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Fang Yuan shook his head, and sighed helplessly, "Although I know that this type of small group is part of the Demon Hunters' education, and some even say that this can reveal one's controlling ability… but…"

He pointed his own nose. "It's regretful that you've chosen the wrong target."

"I know everything about you!"

Zweig cracked his own fist, making explosion noises that sounded like beans being fried. "Hulk from the Hurin area, who might even be Seres's secret disciple, a genius Pharmacist, and you're even hiding some trump cards, but those won't be able to stop my fists."

"If you cannot convince me through talking, you want to convince me through a fight? But that suits your ident.i.ty and position when you use your fist to talk."

Fang Yuan raised his brows and released his magical energy to observe the surroundings. His pupils immediately gave off a cold gaze.

"You actually dare to talk to our boss with that att.i.tude? Did you know that our Crazy Lion Knight group is the best faction amongst the members? Boss defeated 'Water Sword' Ingres, Uncivilized Man's Uncivilized Army and 'Bramble Flower' Tanya's Flower Knight Protection group. He's already the chief of this batch, for sure!"

Zweig didn't talk, but a little brother at his side him couldn't wait to boast.

"Oh, a king amongst a bunch of kids, is that something worth being proud of?"

Fang Yuan's didn't even twitch his eyebrow.

What the other party had said was very difficult to move him.

Uncivilized man, bramble flower… what are those?


The young Demon Hunter with freckles, that had boasted, shouted angrily before kicking out, "Razor Leg!"

It could be seen that he had some skill, and after a period of hard training and the consumption of Sacred Water, he was extremely swift and vicious when he attacked, the strong wind sharp.

Unfortunately, Fang Yuan, who was proficient in fighting skills, could still see that he was filled with flaws and faults.

"Get lost!"

He moved a step forward, his right hand cut down straight and blocked the path of the other party's thigh.


Accompanied by the sound of bones fracturing, the Demon Hunter with freckles had fallen onto the floor and shouted in agony, "My leg broke…"


The other underlings were instantly shocked when they saw what had happened.

In their eyes, this unlucky guy looked as if he had initiated to get hit by bringing his thigh in front of the party.


Only, Zweig's original boastful look disappeared and was replaced by a solemn expression when he saw what had happened. "Skilled fighting skills. What you're best at, is still swordsmans.h.i.+p right? Hand him a sword!"

"You want to fight fairly with me?"

Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. "Then I'll need a bet."

Although he did have thoughts of extorting Demon Hunters of their portions of Sacred Water through this small group, it wouldn't be able to happen, as the Demon Hunter Headquarters would definitely interfere. Otherwise, the so-called training would become a joke.

What if he won some war trophies through this bet?

Fang Yuan thought that it was worth a try.

"Say it—what type of bet?!"

Zweig wore his boxing gloves and was filled with confidence as he seemed to not consider the issue of losing.

"How about the Sacred Water portion that's handed out next time?" Fang Yuan rolled his eyes. "If someone wants to challenge me in the future, this rule must be followed as well."

"Do you think that there'll be a lot of people who will challenge you?" Zweig panted like a jealous bull. "You have that much confidence in winning against me?"

Although he was muscular, it wasn't all muscles in his brains.

A nameless person would naturally not have any attention paid to him.

Only when Fang Yuan won against him, would his reputation rise, and the number of people who will want to challenge him would become countless.

"It's not confidence, but its the truth," Fang Yuan smiled and replied.

"You, who talk big, shall regret it!" Zweig shouted in anger, his right fist shot out at the speed of an artillery sh.e.l.l. There was even the crisp sound of the air swis.h.i.+ng.

On his boxing glove, a virtual image of a bull, which had a crus.h.i.+ng presence, appeared automatically, "Bull Punch!"


The bull's virtual image was like a tank that smashed his way towards Fang Yuan.

"Oh? A Demon weapon?"

Fang Yuan took a quick glance at his opponent's boxing gloves but wasn't very shocked.

If the opponent was poor—to the point of not being able to own a few Demon Weapons—the new chief of this batch would be a joke.

"Bull Boxing Glove?! It appears that Boss Zweig is very angry since he used this Demon Weapon from the start."

The underlings at the side rejoiced at the other party's misfortune, and could already imagine the situation where the prideful and arrogant guy was begging on his knees.


A m.u.f.fled sound was heard, and what happened next made their jaws drop.

"Bull's shadow?"

Fang Yuan's hand went into nothing and seized the neck of the bull. With a light pinch, the whole virtual image broke and burst like a bubble.

"This is only a middle-cla.s.s Demon Weapon, and the way you used it is overly rough. There's already some internal damage—I suggest that you find an Alchemist you can trust to put it in the furnace again, otherwise it'll become trash soon."

Zweig's face became red and wanted to take back his fist.

Unfortunately, no matter how much he struggled to do so, it was in vain. He felt as if he was facing a mountain, an unreachable giant mountain!

