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"Sir Surran, I can't believe that we met again so soon!"

Fang Yuan was similarly a little surprised, and he turned his gaze, immediately seeing Efia and Wayne.

There was nothing impressive about Efia. Although she was dressed as a sorcerer, she herself was instead a pastor. As for the other person, Wayne, he was a Quasi-Legend.

Not only that, the divinity in his body was also very rich. Evidently, he had killed many.

"These two are Efia and Wayne, the helpers the Church prepared for us!"

Surran saw Fang Yuan's gaze and introduced them to him.

"Hehe!" Fang Yuan laughed coldly and intentionally released a trace of the divinity's aura.

Instantly, Wayne, who was initially coldly looking on with animosity, immediately became like that previous team leader, feeling all the pores on his entire body tighten up. "Th-This… How is there such a huge disparity? I feel like if he were to act, he could definitely kill me! Could the boundary of a Legend be this horrifying?"

"Is this the power of a Legend Son of Purgatory?" Efia's face had also changed dramatically. "It seems like… the intelligence of the churches and True G.o.ds are truly vast. If they only relied on us, I'm afraid that we'd be unable to deal with that Son of Purgatory of the Noether Kingdom!"

When a Son of Purgatory became a Legend, the power they exerted was even more terrifying.

Therefore, after the Harvest Lady failed to draw him over, she thought to eradicate him.

"Greetings, both of you!" Fang Yuan lightly greeted, but he was only looking at Surran.

Naturally, only Legends would be able to converse equally with him. "Then, who is the target this time?"

"It's the crown prince of the kingdom—Redwin!" Surran sighed. "We have evidence that the king has long discovered his son's abnormalities, but didn't do anything about it. Instead, he secretly provided a.s.sistance!"

"Thus, the entire royal family must be exterminated!" Wayne added.


Fang Yuan naturally did not have an opinion.

Anyway, the complete annihilation of Noether Kingdom's royal family was largely beneficial to him as well.

At least when he was governing in the future, he would not need to worry about any royal family bloodline appearing.

As for any children born out of wedlock, inside the n.o.ble circles, the general consensus was that they had no succession rights.

As these Legends gathered, inside Noether Palace.

"Your Highness!"

In front of a desk, a staff member respectfully presented the latest doc.u.ments and intelligence, not daring to directly look at the person sitting.

He was wearing a long n.o.ble robe, his golden curls dancing like waves, his eyes the color of the sea. He looked to be only twenty years old, but already possessed the maturity and bearing that was completely inconsistent with an ordinary youth.

This was the first successor of the kingdom, Redwin, forty years old this year.

Not only was he proficient in etiquette and heraldry, he also had groundbreaking talent in arithmetic. Since he was twenty years old, he was made crown prince and a.s.sisted the king with government affairs.

What was even rarer was that, even with his busy schedule, he could still maintain his training to become a powerful professional.

His youthful complexion was a testament to this!

Redwin looked at this report and directly flung it on the table, breaking into laughter while saying, "The Evil Demon situation of the nation can finally be said to have improved… It's really ironic that, according to the deductions of the palace sorcerers, this was related to the recent disasters. Because of this catastrophe, we had the opportunity to catch our breath under the demonic claws of the Evil Demons, right?"

"Yes, Your Highness!" A person with the appearance of a scholar stood up.

He was around sixty years old, his eyebrows and beard were gray, and a pair of spectacles hung from the bridge of his nose. "But after these years of catastrophe, the grain production of our entire kingdom had rapidly deteriorated, and the price of barley within the capital has already inflated by hundreds of times compared to last year. Also, various feudal lords have lost many citizens and can't complete the coming year's reclamation."

Without reclamation, there would be no harvest.

"There's nothing that can be done. This problem even surfaced within the royal family's territory!"

Redwin had a slightly bitter smile.

In the eyes of the n.o.bles, these lower cla.s.s people and serfs were indeed like ants, and their deaths wouldn't be begrudged.

However, they could not be completely exterminated. Otherwise, who were the n.o.bles going to exploit in the future?

"Fortunately, there are people migrating from the central region that we can use as replenishment."

Redwin raised a porcelain teacup, savoring the black tea inside. "Do any of you have special news?"

While saying this, his mouth slightly arched, making everyone shudder with fear.

An a.s.sistant summoned his courage and said, "Special news… Stan Duchy Regent Timo has defeated all contenders and has already completely stabilized the situation within the nation!"

"Timo? No other way, he has a Legend's support!" Redwin exaggeratedly sighed and touched his forehead. "Slo, find some time to invite Master Ollie over to my palace. I want to discuss matters regarding that Disaster Knight."

