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A loud noise was heard. Numerous steel needles flew towards a group of Spirit Returning Sect disciples.

"Hidden weapons?"

Fang Yuan was confused. He was already prepared to jump forward and hide behind a giant rock to escape the incoming needles.


However, the group of disciples were not so lucky.

There were piercing sounds everywhere and there was a b.l.o.o.d.y explosion in the forest. Many corpses were lying on the ground and the whole scene became very b.l.o.o.d.y.

After that wave of attack, Fang Yuan then popped half of his head out and saw Disciple Sun, who was mocking him previously, lying down in a pool of blood. His body became like a hornet's nest.

A long silhouette appeared and it seemed to be carrying something.

"That is Song Zhong!"

Lin Leiyue screamed and waved her sleeve. A hidden arrow was shot up into the sky and a high-pitched noise was heard. It then exploded into flames.

"Hehe...are you going to look for Elder Li?"

Song Zhong saw what happened and laughed. "There is no need for you to do anything! I have already brought him here!"

He tossed and the object he was carrying in his hand suddenly rolled towards Lin Leiyue.

"Master Li?!" [1]

Miss Qing screamed and almost fainted.

What Song Zhong was carrying was Master Li's head, with his eyes still open. Whose head could it be other than his?

"How is it possible?"

Seeing this scene, Lin Leiyue felt light headed.

"Haha….This Old Li's Scorching Sun Palm is quite powerful. Unfortunately, it is still inferior compared to mine!"

Song Zhong coughed out a mouthful of blood and was still very "s.h.i.+ Yutong that s.l.u.t, she thought that I was injured badly and sent you to finish me off. She also sent Elder Li to keep a lookout for you just in case….However, she didn't expect that I would have a chance to obtain the Resurrection Pill left by the divine healer. Thus, I had already recovered from my injuries. Haha…."

Lin Leiyue closed her mouth and felt hopeless.

Lin Leiyue had read about the Resurrection Pill in the sect's secret manuals before. It was named as such as the pill would be able to resurrect a dead person as long as he had a remaining breath. He would be able to recover within the night but would surely die after 7 days!

Within the 7 days, the martial artist's essence, spirit and magic would be at his peak.

Since Elder Li was ranked higher than Song Zhong in the sect and Song Zhong was definitely inferior to him, how could he be killed so easily?

Lin Leiyue broke out in cold sweat.

The situation had come to a point beyond salvation.

Even if the other elders from the sect saw the signal for help and rushed here to help them, they would probably not be able to stay alive till then.

After all, there was a huge difference between the inner power of a martial artist at 2 Peaceful Gates and that of another at 3 Perilous Gates. Even if the opponent was able to suppress his injuries and start a killing spree, he would still be counterattacked with serious injuries!

"Elder Song, we both have nothing against each other. Why are you doing this?"

Lin Leiyue asked calmly.

"Nothing against each other?"

Song Zhong laughed and said, "s.h.i.+ Yutong that s.l.u.t had kicked me out of the sect and had ordered me to be killed. I will not let you go today for what you have done to my son!"

As Fang Yuan heard his words, he kept his head low and was even more confused when Song Zhong looked at him.

Even though he knew that Song Zhong was unaware of the real murderer, but being an ex-fiancé of Lin Leiyue, Song Zhong would definitely not spare him and Lin Leiyue the 'adulterous couple'!

Luckily, Song Zhong was putting most of his attention on Lin Leiyue. Fang Yuan was convinced that Song Zhong would kill himself after killing the rest.

'This case was serious. If Song Zhong knew who was the real murderer, I would surely not be spared…."

Fang Yuan was speechless.

With his magical energy, Fang Yuan could feel that he was being watched even though Song Zhong had put most of his attention on Lin Leiyue.

"What do you want now?"

Lin Leiyue became nervous as Song Zhong kept going nearer to her.

How could one who had consumed the Resurrection Pill and was going to die 7 days later be keeping her hostage? Song Zhong had wanted her to die together with him.

Plus, he would also not spare Fang Yuan and the rest of the disciples.

"I'm going to die…. I have yet to explore the vast world…. I'm not ready to die!"

Lin Leiyue bit her teeth tightly and said, "Everyone, listen up. This person is out of control. We have to work together to defeat him! Elder Li is highly skilled and Song Zhong must have been injured while fighting against Elder Li!"

Lin Leiyue was speaking to the desperate survivors. After hearing what she said and seeing that Song Zhong has a burnt palm print on his chest and a b.l.o.o.d.y mouth, they seemed hopeful.

"Miss Lin, you have a good foresight…. Unfortunately, you have no idea what an injured 7th Gate martial artist can do!"

Song Zhong went forward.

