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If Fang Yuan were here, he would have been very grateful for his own decision.

The Cosmic Lifeform Alliance really did negotiate with the Human Alliance!

Fortunately, his location was not fixed, and he had great combat power. The Human Alliance had not found an opportunity to start.

Moreover, the Gaias People were against it. They wanted to annihilate the Human Alliance since they had been battling for long. It was not easy to erase the hatred.

It was anybody's guess what the higher echelons of the Human Alliance would do to obtain a temporary ceasefire in the war otherwise.

"Devil Galaxy, we'll be back!"

Augustus caught up with the team after a while. "Send a message to Venerable Three Star. We need to have a deeper collaboration with that Lin Meng!"

Now that negotiations had broken down, it was natural to fight with whatever they could.

Fang Yuan was now in a very favorable position.

He had completely memorized the legendary arcane spell model he had extorted from Venerable Three Star and had entered a state of rapid a.n.a.lysis.

"As expected… the legendary arcane spell Still Time is a joke!"

Time and s.p.a.ce were the most profound Great Dao powers. How could they possibly grasp them easily?

Halfway through his a.n.a.lysis, Fang Yuan confirmed what Venerable Three Star had said. This legendary arcane spell did not stop time but accelerated oneself, creating the illusion that everything else was stagnant!

"But even so, this arcane spell is still extraordinary!"

It was enough for Fang Yuan to kill his opponent hundreds of times even if he could only increase his speed by one second.

Especially when this arcane spell combined with the Immortal Sword Tactics!

"I have to inscribe it on the mecha once I complete my a.n.a.lysis of this arcane spell… It could very well become my trump card when amplified by the mecha!"

Fang Yuan went to the Blood Dragon Thearch's head and sat cross-legged.

This mecha was extremely tall, and there was a red dragon horn on the top of its head, making it even more majestic.

"I've determined the arcane spell and immortal technique inscriptions. Next is to test my skills as an inscriber… Dao Patterns have similarities with arrays. Since I have experience with the Eight Gates Sword Array, and I'm proficient in the Dao of Array, I don't have to be too worried…"

The only ones who could inscribe two immortal techniques on a mecha were Inscription Grandmasters.

Venerable Three Star's Gemini Star was one. Fang Yuan had yet to meet a second.

However, he had the confidence he could bring the Blood Dragon Thearch to that level.

"In fact, this mecha is a huge treasure!"

Fang Yuan caressed the cold mecha and shut his eyes.

There were still some remnants of the Seven Emotions Overmind's flesh and genes in the Blood Dragon Thearch. Of course, he had thoroughly refined them by now, and even the Abominable Lord would not be able to do anything funny.

However, the information in this flesh could give him more knowledge about the enemy.

During this period of time, besides waiting for the Human Alliance to suffer a great defeat, as well as a.n.a.lyzing the arcane spell and the Dao Pattern inscription, most of his time was spent on cracking the secrets in the Abominable Lord's genes.

The opponent was proficient in the Dao of Dream Master and had cast protections early. Nonetheless, there was still something to be gained from the things left behind.

"The Demon G.o.d realm can be divided into three stages: Void Amalgamation, Myriad Transformations, and Netherheaven! This Abominable Lord is only a Netherheaven Demon G.o.d… Of course, he's already at the pinnacle. The power of his Great Dao itself is enough to protect him from and even contend against a Heavenly Dao. And he's merely a little way from reaching perfection!"

Speaking of which, this Abominable Lord was also quite unlucky.

He was only lacking the Creation Great Dao in Fang Yuan's hands!

This was the remnant of the Dream Master Dao path left all those years ago, which had now sublimated in his hands.

The Abominable Lord was undermined just like that. Otherwise, he might have already broken through to the realm after Demon G.o.d.

"Of course… this is also a test for me!" Fang Yuan's expression turned solemn. "The other party possesses part of the Dream Master Dao path, and we're fighting each other over our Great Daos. We won't rest until the other is dead! He can't breakthrough if he doesn't devour me, and similarly, I won't be able to ascend to the realm after Netherheaven if I don't devour him!

"After Netherheaven Demon G.o.d, the power of a Great Dao matures and bears fruit. The result is the Dao Fruit realm!"

This was also information from the Abominable Lord.

Fang Yuan thought it over and felt there were no falsehoods.

"The Dao Fruit realm is mysterious. Even the Abominable Lord might only know the name… but nothing about its powers."

His eyes lit up again as he thought about this.

After Demon G.o.d was the Dao Fruit realm!

This was equivalent to pointing out a clear path for him to move forward on, even though there was a huge roadblock on this path.

He would never be able to advance to the Dao Fruit realm if he did not regain that part of the Dao of Dream Master that the Abominable Lord had seized.

