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"Fellow pa.s.sengers, welcome to Eastern Star. I am your captain, Zhao Jingyu. I am delighted to be serving you today. Our flight uses the newest technology in the Alliance. Along the way, we will be pa.s.sing through two wormholes. The entire journey will take three days, and our destination is Planet East Dragon…"

Fang Yuan sat on a padded seat inside the interstellar s.h.i.+p.

After he had registered and received the notification from East Dragon University, he left for his destination immediately.

He looked around his surroundings with interest.

The humans in this era were blessed, as they could enjoy intergalactic travel. Currently, he was sitting in a budget cabin. There was no personal s.p.a.ce other than a seat, but he could extend it, spreading it into a bed. Furthermore, there were curtains for privacy. The various delicate designs were very elaborate.

"Ah… what a shame. Lin Meng's savings were only enough to purchase the cheapest ticket. After buying one, I don't have a single cent left. If it weren't for my university admission, I wouldn't have even obtained a discount…"

Fang Yuan shook his head. "It looks like I need to start earning some cash."

No matter what a world's cultivation path was, money was still an important concept. Fang Yuan would not neglect this at all.

Since the s.h.i.+p had not taken off, the atmosphere inside remained lively. His surroundings drew his attention, and he saw many students like him.

"Planet East Dragon is the technological capital of the Human Alliance. Not only is East Dragon University there, but there are also several other well-known inst.i.tutions and research inst.i.tutes. The students traveling here must be the top students of Planet Blue Ray…"

Fang Yuan scanned his surroundings but failed to spot a single familiar face.

"Hi! Are you heading to Planet East Dragon, too?" To his right, a girl with a ponytail smiled at him. "My name is Marianne. I'm from Tianhuang City!"

"h.e.l.lo! My name is Lin Meng!" Fang Yuan responded as he examined the technology around him. He was a little excited. "The Human Alliance's technology has a s.h.i.+p like this. Too interesting. I wonder if the wormholes are artificially-created or natural. If it's the former, that'd be amazing!"

This world suppressed Demon G.o.ds as well. However, he speculated that when he broke the seal and recovered his strength completely, he could survive in s.p.a.ce or even perform interstellar travel.

As for whether or not he could destroy a star to attain the achievement of 'Star Destroyer', he needed to test it out.

Suddenly, the entire Eastern Star began to vibrate. Every student experienced a sudden increase in gravity.

An exuberant robotic female voice reminded the pa.s.sengers, "Our s.h.i.+p is taking off! Entering the acceleration state. Pa.s.sengers, please put on your seatbelts!"

Next to Fang Yuan and Marianne, a fatty grumbled, "d.a.m.n… I knew there would be a problem with this budget cabin! Even the anti-gravity magnets are so old… If I hadn't booked the tickets too late and the VIP seats were sold out, I wouldn't be sitting in a seat like this!"

"Huang Tianba, why don't you keep quiet?" Marianne's face revealed irritation.

"Huang Tianba?!"

Fang Yuan looked at this little fatty. His body was well-rounded, and his cheeks had a red glow. However, his tiny eyes were sharp. He looked fat but was cunning, not a simple person at all.

His Heavenly Eye Seer Spell allowed him to observe the three states of man. Upon meeting a person, he did not have to use his magical powers at all, and he could tell their status with one look. A person's experiences will ultimately leave behind a trace. This Huang Tianba must have come from a wealthy family. He has guts of steel but is as cunning as a fox. The only child of the family, but he knows kindness. Hmm, he's even interested in Marianne. He said that intentionally to attract her attention.

"Hey! Brother, which school were you from?"

Huang Tianba laughed loudly while unfastening his seatbelt casually. Leaning forward, he greeted Fang Yuan. "I barely made it through the exam, so I can only be a monk at Vajra Meditation University. Thankfully, monk cultivators don't have to shave their heads anymore, and they can also get married in the future. My family's three generations can't end with me! Hold on, doesn't the name Lin Meng ring a bell?"

"Of course, he's the top scholar from the neighboring city, third on the planet!" Marianne rolled her eyes.

"So, you're that Lin Meng. You're my idol!" Huang Tianba slapped his thigh. "d.a.m.n… you're amazing. A perfect score. To think that I struggled so hard, selling my soul to my studies, but only scored a mere 270. Big Bro, what's your secret?"

Even though he looked rough, he did not arouse hatred at all.

Fang Yuan smiled a little. He was about to speak when he suddenly felt gravity disappear. In an instant, he became 'weightless'.

He gazed at the view outside the window. "This is… outer s.p.a.ce!"