"Your orders will be fulfilled!"

An attendant bowed and dismissed himself.

"Finally, it's a small piece of news. That Son of Salvation who appeared in the mine has already been taken away by people from the Church of the Life G.o.d. It's rumored that they'll announce him as the 'Son of G.o.d'!"

This news made Redwin's face sink. "No matter what, that infant named Heim is also a citizen of our Noether Kingdom. What right does that church have to s.n.a.t.c.h him? You trash, you couldn't even stop this!"

He was infuriated, and the staff below were helpless.

News regarding the Son of Salvation was not blocked off from the beginning.

When Redwin had commanded people to go, the Church of the Life G.o.d had already dispatched a team of high-level professionals to bring him away.

At this moment, they should have already been out of the boundaries of the Noether Kingdom. Their movement was so fast that even the Harvest Lady, who had intended to turn the Noether Kingdom into her territory, was unable to stop it. These mortals could only roll their eyes.

"d.a.m.n! All of you, get out!"

Redwin suddenly erupted, turning over the tea table in front of him.

The staff awkwardly retreated, leaving Redwin to sit there alone, heavily gasping. "Son of Salvation Heim?"

A dark golden glow appeared in his pupils. "I really want to see if your salvation is able to have any effect on me," he muttered in a raspy voice.

As a Legend Son of Purgatory, the prince had killed numerous Evil Demons and humans.

Facing a Son of Salvation who could 'cleanse' divinity, he was naturally filled with wariness and hostility. His first reaction was to completely control him.

Unfortunately, seemingly due to the obstruction of the world's will, everything fell short.

"Regardless, the G.o.ds' descent is now my best opportunity. If I don't quickly catch up to Death G.o.d Jay, I'll definitely die!"

Redwin's gaze was cold, and he suddenly pressed a mechanism.

A row of bookshelves moved backward to reveal a hidden door.

He walked inside and left the palace through a secret pa.s.sageway, his image already undergoing a huge transformation.

Blood-red cloak, white mask, and black warrior attire… Everything made him look like a Death G.o.d harvesting lives.

In fact, if he casually glanced over at the local Adventure Society, he would realize that there were wanted posters of 'Blood Hands Jack' everywhere.


It was already nightfall. Cold bright moonlight scattered on the ground.

Redwin let out a long sigh. "Ah, it's this feeling, the feeling of freedom! It's really intoxicating!"

Possessing a kingdom's backing, his hunting activities were obviously very smooth and repeatedly successful, allowing him to mature and become a Legend.

And it was also because of this that the 'prey' suitable for him became scarcer, forcing him to lower his standards.

"I like the smell of blood and enjoy seeing prey lying on the ground. That feeling full of desolation and helplessness… hehe… especially that howling grief just before they die, its even more beautiful that any music!"

The prince, who was disguised as Blood Hands Jack, laughed, suddenly melding into the darkness and disappearing.

Residential district of the capital, a two-story wooden building.

The adventurer team leader, who was given a nasty shock in the morning, lay on a bed in the leather armor he hadn't taken off.

At this time, a chilling feeling instantly coursed through his body.

"You're here! You're still unwilling to let me go?"

He jumped hurriedly and activated a trap. A bow and arrow suddenly appeared in his hands.

"What a silly trick!"

After an instant, his entire body s.h.i.+vered as he heard a sound coming from behind.

"You… Blood Hands Jack?"

He turned and was instantly scared out of his wits. He leapt forward as if he was flying.

"Oh… such a little bug seems to have taken precautions!"

Redwin was not prepared to settle this opponent so quickly. Instead, he would slowly toyed with him like a cat would a mouse. "Seems like… you've discovered the trail of another Son of Purgatory? Tell me!"

In fact, he did not particularly care for this adventurer at all.

After all, with that pitiful amount of divinity, he was basically unable to be much help.

This time, he chose to attack entirely to vent his heartfelt desire to kill.

However, the appearance of new prey instantly aroused his interest.

The leader's pupils lost their glow as he said lifelessly, "I don't know… he's an adventurer… there's also a high-level team with him!"

"A new high-level adventure team?" Redwin mumbled deeply. "There won't be so many of those. I should be able to investigate this matter very easily!"


WIth a flash of blood, his right hand transformed into a demon claw and directly penetrated the leader's chest. "As repayment for your honesty, I'll let have a quick death!"

The sound of a heart rupturing rang out and a corpse collapsed weakly onto the ground.

With his death, a tiny golden glow appeared from his body and entered Redwin.

He closed his eyes, so relaxed that all of the pores on his entire body expanded. "The feeling of absorbing divinity is truly intoxicating!"

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