He appeared relaxed but was still able to move swiftly to one of the male disciples. He casually grabbed the disciple's neck and strangled him to death. His lifeless corpse fell to the ground.

A [Martial Artist (7th Gate)] was indeed mighty.

"Frozen Moon Swordplay!"

At that moment, Lin Leiyue exclaimed as she struck towards Song Zhong in front of the rest who were in shock.


Her s.h.i.+ny sword gave out a hint of cold energy as it was

"Great sword skills! Great inner power!"

Song Zhong focused and deflected the sword with his fingernail.


With a distinct resonance from the sword fight, Lin Leiyue fell a few steps back and looked at Song Zhong who was pale and expressionless. She was delighted. "This person's skills have dropped tremendously and is weaker than a 7th Gate martial artist. Don't be fooled by him!"

"I should really kill this b*tch!"

Song Zhong's expression changed and leapt forward.

"Flying Swallow Piercing Strike!"

"Green Emerald Palm!"

"Frozen Frosty Moon!"

Under the encouragement of Lin Leiyue, the remaining disciples attacked together without holding back and managed to surround Song Zhong.

"You crazy clown, how dare you create trouble here?"

Song Zhong was surrounded and gave a ferocious look. "It is because I have exhausted my Bone Piercing Needles. If not, how are you able to survive till now?"

"Furthermore, you all have no idea how powerful a 3 Perilous Gate expert with inner force can be!"

Song Zhong looked at both of his hands and his s.h.i.+rt started moving on his own. "Demonic Wind Hand!"

He shouted and both of his palms produced a shockingly powerful force.

"Puff! Puff!"

Miss Qing and the rest changed their expressions and felt a great force going towards them. They were then thrown back and suffered internal injuries.

They were martial artists of the 4th or 5th Gate, and as such, possessed only inner power and not inner force.

After the Pain Gate was broken through, the inner power would be combined and after intense training, energy akin to indestructible metallic-like threads would form. That would truly be inner force!

The difference between inner power and inner force was huge.

This was why a [Martial Artist (6th Gate)] could become an Elder of a sect, which would allow one to have power and prestige.

Song Zhong was demonstrating his power and only the talented Lin Leiyue could survive with the help of a spiritual pill. The rest of the disciples were all defeated.


After one move, Song Zhong's face became flushed and he was quite surprised that Lin Leiyue was still surviving. "You actually survived. You should feel proud of yourself even though you are going to die next!"

Lin Leiyue was holding her sword with her right hand and it trembled slightly. Despite that, she was still calm.

The spiritual pill inside her body was healing her previous injuries. If she could survive this fight, she would likely become an expert in martial arts!

With her talent, he needed to destroy her completely to deny her any chances of survival. Otherwise, she would be able to make an unexpected comeback.

"But….how am I still able to survive? Almost all the disciples are wiped out…."

Lin Leiyue had sealed up all her acupoints to recover from her internal injuries but it was still not an easy task.

"Even though Fang Yuan is a Martial Artist (5th Gate), he had missed golden opportunity to attack. Even if he does help now, what is the point?"

At that moment, she was filled with despair.

"B*tch, I will send you now to see my dead son….."

Song Zhong took in a deep breath and managed to suppress his injuries. He then took a few steps forward.

It seemed like the previous fight was not an easy one for him. Suddenly, he sensed a slight movement in his surroundings.

"Hmm….trying to escape?"

He turned his head, grabbed a stone and threw it at Fang Yuan


A high-pitched noise came from the flying rock as if it was an arrow being shot from a bow, and it hit a silhouette.


The rock landed and a crater was formed. The silhouette managed to dodge the rock, and it happened to be Fang Yuan.

He touched his head and smiled. "You can continue old man. I promise I will not say anything out to anyone…."

Miss Qing, who was lying down and coughing out blood, heard what Fang Yuan said and became angry.

They were fighting for their lives here and this bast*rd was trying to escape? Hmph! He was definitely an*le. It made her furious to think that she actually thought that he was a good guy.

"I am not deaf. Are you this b*tch's fiancé?"

Song Zhong squinted his eyes and examined Fang Yuan. "Since you are, you shall not be spared as well!"

"What the f*ck? Crazy old man, please do tell me if you are tired of living!"

Fang Yuan was furious.

What was there to say to the person who was trying to kill him?

His expression became serious and his skin tone started to darken. Both of his hands formed the shape of the Eagle Claws and he leapt forward.


While he was executing the Eagle Claw Technique, it swept through the air and produced a sound like an eagle's cry.

Song Zhong closed his eyes and felt as if a flying overlord was flying swiftly towards him from the sky.

"Great Eagle Claw!"

At that moment, the rest were all in shock.

[1] Master Li and Elder Li are the same person.

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