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"Ollie, don't tell me you want to tarnish the honor of Legends and attack a normal person, as well as be part of the n.o.bles' scheme?" a voice asked with a calm tone.

Behind Grand Duke Stan, a white-haired old man slowly walked out.

With every step he took, his back became straighter. In the end, he was as straight as a spear.

"Spear of Zero Surran?!" Ollie was shocked. "Why are you here?"

"I'm the same as you. You can't reject your patron, and I have a promise I must fulfill."

Surran was an old man with a snow white beard. The silver hair on his head was meticulously combed, and he had the manner of an old n.o.ble. At this moment, he was slowly drawing out his long spear.

"So, you are only a hypocrite…" Ollie laughed out loud. "Why can't Legends partic.i.p.ate in politics? This is only said by the n.o.bles who want to restrict our powers by foolishly attempting to bind us with paper chains… The person holding the power should be the person with the most say. This is the logic of the world!"

While shouting, he drew out the curved weapon that he was carrying on his back. It looked like a knife and a sword at the same time. He charged forward as he shouted, "Storm Cut!"


In the screaming wind, this terrifying attack was incomparable concise, appearing in front of Surran as if it had teleported.


Seeing this, Surran merely indifferently moved his spear forward.


A light arc slashed across the air and became a mirror, completely absorbing the blade's attack.

"Everything in the world follows the law of balance. Like two poles of balance, one consumes and one grows. This is my Legend's essence, the Path of Zero-sum!"

With a shake of Surran's spear, the same mirror appeared.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Wind blew toward the opposite side, shockingly returning Ollie's attack with the same energy.

"Good! No wonder you're the Spear of Zero, the strangest technique of the north!"

Ollie smiled and wielded his blade. Two gusts of frightening strong wind eradicated each other and eventually disappeared without a trace.

"Path of Zero-sum? Why don't you say Hunyuan Taij or something along those lines?"

Watching at the side, Fang Yuan was completely speechless, yet his heart was cold.

The three thousand great Daos all led to the same destination.

Even in western worlds, there would similarly be people who fumbled upon the Dao of Balance.

"Great! Again!"

Ollie swung his arms and struck once more.

If Surran's Legend path represented balance and complementing, able to rebound attacks, Ollie's Legend path was very simple—storm!

Similar to a storm, his fighting style was to attack! Attack! And attack again!!


As if the fight between the two Legends had sounded a bugle, the storm warriors and death knights roared and started ruthlessly fighting.


In the chaos, the small n.o.bles were like trembling lambs as they hid on the floor. Despite that, they could not avoid the fate of being injured. Screams and agonizing shouts could be continuously heard.

Truth had shown that no matter if it was Grand Duke Stan or Earl Floren, they did not have any plans to take care of these fence-sitters.

Numerous soldiers directly charged forward. Anyone who blocked their path was killed.

Hehe… these n.o.ble families always stick to the middle. They want to be fence-sitters, but they don't know that after the opening shot, it's better to side with the wrong team than not to side with any. After all, the first one that each camp wants to suppress are those that are easy to bully!

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart when he witnessed this.

"Knight Luhn!" Beside him, Daniel's eyes glittered. "The ruling family is under siege. As a knight, shouldn't you fulfill your obligations?"

Using righteousness and social status to suppress others and make them risk their lives was indeed satisfying.

Daniel was filled with the joy of revenge.

"What are you waiting for!

"Where is your dignity as a knight?

"If you aren't moving, you'll be a traitor of the duchy. A criminal!"

Other priests were similarly angry and shouting. If they could send someone to death just by speaking, why wouldn't they?

"Alright… I'll make a move now!"

Fang Yuan drew out his sword and casually stabbed.


Blood spewed everywhere!

The expression on Archbishop Daniel immediately changed. He was astonished looking at the blade impaled in his chest. "You…"

Unfortunately, just as he spoke a word, he spit out blood foam and collapsed onto the ground.

Until his death, he did not expect that Knight Luhn would actually be so determined, and even see no significance in the rules!

Because he wasn't on guard, an archbishop was easily killed by an attack before he could do anything.

"Luhn, don't tell me you want to betray the duchy?"

The other priests were all shocked and retreated a few steps, calling out to the death knights.

They also knew about the matter regarding Glendon's inheritance. If Luhn were to side with the n.o.ble alliance, he would be digging his own grave.

However, Fang Yuan was role-playing as Luhn. Would he really do that to himself?

Moreover… what would happen even if Knight Luhn killed an archbishop?

Fang Yuan laughed coldly in his heart, and his figure flashed.