"Fang Yuan, is this your first time traveling through s.p.a.ce?" Huang Tianba looked in a different direction. "When I was seven, my father took me to Planet Rainbow for fun. You probably don't know how fun that place is. The entire planet is like a huge playground! You can spend your entire life exploring the place!"

"Stop it!" Marianne exposed him immediately. "All you did was to buy the cheapest tickets and take a few pictures there before you returned. You didn't even spend a single night there. Planet Rainbow is also known as the Gold-Spending Heaven. Staying there overnight would cost you billions of star dollars."

"Hehe. Marianne, why do you expose me all the time?" Huang Tianba rubbed his head, embarra.s.sed. Then he looked at Fang Yuan. "Big Bro Lin, you're the best. You were admitted into East Dragon University, right? You must be the first one who made it from our side."

The reputation of East Dragon University was no small matter.

Fang Yuan furrowed his brow, feeling numerous curious and searching gazes landing on him at once.

"It's just luck!" he replied modestly. "That's right, do you know anything about Planet East Dragon? Also, is the wormhole we're pa.s.sing through artificial or natural?"

Lin Meng was just a high school student. He had not traveled through the galaxy in his life, so he did not pay attention to these matters.

"The wormhole is natural… However, I heard that a Grand Arcanist and an Undead Immortal from an elite research inst.i.tute managed to create a temporary wormhole…" Marianne seemed very knowledgeable about this. "My goal is to become a research-type cultivator. I will enter one of those top laboratories and work there!"

"That's right! Leave the fighting to others!" Huang Tianba added shamelessly. Then he boasted a little. "My father wants me to join combat department. It seems Vajra Meditation University's expertise is in this! However, what I want to do is construct research!"

Construct research referred to mechas in this world! Of course, it included cultivation's puppetry and the Arcane's spiritual awakening. It was high-end technology with terrifying combat power.

A top-tier mecha pilot was equivalent to a small squad of s.p.a.ce battles.h.i.+ps. Furthermore, they had exceptional mobility and concealment. They were often mobilized to infiltrate behind enemy lines.

"I'm sorry, but Vajra Meditation University doesn't offer those courses!" Marianne attacked him mercilessly. "On the other hand, East Dragon University is the top in this area of research…"

With that, she looked at Fang Yuan.

"Me?" Fang Yuan rubbed his nose. "I haven't thought about what my major will be. I want to become a cultivator before I think about it…"

"That's right!" Huang Tianba nodded continuously, his expression containing excited. "Planet East Dragon, huh… I haven't been there before. But since it's a gathering spot for cultivation universities, it's probably full of heaven and earth spiritual energy, singing bird and flagrant flowers everywhere. It's a blessed paradise…"

"Since it's a place where lots of cultivation universities have gathered, there's something special!" Fang Yuan nodded. He glanced at the tablet on his palm. "But… it seems like I can't find any information on it."

"That's obvious. It's the place with the best technology in the Alliance! Of course, it'd be top secret!" Marianne seemed used to this. "On top of that, we have our enemy as well!"

"That's right. The Human Alliance's opponent, the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance! Of course, it'd be more accurate to call them the Monster Alliance!"

Huang Tianba sighed.

The humans in this world had entered the stars to plunder planets and resources. Naturally, they would meet resistance.

Within that entire process, they met all sorts of human races. Even though they had slight variations, most were human-like. Thus, they allied and became the Human Alliance.

Their greatest enemy was all types of s.p.a.ce lifeforms and alien civilizations. In terms of life, forms, or societal structures, they were inherently different from humans. In the past, they would be known as demons and monsters, so it would not be wrong to call them the Monster Alliance.

Of which, one symbolic life form was the Zerg. Many of these parasites manifested as opponents in the college entrance exams.

"No matter how big the universe is, there is always a limit to its resources. Just like our ancestral planet, they searched the entire galaxy but failed to find another planet that could sustain life…" Fang Yuan responded.

"So, all of this is because of the pressure of survival and expansion… In reality, the Human Alliance and the Cosmic Lifeform Alliance are nothing more than a part of the universe's whims. Compared to fighting each other here, they should split their territory and focus on expansion. However, if even we can think of something like this, the people in power must have considered this before. Is the reason they're not doing this is because of feasibility, technological limits, or another reason they can't give up?"

"Lin Meng, that's deep…"

Marianne and Huang Tianba exchanged glances.

"I'm just voicing my thoughts!"

Fang Yuan smiled gently before shutting his eyes. He began to meditate deeply again.

Even though he was only going to travel for a few days, he could not afford to waste any time.

When he opened his eyes again, Planet East Dragon was within sight!

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