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"Decree: Confinement!"

The same language came from Fang Yuan, but the effect was extraordinary.

The chains that condensed in the sky could even be seen with the naked eye, firmly restraining Redwin.

"I said, you don't know anything about true power!"

Fang Yuan glanced at the Evil Demon below him with pity as he raised his hand and snapped. "Decree: Death!"

This was a fatal curse similar to the great decomposition spell and could kill with one strike. Of course, once Fang Yuan employed it, the probability that it would kill a Legend was as high as ninety percent or greater!

Even a True G.o.d was very likely to be killed with one blow.


Redwin gasped, and the Evil Demon body suddenly lost all of its vitality as he collapsed.

Very good. I've incorporated the Disaster Knight's 'Finger of Death' with the rules inspired by the Death G.o.dhood. The profane demon language that was developed could be said to be the most powerful single target offence…

All the Evil Demon languages originated from Fang Yuan.

In other words, if Redwin was the sorcerer, then Fang Yuan was the magic network. Whatever magic spells he could obtain, and the extent of the power, were all given to him by Fang Yuan.

Just like this 'Decree: Death' rule spell that was impossible to appear within the spell forms of the other Sons of Purgatory.

In such a situation, he still wanted to put up a desperate struggle. How could he possibly live?

Buzz Buzz!

From the corpse, a large sphere of golden divinity appeared like a small sun and entered Fang Yuan, like a swallow immersing in the woods.

That extremely strong undulations made Wayne look on with immense envy and a deep wariness.

At the moment, he was already completely shocked by the abilities Fang Yuan displayed. "A Legend Son of Purgatory was actually so powerless in front of him. What realm is this? Could it be that he has already ignited the divine fire? Or is on the brink of apotheosis?"

Even a Legend would have differences in their strength.

And Fang Yuan's performance had evidently shocked Wayne and Surran.

"Son of Purgatory?!"

The outlines of guards could already be seen on the streets as Ollie rushed over and gathered the surrounding air currents to form a storm. "You better all remain. Wind Wall!"

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

The terrifying winds instantly swept in all four directions, blocking Fang Yuan and the rest from retreating.

"Storm Ollie, he's arrived too quickly!" Surran said with a hurried voice. "Our task is completed and we must instantly withdraw. It's better if we don't expose our ident.i.ties!"

No matter what Redwin did, he was ultimately still the crown prince of the Noether Kingdom.

Once it was revealed, no matter what the reason was, Ollie would have to fight to the death with them, while the king, who knew the inside information, would also not let them go.

"Hehe… It's just a Legend. Even if it's the entire Noether Kingdom, so what?" Fang Yuan glanced at Efia. "Your church's preparations are still not sufficient?"

"Although we have drawn over many n.o.ble families, the benefits distribution still needs to be discussed!"

Efia rapidly retreated while her heart was simultaneously criticizing silently.

In fact, wasn't the reason why this happened because of Knight Luhn?

If not for his huge appet.i.te of actually wanting to swallow the entire Noether Kingdom, with the preparations of the Church of Harvest, they could entirely use this Redwin incident to force the king to abdicate.

"Hmm, speaking of which, this Ollie is also my future subject, so I'll spare his life."

A ball of crimson red flame appeared in Fang Yuan's hands, and he casually threw it in Ollie's direction.


An astounding explosion emerged and a mushroom cloud billowed upward.

Half of the district instantly vaporized, and innumerable guards and soldiers died.

"Legend Spell: Flame Burning City?"

After a long time, the flames finally exploded and revealed Ollie's figure. He frowned and looked at the scene of the disaster. "It doesn't seem to be… who was that ? A Legend Son of Purgatory actually appeared!"

Unfortunately, no matter how he searched, he could already no longer find any trace of them.

In the countryside.

"Thanks for your a.s.sistance this time!" Efia solemnly bowed toward Fang Yuan. "Knight Luhn, in the name of the G.o.ddess, the Church will forever stand behind you and support you in obtaining this land!"

Fang Yuan smiled slightly and said honestly, "After I return, I will dispatch the army and attack the Noether Kingdom!"

Although the Stan Duchy's lands were not even one-fifth the size of the Noether Kingdom's, times had changed.

After experiencing the catastrophe of the Evil Demons, the closer it was to the central region, the great the disaster and destruction.

Furthermore, with the crisis of the G.o.ds' descent, the greater the lands, the more severe the blow received was.

At this point, although there was still a disparity between the two sides, it was not so obvious.

Furthermore, even if it was the original Noether Kingdom, as long as Fang Yuan was here, he similarly had confidence of achieving victory, not even mentioning the reinforcements of the Harvest Lady.

This is a king!

Surran looked at this silently and sighed in his heart, knowing that in this huge era, Fang Yuan would be an important person and trailblazer of this era.

In comparison, he was like an old relic that was about to be eliminated.

With a bit of regret and shock, the two finally separated.