"My most urgent task now is to break through to the third level of Heaven Devouring Mystic Technique and then fight the Abominable Lord… Destiny lies in effort, then weakening him, and then finally absolutely devitalizing him!"

Fang Yuan had his own profound understanding of destiny now.

Before, the Abominable Lord could be considered ferocious and was able to crush him more easily than killing an ant.

However, his incarnation had fallen into this world at the same time as that of Fang Yuan. They had both begun at the same starting line, so there was now a possibility of surpa.s.sing him.

Even if it was only destroying his Magical Clone, not causing much damage to his main body, it was enough to obtain a victory.

He would take the chance to bite and bleed his opponent whenever he had the opportunity. This was the way to win from a position of weakness.

"The Abominable Lord is at the pinnacle of Netherheaven Demon G.o.d. How many external Daos has he integrated into his Great Dao?"

Fang Yuan looked solemn with this thought.

Obviously, the Abominable Lord's strength far exceeded his currently.

Fortunately, they had begun at the same starting line in this world. He could feel that the other party's strength was not too far from his during their last battle.

This was the best opportunity!

"Newsflas.h.!.+ The Human Alliance has completely withdrawn from the Devil Galaxy after the fall of Opher's planetary fortress! The head of state has made a series of speeches announcing that the Alliance is entering a state of war!

"We must counterattack immediately, back to the Devil Galaxy! Otherwise, not only will the population of the cosmic lifeforms increase drastically, but our mechas will also become sc.r.a.p metal due to lack of energy!"

Fang Yuan turned on a random channel and was pleased to see the Human Alliance had suffered a defeat.

He immediately picked up a new communicator and contacted Venerable Three Star. "I think… we can now deepen our cooperation!"

"All right!" Venerable Three Star was naturally dispirited. "You truly know when to choose the time. Tell me, what requests do you have?"

"No requests. I can reach Planet East Dragon in a day!"

Fang Yuan continued, "Place the research inst.i.tute there as well."

The resentment between the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance and the Human Alliance meant that once one of them had an advantage, they would chase after the other party until they destroyed them.

It was useless even if the Abominable Lord occupied a high position among them.

At this time, he no longer needed to worry about whether he would become a sacrificial lamb.

"There is more than a ninety percent chance of winning. It's worth the bet. At the very worst, I'll just abandon this body and leave this world!"

He moved quickly after he made his decision.

Fang Yuan entered the Blood Dragon Thearch, brought hundreds of his subordinates, and reached Planet East Dragon in less than a day.

Planet East Dragon, East Dragon University.

Buildings were rising from the ground. All of Planet East Dragon had emerged from the previous battle. Even East Dragon University was rebuilding at an incredible speed.


The landing of hundreds of mechas brought shock and terror to the school.

The scene of the Blood Dragons going berserk was still fresh in their minds after all.

"Haha. You're here!" The Gemini Star flew out from the campus and greeted him in person. "Sir Augustus is waiting for you below!"

"Let's go!"

Fang Yuan brought the Blood Dragon Thearch to the landing spot and saw the golden mecha not far away.

"Thearch-grade mecha—Wings of the Sun G.o.d!"

The c.o.c.kpit opened. A middle-aged man with silver-blond hair came out from the mecha and extended his right hand. "Welcome, our ally!

"We must work together to fight these cosmic lifeforms!"

Fang Yuan walked out of the Blood Dragon Thearch and shook hands with Augustus. "I hope my arrival will be of use to you!"

"Of course. We've decided to carry out Professor Fu Hongxue's plan and restarted the manufacturing of the Blood Dragon series!" Augustus said.

He had no choice but to do so.

The Human Alliance might actually perish if it did not recapture the Devil Galaxy.

After hearing the sincerity in the other party's voice, Fang Yuan asked, "Very well. How do we guarantee our interests?"

"We will sign a sacred and unbreakable contract. The binding parties will be you, me, Dark Star, Three Star, Thunder G.o.d, Black Death G.o.d, and the others in the higher echelons… Any violators will be severely punished without exception!" Augustus said in a deep voice.

"No problem!" Fang Yuan smiled in agreement but rolled his eyes inwardly.

They obviously had such a contract but did not take it out earlier. These higher echelons really had other designs.

Nevertheless, they had to collaborate when faced with the crisis of extinction.

"Other than that… I am inviting you to join in the next mission against the Devil Galaxy!"

"That's no problem. I'll be there piloting the Blood Dragon Thearch!" Fang Yuan nodded, turned toward Professor Fu Hongxue by the side, gave a small smile. "Sorry…"

"It's all right. The Zerg would have taken it away if it weren't for you. This is still acceptable in comparison…" Fu Hongxue replied. "However, can you entrust this mecha to me for maintenance and research?"

He stared obsessively at the Blood Dragon Thearch, as though seeing the G.o.d he believed in in the flesh.

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