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Chapter 719: Blessing

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"I can't believe we actually made it back alive…"

Clegg and Michael mutually supported each other and emotionally entered the entrance of the camp.

"We have Mister Luhn to thank for everything…"

Clegg gratefully looked toward Fang Yuan beside him.

The annihilation of the Sun G.o.d Nation had abruptly arrived, catching everyone off guard.

During this critical moment, Luhn had appeared and saved them.

After that, with the Evil Demons rampaging about the Demon Territory, the three of them supported one another and, with some miraculous luck, managed to survive until now.

Based on this, even though they had previously doubted Fang Yuan, they did not even want to mention it now.

"Too bad… Amanda…" Michael mumbled, his voice carrying a tinge of sadness.

To his knowledge, Amanda had fallen into a trap of the Sun G.o.d pyramid. Perhaps, she had already perished without leaving a trace of her skeleton behind.

Even though it was still possible for her to miraculously survive, with the later annihilation of the G.o.d Nation and the catastrophe of the rampaging Evil Demons, the hope was very slim.

"I don't believe it!" Clegg was resolute, his face determined. "Unless I personally see Amanda's corpse, I definitely won't believe that she's dead…"

Fang Yuan glanced at the surroundings and bade goodbye, "Alright… You two, this is where we'll part!"

"This… No matter what happens, let us entertain you once. This is a slight repayment for your kindness!"

Clegg touched his nose. "Mister Luhn, you must also be very confused with such a huge incident occurring. Why not go together with us? It'll at least make inquiring information slightly more convenient, and among the adventurers here, we have a few connections…"

"No need!" Fang Yuan pointed in front. "The people fetching me have already arrived!"


Clegg and Michael were instantly stunned upon seeing a group of Harvest pastors approaching.

"One, two, three, four… For the Harvest Lady's pastors, we can use the golden wheat ear lines on their clothes to identify them. The more lines there are, the higher the rank… This lady actually has five bars. Could she be the Pope of Harvest?"

Michael released an astonished gasp, hurriedly tugging at Clegg and Fang Yuan. "Quickly avoid them, or it'd be a sign of disrespect towards the G.o.ds! This is a huge sin in any country!"

He quickly retreated to the side and let them cross, his face carrying some doubts. "Seeing their demeanor, it seems that they're here to welcome some big shot. What kind of person would cause a Pope to act like this? Could it be some Legend that has been prominent for some time?"

"Michael!" At this moment, Clegg thought of something and tugged at Michael's arms with a shocked face. "Look!"

As they looked on with widened eyes, the tall and slim female Pope arrived in front of Fang Yuan and slightly bowed. "We welcome your arrival, Your Majesty!"

"Ah, seems that after receiving my information, you instantly rushed over…" Fang Yuan glanced around. "Are there many Legends here?"

"There are a total of thirty-six Legends and ten secular kings and princes, the highest-ranking among them is Crown Prince William. Of course, if he knew that you were here, he'd definitely come personally to welcome you. After all, you are not only a Legend, but the founder of the Orchid Dynasty!"

This Pope of Harvest was named Miranda. Fang Yuan had previously seen her once, and she had left behind a lasting impression on him with her tall and slim figure and her manner of speech that resembled a breath of fresh air.

"Furthermore, within these people, there are also many special existences that came here following the G.o.ds' will!" Miranda blinked. "There's also the Son of Salvation, who had left the Orchid Kingdom—Heim!"

"Heim? I wouldn't mind meeting him…"

Fang Yuan laughed and let Miranda lead the way as they walked toward the bazaar.

The people on both sides respectfully gave way, glancing at them with various complex gazes.

In their positions, Clegg and Michael stood dazed like two statues.

After a long time, Michael opened his mouth wide and said in disbelief, "I didn't mishear, right? The Pope called Luhn… Your Majesty?"

"Of course, you didn't mishear!" Clegg rolled his eyes. "That female Pope even added more t.i.tles to Luhn. Legend! Orchid King! Although I'd already guessed that Luhn's origin wasn't simple, I still can't believe that his background is actually so impressive!"

Of course, Fang Yuan did not bother about what these two would do.

The reasons why he chose to conveniently save them were firstly because he was a little familiar with them and felt that they were not fated to die after meeting him, and secondly, it was a quest for destiny.

No matter whether it was successful or not, it was done with minimal effort and did not cost anything.

"Your Majesty, the G.o.ddess is very interested in you!"

After entering a magnificent temporary tent, a subtle smile appeared on Miranda.

The G.o.ddess had expressed a lot of interest in a mortal! In this world, this usually carried l.u.s.tful implications and some indescribable temptations.

Furthermore, the true body of the G.o.ddess could not descend into the mortal world. Thus, she often used incarnations, and even spiritual possessions.

Speaking of which, if it was a spiritual possession, Miranda was the best candidate!

However, Fang Yuan completely did not think of such flowery imagery. Instead, his face was serious. "Because of my warning? The Sun has already landed in the hands of Purgatory!"