Fang Yuan silently stood on an emerald rock and looked at his stats window.

"Name: Luhn (Fang Yuan)

Hidden G.o.d Name: Apophis (Master of the Nine Tier Purgatory)

Essence: 150.0 (200)

Spirit: 150.0 (200)

Magic: 150.0 (200)

G.o.dhood: Death, Slaughter, Evil Demons

Profession: Warrior (Legendary), Disaster Knight

Cultivation: Fighting Armor, Disaster Halo (Level 5)

Specialization: Medicine [Level 3], Botany [Level 6] (Maximum), Fiery Golden Eyes [Level 3]"

"This ident.i.ty is already reaching my pinnacle strength. Of course, that large bunch of divinity was also an important factor…"

Fang Yuan's previous divinity was just camouflage. Now, after absorbing back the power of divinity from Redwin's body, he was truly grasping a portion of divinity.

The fundamental purpose of invading the huge Monger World, and using the origin power and his body to evolve the Purgatory, was still to refine origin power.

This was a power that originated from a higher Dream Master, sufficient to cause astounding transformations to his cultivation. Furthermore, it would allow him to break through the shackles that the past Sages couldn't!

"My current body is comparable to the Creation Sword Array's seventh tier's Illusionary Divine!"

The Creation Sword Array was the quintessence of Fang Yuan's dream path. The seventh tier was comparable to the past Sages, also known as Creators.

After establis.h.i.+ng the Heavenly Abode and being promoted, although it had yet to break through to the eighth tier, it was still very close.

Now, at the start of harvesting divinity, Fang Yuan could already confirm that if he was a True Elemental, he would definitely have broken through to the eighth tier!

"But is the eighth tier enough? The Eight Gates Sword Array has shackles at the eighth tier, but my Creation Sword Array has reached the pinnacle number of nine tiers!

"That ninth tier Illusionary Divine achieved stellar results after a day, creating the strongest Sage. After I use my ninth tier Creation Sword Array to break through, perhaps I can reach an even higher dimension!"

Ambition appeared in Fang Yuan's eyes.

As for the Monger World, it was just a pond that was too small for him! How could it bear the weight of his expectations?

He still needed to actually head toward the Metal Demon Realm and the source influencing that Huaxia civilization to search the higher dimensions, even pursuing the secret to immortality.

"To do all this, even if it's simply to face a potential attack from a higher dimension, I also require more power!"

Fang Yuan tightly clenched his fists.

Why did he dispatch his true body and enter the Monger World?

In fact, it was surrendering in a way!

Refining origin power while obtaining such huge achievements on the Dao of Dream Master, would that Mental Demon Realm's existence not somewhat sense it?

Even if a person did not notice tiny critters, what if one day those tiny ent.i.ties grew into a poisonous snake?

Therefore, Fang Yuan directly escaped from the Da Qian World and entered the larger Monger World.

In this way, even if that existence re-harvested Dream Masters in the future, that would only be in the Da Qian World, not affecting him at all.

Furthermore, there would even be sufficient time to s.h.i.+ft to a deeper level or think of countermeasures.

"However, this is just the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is if they don't even realize it when I break through and surpa.s.s a Sage. I could then calmly make arrangements for Da Qian "

Fang Yuan's gaze was grave, and he focused all of his attention on the divinity in his body.

This divinity was formed through disguising traces of origin power.

To Fang Yuan, this move was also impressive progress.

After all, the initial origin power itself had only one drop and could not be divided, but it could now create an uninterrupted flow of secondary power and affect a world.

And this time, he had used the power of the Evil Demon Placenta to divide the origin power into millions upon millions of pieces and injected them into the Monger World to have it use its powerful foundation to a.s.sist in refinement.

At the moment, gathering in advance a portion of the divinity was equivalent to grasping a bit of secondary origin power!

"Of course, this divinity all deeply conceals my will. As long as I don't die, n.o.body else will know the actual secrets within!"

Fang Yuan carefully savored this power and finally sealed up this piece of divinity.

"A Legend with divinity is already sufficient as an entrance ticket to the final battle! As for the remaining fruits, we'll still have to let them grow freely, such that they are the sweetest."

He looked toward the sky with a faint smile.

The retaliation of the world was already long within his expectations.

But even if the Son of Destiny of the Monger World could refine divinity, so what?

The more he refined, the more he would be affected by the origin power. In the end, even the entire world would have to obediently submit to him!

It was also something immensely profitable to be able to strategize and obtain a giant world while refining the origin power.

"Perhaps, with the help of origin power, it could raise my cultivation to the pinnacle, but it wouldn't be enough to break through. But if the foundation of the entire Monger World is added, that is definitely sufficient!"

Fang Yuan was extremely confident about this.

This was also a huge gamble!

If he were to succeed, he could launch a comeback in one strike and escape his shackles, while an entire world would also be at his disposal.

If he were to fail, he had also prepared backup measures. The only problem was that the future road would then become extremely difficult.

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