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"It seems that killing your own kind makes you feel very satisfied, right?"

Just as Redwin was absorbing the divinity, a teasing voice rang out.

A golden glow instantly struck his back, forming an obvious imprint.

"This… the sign of magic? A trap?"

Redwin's heart sank as he looked at the people appearing.

They seemed to be a team of adventurers. A female pastor was casting a holy spell while an elderly man and thief were by the side.

A scornful smile was on the thief's face. Just one look had Redwin confirm the Deity ident.i.ty of the other person.

Of course, there was still the Legend elderly man that made him anxious and doubtful.

"Hehe… What do I see?" Redwin focused on Wayne, and immediately, his eyes became very bright. "A Quasi-Legend Deity, how delightful… Should I thank the G.o.ds for sending you to me?"

"Blasphemer, you have no right to say this!" Efia's complexion changed.

"Of course… the jackals dispatched by the G.o.ds!" Redwin laughed maniacally. "So what if I blaspheme? Right now, they're only a group of useless people who don't even dare reveal their true bodies!"

"This… What is this…"

Efia s.h.i.+vered all over.

But as a pastor devoting her body and heart to serving Harvest Lady Willa, she unhesitatingly acted once again. "Holy Spell: Thorns!"

However, the next moment, she suddenly realized that the silhouette in front had already disappeared, only leaving behind a cloak penetrated by thorns.

Redwin had teleported behind her, his right hand already becoming Evil Demon claws viciously slas.h.i.+ng down.

Clever guy!

Surran was surprised, instantly knowing everything before was just a performance, and his goal was to create an opportunity to severely injure the high-level pastor Efia.

After all, a person inflicted with a spell imprint would be unlikely to escape the pursuit of a pastor.

"Zero-sum Spear!"

He promptly acted, the outline of a spear appearing, magically changing into a mirror that lay in front of Redwin.


A thick, black claw was caught and rebounded even faster.


Two mutated claws grabbed each other in the air, and the strong winds emitted directly turned the surroundings into disarray.

"Good! Worthy of being the Spear of Zero Surran! My Blood Hands has finally met a worthy opponent!"

Redwin laughed loudly and charged toward the window.


He barbarically slammed against the wall, instantly causing a big hole to appear, and then jumped onto the streets outside.

"Prince Redwin, you don't need to conceal yourself. We already know your ident.i.ty!" Wayne laughed strangely. "Not only you, even your father committed the crime of covering up and will be brought to trial!"

"You're really the people of the Harvest G.o.ddess!" Redwin's face instantly darkened. "That group of insatiable G.o.ds not only wants my power, they also want to s.n.a.t.c.h away my authority!"

Apparently, this was the reason he had rejected Willa.

The Harvest G.o.ddess wanted to establish a stable base and had to obtain the authority and power of the Noether Kingdom. But as the crown prince, Redwin was certainly not willing to obediently offer up his authority.

Furthermore, not only did she want the authority of the kingdom, she also wanted him to work himself to death for the G.o.ds. How could this be possible?

"Your Highness, it seems that you intend to fight to the end against us?"

Surran sighed and grabbed his long spear before tailing him.

"Haha… Just for one Legend and two high-level professionals wants to take me down?" Redwin laughed loudly, and a dark golden glow started fluctuating on his body.

Crackle! Kaboom!

Suddenly, the sleeves on both his arms burst apart, revealing Evil Demon arms that had hulking muscles covered with black scales and sharp nails.

And with the Evil Demon transformation, his aura also started surging.

"Decree: Shock!"

When he opened his mouth, what came out was a type of rule language.

In the blood-red glow, Wayne and Efia continuously retreated, feeling as if they were facing a terrifying, large Ancient Dragon, so constricted by the might of the dragon that their breathing became irregular.

Even for Surran, a loud explosion came from his body.

"You'll never understand the horror of a Son of Purgatory! Especially after I had become a Legend, I started interacting with the rules… This is a special ability that the language of the Evil Demons has bestowed upon me! Originating from the power of blood!"

Redwin roared and his arms burned with large, billowing flames.

Amid the bright glow of the flames, he brandished an executioner's sword with both hands as he jumped and viciously slashed. "Old man, go die!"


Facing such an overwhelming offense, Surun blocked with his long spear, producing a dull sound as he constantly retreated.

Even his Path of Zero had its limitations. Once encountering an offense that exceeded the limit, not only would it not deflect it, it would even cause him to suffer heavy damage.

Step! Step!

After receiving the blow, he felt a large force was pa.s.sed from his hands, causing his arms to become numb. Spiderweb-like cracks even appeared on the ground beneath his feet.

"Decree: Flames!"

Redwin did not stop. After repulsing Surran, he instantly charged toward Efia.