Truthfully speaking, a Legend king that suddenly abandoned his own nation and left for the Demon Territory to explore seemed strange no matter how it was viewed.

However, with the ident.i.ty of a Son of Purgatory as an excuse, it was flawless.

After all, upon hearing that the final battle was imminent, any Son of Purgatory would put down everything they were doing and leave for the Demon Territory.

With the other Sons of Purgatory as a s.h.i.+eld, Fang Yuan's actions were completely reasonable.

However, the Sons of Purgatory who could observe the Sun being swallowed by the Purgatory were extremely few.

Fang Yuan keenly sensed that the moment he asked this question, a transformation occurred.

The domain of a G.o.d enveloped the tent and formed its own heaven and earth, completely separating the tent from the outside world.

"Luhn, what do you mean by that? What did you see?" Miranda asked again, but her voice carried a different kind of majesty.

Spiritual possession, huh? What a careful G.o.ddess…

A golden light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes as he slightly bowed. "I didn't obtain much this time. I only followed a Death G.o.d believer to the Scarlet Gorge and saw the opening of the Sun G.o.d Nation and the rivalry between two Evil G.o.ds… As for the final outcome… sorry, I still wanted to live so I left first."

"You made the right decision…" Facing this excuse, even Willa was unable to find a reason to rebuke.

After all, the difference between a G.o.d and Legend was really too big.

If a Legend actually met something like this and was wise enough to retreat and protect themselves, it was certainly a very accurate decision.

"Death and Slaughter? If it was them who obtained the Sun G.o.dhood… it's a catastrophe for the entire world!"

Willa was successfully misled by Fang Yuan. After all, the seizure of the sun by the Purgatory was indeed the revelation of destiny.

Unfortunately, this type of revelation was usually overly vague.

Throughout history, there were examples of G.o.ds going against destiny, but they still ultimately accelerated it to achieve what destiny had originally planned.

In fact, it was the only chance of survival for the world if the two Evil G.o.ds had obtained the Sun G.o.dhood.

If Apophis had obtained the sun, the world would descend into a catastrophe of utter annihilation.

Unfortunately, everything had already been decided. Even destiny was unable to reverse the trend.

A smile emerged on Fang Yuan as he was wordlessly mocking destiny. "Then, what should we do?"

"We need to partic.i.p.ate in the final battle!"

Willa stared at Fang Yuan and actually spoke with a somewhat affectionate tone. "Luhn, you're a person of our world. Even if you were chosen as a Son of Purgatory, you are still on our side.

"There are many Sons of Purgatory like you, and us G.o.ds will give all of you blessings. All of you will partic.i.p.ate in the final battle and strengthen your chance of apotheosizing by seizing divinity before finally defeating the Evil G.o.ds and Apophis!"

"Of course, I'm standing on the side of the world!" Fang Yuan said with righteousness. "Isn't this the plans of the G.o.ds?"

"You will not know G.o.ds' decisions! Although it's extremely difficult for a Legend to ascend and become a G.o.d, each of us will sacrifice a portion of our strength and propel all of you into a Half-G.o.d Son of Purgatory, to the extent of igniting divine fire!

"With this and you cooperating together, as well as a few special Sons of the World, even if you encounter Evil G.o.ds, you'd be ready to battle them."

Willa's vision was s.h.i.+ning as she gazed at Fang Yuan. "Now… go and rest well. The G.o.ds and all of the Legends in this world will become your firm support!"

"Everything for the world!"

Fang Yuan nodded and walked out of the tent. Then he was respectfully invited into another tent.

The layout inside was extremely luxurious and had a few weapons that looked extremely terrifying, like they were half-artifacts.

"According to the G.o.ddess' order, you can take and use anything inside this camp while you're here!"

Two beautiful pastors emphasized the word 'anything' with a teasing tone in their voice.

"Send my thanks to the G.o.ds for their kind intentions on my behalf!"

Fang Yuan ignored the pitiful gazes of the two pastors and instead brandished a long sword from the table.

This sword was the traditional structure of a cross. From the outside, it looked simple and unadorned, not even that s.h.i.+ny.

However, Fang Yuan could sense the powerful magic contained within. "Half-artifact?"

"That's right!"

Although they were slightly disappointed, the female pastors still fulfilled their role. "Formed using ores from the G.o.d World, personally forged by the Forge G.o.d, infused with the blood of three Legends, and blessed by the War G.o.d. Basically… the Legend Sons of Purgatory on the side of the G.o.ds will receive such treatment, but you are special. The G.o.ddess has personally helped you obtain this divine armor that is even sufficient to resist a blow from a G.o.d!"

"Thank you, G.o.ddess!"

Fang Yuan once again made a praying gesture with his hands. "Now… all of you can leave!"

After waiting for the tent to become empty, he flung the sword onto the table and laughed coldly in his heart. "Although they've shown their hand, it seems that this isn't their entire plan!"

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