"Let go! Let go!" Zweig shouted angrily and suddenly felt the strong power disappear.

However, his whole body tumbled backward violently as he used too much strength. He then leaned onto a wall.

Specks of dust streamed down, dying his golden hair into a dirty grey color.


The few members witnessed that scene from the side, and their mouths were agape. "Boss was so easily defeated? Don't tell me that this member, that's hiding, is the real, true chief?"

"Hulk!!!" Zweig roared in frustration, looking at the cracks on his boxing gloves. He tore his clothes apart and revealed a pendant that he wore everywhere he went. "I'll let you know why I'm called 'Crazy Lion'!"

A lion's roar was head.

A strong wave spread out, bringing with it a shocking suppression effect.

"A high-cla.s.s Demon Weapon? One that's very close to the top?"

Fang Yuan glanced quickly and instantly knew what to expect. "It provides a wholesome increase to his attributes, a s.h.i.+eld, and zeal?"

Zweig was now enveloped by illusionary gold armor and was taller by a section. The brilliant light shone as if he was a golden armored war G.o.d. Then, he viciously leaped over.

Even his followers and underlings were shocked as they witnessed that scene. They only knew then that their boss had hidden such a trump card.

"Boss didn't use this move when he went against the few problematic people, so he should be able to win, right?"

Unknowingly, the idea that Fang Yuan's strength was unparalleled, and that it was very difficult to win against him, was planted in their hearts.

This shadow would accompany them for their whole lives and become their nightmares.

"Do you still not understand?"

Fang Yuan moved forward and casually slapped him. The s.h.i.+eld from the golden lion armor broke into pieces instantly.

He used the back of his hand to slap Zweig, and a fresh red handprint appeared on his face as he became unconscious.

Although to Fang Yuan, Zweig fainted because he was too angry, he didn't know if the party would challenge him again or if he would knock himself against the wall as he was too embarra.s.sed.

"Bo… Boss!"

The few Demon Hunters that had hope, were dumbfounded.

What's this situation? Why did Zweig get defeated?

That's right, in their eyes, Fang Yuan was like an adult that had bullied a child and had ruthlessly bullied Zweig.

The vast difference between them made it feel unbelievable.

"Your… your Excellency, could it… could it be that you're… t.i.tled?"

One of the Demon Hunters plucked up the courage and stammered to ask the question.

"t.i.tled? I'm still far from it."

Fang Yuan smiled broadly. "Bring him back and remember to remind him about our bet. Otherwise, I'll personally find him for it."

He glanced towards a certain direction before turning. He then vanished at the end of the pathway.

"He has… such an unbelievable sensitivity—we just rushed over!"

Two t.i.tled Demon Hunters, who were instructors, came over to that spot and went to check Zweig's injuries. "Nothing's wrong, he only fainted. The opponent knew what he was doing."

"Good day, instructors!"

The few Demon Hunters rushed to greet them. At this moment, Zweig woke up as well, his eyes were vacant, before promptly having the expression of total defeat. "I lost…"

"Yes, you lost, and it was a crus.h.i.+ng defeat! Do you know what aspects you lost in?"

A t.i.tled Demon Hunter said slowly, "In terms of physical fitness, the two of you are similar. However, your fighting skills and vision are like heaven and earth compared to his… When you used your two Demon Weapons, your weak spots could be seen through, and thus, you were defeated directly, you lost in a fair fight."

"He… is the same as me, impossible, with that kind of power…"

Zweig's pupils contracted suddenly. "Wait a moment?"

"That's right, it's Dragon Power medicament!"

The other instructor nodded his head. Demon hunters were good at making use of different types of tools, using medicament wasn't a shameful thing to do.

After all, Zweig had used two powerful Demon Weapons continuously and had no right to point fingers at others.

"Silently using medicament is his core. In this aspect, you're like an infant that just started to learn how to walk!"

"Alright, if there's nothing else, go back and start on today's training!"

The faces of the two Demon Hunter instructors became solemn.

To them, it was acceptable that youths ganged up and even fought each other.

It could be let go when he stepped over the department and came here to pick on someone. The main point, however, was that he actually lost and was beaten up badly. This couldn't be tolerated, and he must be ruthlessly disciplined once.

"Hulk? I'll remember him!"

Zweig nodded his head. After saying that sentence, he went into a long silence.

"Okay, if you deal with your techniques during training, you'll definitely be able to grow quickly."

Two instructors nodded their heads and were satisfied that Zweig didn't lose his will to fight, becoming completely disheartened.

This type of Demon Hunter was the type that would only become heroic after knowing shame, and, and would become a pillar in the future.

However, the two instructors looked at each other and laughed bitterly after they could no longer see the view of their backs.

"Do you think that it's bad for us to hide the truth from them?"

"We should give them a goal. If we told them the truth—that the party's technique is not below a t.i.tled Demon Hunter—even Zweig will lose his confidence."

"That 'Hulk' is basically an Evil-doer!"

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