A large ball of crimson red flames, containing high temperatures that a normal Fireball would definitely not reach, poured down like magma.


With the opponent's Evil Demon language, Efia felt that her body could not move at all, already having thoughts of martyrdom as she closed her eyes and prayed.


At the critical moment, a black silhouette seemed to 'squeeze' out of thin air, flitting in front of her and tightly holding her to evade the flames.


The female pastor looked at Wayne, who had already grown a pair of Evil Demon wings, and mixed emotions appeared on her face.

"My blood brother, you think that with the little amount of divinity in your body, you can compete with me?"

Redwin let out a vicious smile, and the dark golden glow on his body boomed, subtly revealing the illusionary image of a huge Evil Demon.

Rays of dark golden glows converged and even had the trend of agglomerating divine fire.

A horrifying pressure suddenly fell on Wayne, causing his thoughts to stagnate as if he saw a natural enemy.

"This is the ability of a Legend Son of Purgatory? A legend, a Quasi-Legend, and an archbishop are actually losing!" Surran saw this and was also extremely frightened.

Fortunately, before they came, they had found a.s.sistance.

"I… want all of you to slowly relish the taste of death and fear…" Redwin pointed at Surran and the Evil Demons language directly exploded in Surran's heart, so directly he knew its meaning. "Decree: Disperse!"

An aquamarine ray instantly flew out. That strong aura even made Surran foresee the arrival of death.

Fang Yuan lightly sighed and directly appeared on the scene.

The aquamarine ray landed on his body and instantly melted away without any effect.

"This is a great decomposition spell. Landing merely a single time, an entire person will be reduced to the most fundamental particles… Even for a Legend, there is a 50% chance of dying in one blow!"

Of course, if it was this lethal for a Legend, the effect toward a True G.o.d would be reduced to less than half.

Fang Yuan, Ramon, and the Nine Pillar G.o.ds would nearly be completely immune to it.

When he blocked it, it caused Redwin to stare wide-eyed. "Legend? No… not right. You're… a Son of Purgatory?"

Different from Wayne, the divinity in Fang Yuan's body made Redwin seem like he was facing a great nemesis.

Between the Deities, they were usually restraining each other.

And at the moment, he felt that the power he had acc.u.mulated from killing nearly all the Deities in the Noether Kingdom was actually far inferior to the other's!

"This isn't possible!"

Redwin revealed an Evil Demon body and opened up his wings, immediately charging toward the sky.

At the instant he saw Fang Yuan, he escaped.

Not only did he escape, his shrill howls endlessly resounded in the sky above the city and attracted the guards.

The opponent was a prince of the Noether Kingdom, and his hunting and killing even secretly received the support of the kingdom. Naturally, he had nothing to fear, but to Fang Yuan, it was a little troublesome.

"Hehe… you think you can run?"

Fang Yuan raised the long knight sword, and an extremely condensed streak of sword radiance forked through the pitch black sky like a meteor.


The Evil Demon flying high in the sky was struck by the sword radiance, and various wounds appeared on its huge wings, making it to plummet to the ground.

Wayne, who was just about to extend his wings and chase, saw this and was immediately a little lifeless. "How is this possible? Isn't he a Disaster Knight?"

The Disaster Knight was a halo profession and could cast strong enhancement on allies, but it did not have such horrifying offensive capabilities.

Fang Yuan's footsteps were gentle as he soared lightly, arriving at the deep pit where the Evil Demon landed. "Redwin… You don't know anything about true power!"

"Nooo!" Redwin's mask had cracked and revealed his face full of b.l.o.o.d.y scars. He started roaring, "You've only killed more than me and control more divinity. If I had more time… I would definitely surpa.s.s you!"

He was not resigned to his fate!

The more powerful a person, the more afraid they were of death!

Not to mention, he was a future king and also a strong Legend. He would fully grasp power and authority for hundreds of years. How could he willingly accept this failure?

Step! Step!

Orderly footsteps surrounded them, and there was even a Legend's aura rapidly approaching, causing Redwin's face to release a look of ecstasy. "It's Ollie. Haha! Yes, he's just nearby! The activity here finally startled him!"

If just one Legend came, he would not die today!

As for his explanation to his subjects, that was something else altogether.

"Storm Ollie?" Surran looked at the figure that was racing over, his eyes grave. "I can only block him, but I'm unable to defeat him. I'll pa.s.s the task of killing Redwin to the three of them…"

In fact, he was clear that with the performances of Wayne and Efia, the main force could only be Luhn.

However, even if he was similarly a Legend Son of Purgatory, would he able to finish off the opponent that quickly?

He worriedly looked toward Fang Yuan, but instead saw a mocking smile.

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