Extremely concise fighting spirit brushed across the surrounding priests' necks, causing their corpses to crumble to the ground.

"Lady, can you still move?"

Soon after, he came before the baroness with his blood-stained sword, a hint of apology on his face.

It was really an accident that something had happened to Timo. After all, the Kiss of Death G.o.d was greatly concealed and not poisonous at the start. Only when the two tampered people touched each other would there be a terrifying scene.

The Baroness was petrified and said with a trembling voice, "Hurry… Bring me away!"

"This… I'm afraid it can't be done!"

Fang Yuan looked the chaotic battlefield around him. After he killed the priests, a few death knights had come over to surround him.

"For the Quasi-Legend Knight Luhn, it's a heinous crime to kill an archbishop, but what if it's the Legend Luhn?"

The corner of Fang Yuan's mouth moved to reveal a cold smile. A very solid-looking armor appeared on his body and emitted a dark l.u.s.tre. Its surface had patterns, as if it was no different from a real object.

A terrifying presence rose from his body and spread continuously.

"Legend warrior?!"

Feeling the presence, even Ollie and Surran, who were locked in a battle, paused.

A brilliance flashed through Garrett's eyes. "Legend? Luhn has actually promoted to Legend? Impossible. Even with Glendon's inheritance, it wouldn't be this fast…"

The inheritance of a Legend would become the shackles for the successor.

By swallowing a Legend, it was impossible to produce another Legend.

However, Luhn's performance had shockingly bent this logic. This made him know that Luhn ought to have a secret.

"For the ruling family!" Fang Yuan shouted once and activated the Disaster Halo.

His current halo had already reached the fifth level. Its area had increased, almost enveloping the whole arena.

Instantly, many soldiers of the ruling family felt their courage increase a hundred times and gained extraordinary strength. They were now comparable to professionals. On the other hand, the enemies fell into a state of weakness, were poisoned, and so on. Even the storm warriors could not escape from these hands.

"Ah!" Grand Duke Stan was also filled with astonishment when he saw the scene unfold. "Luhn has actually promoted to a Legend?"

Immediately, there was fear and awkwardness.

A Quasi-Legend was completely different from a Legend. The latter could become the duchy's guardian angel.

If he had known that Luhn was a Legend, he definitely would not have chosen to make a deal with the Church of Death.

Based on his performance, he's only hostile to the Church of Death. It's fortunate he has yet to realize my betrayal!"

Seeing this, the eyes of Grand Duke Stan shone as he shouted loudly, "Soldiers, attack! We have three Legends! The traitors will definitely fail!"

With his words, he had decided to accept Fang Yuan.

This point was easy to understand.

The Spear of Zero Surran was forced to help the duchy because he owed it a large favor, but after this battle, he would not owe the duchy anything.

Although Church of Death was an ally, Grand Duke Stan was also unwilling to see it become dominant.

After gaining the upper hand, he began to consider the problems after the war. It was obviously a good idea to lead a Legend in as a balance to clamp down the church.

Hmm, I must silence the people that I had previously discussed this with. As for what the Church of Death will say privately, it'll all be slander!

Grand Duke Stan was very lucky that he had not made a move and still had wiggle room.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The large boost in morale for Grand Duke Stan's side was a shocking nightmare for Earl Floren's.

"Another Legend, and it's that brat Luhn. d.a.m.n it! How's it possible?"

Earl Floren stared at Luhn, who was emitting a large halo. He could not wait to skin him alive, but his senses told him that it was better to leave as soon as possible.

The horror of a Legend Disaster Knight was clearly recorded in his family inheritance.

Under this type of support, even a group of farmers with pitchforks could crush an army of elites!

"Is the Church of Death dumb? They actually allowed the criminal that killed their archbishop to remain… And the secret agency, that group of gutter mice agreed to attack, but I can't see any of them now!"

Thinking about this, he could not help being enraged.

The whole plan was overly rushed. From the messenger indistinctly representing the secret agency of some central political force to the plan of exposing the grand duke and joining up, the time had been too short.

Even the Legend Ollie came without an invitation.

It appeared that these forces had deliberately involved themselves in order to cause chaos to the Stan Duchy.

After all, no matter which side won, it would not suit the outsiders' benefits. What they really wished for was the heavy losses of both sides!

What was more tragic was that even though he had seen through this point, unless Earl Floren wanted to sacrifice himself, he had no choice but to follow through.

"Luckily, they weren't my only reinforcements!"

Earl Floren raised his head with a flash of understanding, his eyes glowing.A type of Taiji.

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