saintly medicine at all.

If they actually consumed it, they would definitely explode from the frightening medicinal effects.

Even so, their whole bodies were still glowing with divine light. Opening their mouths, they actually spat out red clouds. The medicinal effects of the Saintly medicine were too shocking. Even if they had only drunk a little soup, it was still a supremely precious treasure.

Even they ended up like this, what more Ling Han and Empress Luan Xing.

Ling Han was still fine, but the Empress’s cheeks were dyed a rosy hue due to the medicinal effects, presenting an indescribably exquisite sight. Ding Ping, Jiuyao, and the others couldn’t help but turn their heads away, not daring to look at her.

Without another word, everyone hurriedly ran over to the Reincarnation Tree to digest the medicinal effects. Not only would Saintly medicine increase one’s acc.u.mulation of Origin Power, there was also the Regulations of Great dao contained within. However, whether one could digest the benefits of it would depend on the comprehension ability of the individual.

Underneath the Reincarnation Tree, one day was equivalent to a whole year. This naturally could allow the medicinal effects of the Saintly medicine to be maximized.

Ling Han’s whole body was glowing with light. His physique was the most freakish. He had consumed at least three quarters of that Saintly medicine. Though a lot of its medicinal effects had been extracted into the soup, the majority was definitely still contained in the stalk of Saintly medicine itself.

Like a drunk, he was unsteady on his footing. The Black Tower could suppress all external forces, but if he was the one who bloated himself, then even the Black Tower had no way to solve that problem.

Everyone fell into a seat, forming a circle around the Reincarnation Tree, and entering into a meditative state.

Ling Han also channeled his technique, absorbing the effects of the Saintly medicine. His acc.u.mulation of Origin Power was also soaring up with his absorption.

A whole 11 days had pa.s.sed, and he ended his isolation.

“I have advanced from the early stage of the low extreme into the middle stage!” Ling Han appeared to be excited.

After entering into the Eternal River Tier, every step would take hundreds of thousands to millions of years to accomplish. This was also because the Eternal River Tier was too strong. If one wanted to progress further than all the rest, it would naturally require a very long time.

Even if Ling Han was the Alchemy Emperor, and could endlessly concoct suitable alchemical pills, he still had to take thousands and thousands of years if he wanted to take a step further.

He had now taken one step with only 11 days’ time; the speed was already nature-defying enough.

“Too bad it is Saintly medicine. We only obtained a total of three stalks.” Ling Han sighed. “The number the Heavenly River King had obtained should not be just this amount; he probably ingested the rest. Sigh, since you want me to avenge you, why didn’t you leave a few more behind for me!”

There were a total of three stalks of Saintly medicine, which was barely enough to send him up to the medium extreme.

“If I want to quickly increase my cultivation level, I will have to depend on Saintly medicine, but Saintly medicine is not like cabbages that can be found easily!” Ling Han shook his head. “It would be great if I could get the seeds of some Saintly medicine. I could plant them in the Black Tower, and I would be able to harvest a great amount in the future.”

“That may not be the case.” Small Tower suddenly appeared. It was more unpredictable than anyone else in the Black Tower. “When the Reincarnation Tree bears fruit, one would be able to grant you a complete change!”

Ling Han’s eyes lit up. The Reincarnation Tree was not Saintly medicine, but was a supreme treasured tree even in the Celestial Realm. He hurriedly asked, “How long will it take to bear fruit?”

“At least a few hundred million years,” Small Tower estimated.

“You… Just scram!” Ling Han exclaimed helplessly. This d.a.m.n guy was really just planning to screw him over.

“However…” Small Tower’s tone suddenly changed. “If you can manage to unlock another floor of the Black Tower, I will be able to possess more power, and can shrink this time many times over.”

Ling Han was cheered up again. If Small Tower said that it was many times over, then that definitely did not mean 10 times or 100 times, but a few thousand, tens of thousand, or a few million times over.

“However!” Small Tower made another turnaround.

Ling Han couldn’t help but complain, “Can’t you speak nicely?”

“Don’t listen if you don’t want to!” Small Tower was acting proud again. Turning around, it was about to leave.

“Hold on, finish your words!” Ling Han quickly called out.

Small Tower finally continued, “Because this is growth through a catalyst, and the Black Tower ultimately cannot simulate the Regulations of the Reincarnation Tree, the effects of the Reincarnation Tree cannot reach their maximum. In fact, it is not even a billionth of it.”

Though Ling Han felt it was a pity, if he really allowed the Reincarnation Tree to grow freely in the outside world, that would need 12 trillion years; who could afford to wait that long?

It was good enough that it could be used.

“Then I’ll be waiting.” Ling Han nodded. Now, even a stalk of Saintly medicine was enough to further boost his cultivation level by a star. Then, what about after he became a Saint? The effects of the Saintly medicine would be even further decreased.

More importantly, how could there be so much Saintly medicine in this world?

Mm-hm, it was not a bad idea to rob the Forbidden Lands. These forces had originated from the Celestial Realm, and they themselves had astronomical wealth. Added with the fact that they had existed for so many years, they should have cultivated a considerable number of generations of Saintly medicine. Every Forbidden Land should have one or two stalks at least.

Ling Han suppressed the temptation in his heart. If he went to the Forbidden Lands now, that would definitely be seeking death. At present, his most important business was Gu Daoyi. He would s.n.a.t.c.h away the latter’s Divine Fetus to help his empress wife to achieve success, and advance into the Shattering Void Tier as soon as possible[1].

His days of happiness were right around the corner!

After exiting the Black Tower, he merely walked around outside, and he already heard people talking about a strange and powerful Demonic Beast pulling a chariot everywhere he went.

The three Phoenix Kings were now wrapped around each other, and had also withdrawn their divine flame. Their saintly might was diffused, and what kind of creature it was could not be distinguished from a mere look. They would only think that it was a Divine Beast that had never been seen before.

But a powerful Divine Beast was pulling a chariot, which had a chest on it. This was both strange and mysterious. This was the most suitable topic for gossip in their leisure time.

“Hey, hey, hey, did you hear? On a barren star, an ancient chariot has appeared. There is a chest on it, but no one can open it!”

“Who hasn’t heard of it by now? An incredibly powerful Demonic Beast is pulling the chariot, and no one can recognize it!”

“Everyone is deducing that that ancient star must have once had a glorious martial arts civilization, but it was destroyed by an ultra huge battle.”

“There must be supreme rare treasures hidden within the chest!”

“That’s right. Now, more and more of our senior brothers and senior sisters have rushed there, wanting to get hold of the rare treasures in the chest.”

“It is said that there are ancient words on the chest, saying that the scriptures of a Celestial King are hidden within.”

“Scriptures of a Celestial King; what is that?”

“I don’t know, either, but it sounds very impressive.”

[1] This is likely a typo from the author, as Shattering Void Tier is a cultivation level from the Lower Realm. It should be the Genesis Tier, most likely.

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