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"None of the disciples which I have chosen has ever escaped me in history!"

Qing Gui saw that Fang Yuan hesitated a little. He gave a cold laugh and stretched his right hand out.

Xiao Mu's arms had been broken by Fang Yuan, but Qing Gui's arm was still in a good condition. As he grabbed, the green fog started to surge, taking the form of a cage. Huge pressure overflowed from all directions.


Fang Yuan's Dantian exploded as his inner force flowed around his whole body. His skin colour became metallic. Instead of retreating, he pounced on Qing Gui.

"With just your 9th Gate cultivation level, do you think you can defeat my print?"

Qing Gui gave a cold smile and waved his fingers, and green fog came together and formed a giant python. The python wrapped around Fang Yuan and trapped him.

Immediately, Qing Gui's face turned serious. An emerald green coloured scar appeared between his eyebrows. Like a small snake, it was moving around and without warning split into two.


Qing Gui gave a deep sigh. Splitting the print was clearly not an easy task for him.

"Hehe…..lad, how will any normal person have such fate? Don't miss this chance!"

A small amount of spiritual light landed on his palm. Like a fog, the spiritual light remained unsettled. Qing Gui took a step forward and grew a suspicious look. "While I was in hibernation, I felt a resistance from you against my print. Whatever mysteries you are hiding, show them all to me now!"

"Heavenly ghost print transfiguration, come and go!"

Qing Gui gave a cold smile as he trapped all of Fang Yuan's limbs. He then chanted a curse.

From his deep voice, the spiritual light from his hand fused together. A few enchantment writings appeared to form a chain. Slowly, they connected together, and after a while, a small green print was finally formed. Qing Gui stretched his arm out to place the print on Fang Yuan's forehead.

Qing Gui was already attacking without any reservations.

"You have walked into a trap!"

Just when Qing Gui was about to place the print onto Fang Yuan's forehead, Fang Yuan gave a smile and exclaimed. "Go!"


A white-coloured Bewildering fog started to gather in the surroundings and the fog fused to form the shape of an arrow. Flying forward, it aimed straight for the spiritual print.


The only use of the print was to control one's mind, and therefore had limited power itself. Coming into contact with the fog arrow, the print exploded.


Qing Gui held his forehead and cried out loud. "You….you are a dream master!!!"

His heart was filled with regret and hatred.

If the print was not hibernation and had been activated earlier, he would have realised that Fang Yuan was special!

"You're right, but sadly there is no prize for getting the correct answer!"

In between Fang Yuan's eyebrows, his dream elemental force was surging. His limbs shook and the green fog started to fade away.


He tapped his foot lightly. Immediately, thousands of illusionary images of him appeared.These illusions were quick and in no time, Fang Yuan reached Qing Gui and struck his finger towards his forehead, with the intent to kill.

"You want to extinguish my divine spirit? Dream on!"

The spiritual property on his forehead was the only weakness Qing Gui had.

He didn't expect that it would be easily seen through by Fang Yuan. In shock, he quickly bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood.


The blood formed a blood arrow and it went head-on with Fang Yuan's finger. On contact, it vanished.

Fang Yuan's action was delayed for a moment as he uncontrollably hesitated.

Using this opportunity, Qing Gui tried to avoid Fang Yuan's finger. Instead, his chest was hurt by Fang Yuan.


There was an explosion on his chest and a b.l.o.o.d.y hole appeared. Emerald-green coloured liquid was splas.h.i.+ng everywhere.

"Aahh….Sen Luo h.e.l.l! Ten thousand Buddhas, Kill!"

Qing Gui let out a powerful shout. A Bewildering fog surrounded him and transfigured into numerous ghostly shadows. A few evil ghosts appeared with green faces and sharp teeth hungry for flesh. However, the other half of the spirits took on the form of Buddha and Arhat. All of them looked fierce and were staring right at Fang Yuan.

"Are they real or fake? Or both?"

The entire hotel seemed to have become a ghost city, and Fang Yuan let out a cold laughter. "What is fake will be fake! What is real will be real! Your cultivation level is not very high and yet you dare confuse me between the two? Let me….break it!"

Even though Qing Gui was at the Illusionary Divine Stage or higher, but being distracted, he could only be comparable to the Elemental Gathering Realm at most!

Along with Fang Yuan's exclamation, the whole area shook.

The white fog started to get denser. Many of the ghosts died, and the Buddhas disappeared, revealing Qing Gui in the middle.

"Do you think that my Sen Luo h.e.l.l is only an illusion?"

At that moment, with a cunning smile, he pointed his fingers.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

As illusion was destroyed, the guest room appeared larger than usual. Unknowingly, the four corners of a room had runes sparkling with spiritual light. These runes became an array and started to pressure Fang Yuan.

"You have a hidden spell in the illusion?"

Fang Yuan gave a pale face. He knew that even though Qing Gui was at the Elemental Gathering Stage, he was still highly experienced in combat. He already had a backup plan, and his attacks were continuous.

"Rise, Giant Wood Array!"

Qing Gui exclaimed, and the wooden planks from the room started to break. Vines started to spread, forming thick logs which flew towards Fang Yuan.

"Bang! Bang!"

"Bang! Bang!"

Fang Yuan quickly struck his claw out and broke many of the thick logs. With every grab, an eagle's cry accompanied it.

"It's useless. Even though my wood-type spiritual spells are weak, but when used together with my Giant Wood Array… After all, you are just a 9th Gate martial artist….."

Qing Gui mocked Fang Yuan as he saw what he was doing. However, in the next moment, he was in shock and was speechless.

"Heavenly Eagle Claw!"

Along with Fang Yuan's shout, there was a glow coming from his claws as it became deadly.


With a high-pitched chirp, a large black eagle suddenly appeared.

Its eyes scanned quickly and its feathers were as tough as a metal. Using its sharp claws to strike, many of the logs from the array were broken with ease and fell straight down.

"Release of elemental force! Giving it an eagle's form!!!"

Qing Gui was very surprised. "You are a Wu Zong!!!"

Thoughts were rus.h.i.+ng through his mind.

At such a young age, Yang Fan was able to cultivate both martial arts and spiritual techniques, and on both ends, he was able to cultivate and obtain elemental force. Such talent was rare in Da Qian Empire and he must have inherited skills from somewhere.

Qing Gui realised that he had acted too rashly but it was too late.


The giant eagle chirped and broke through the array. Fang Yuan then became a shadow and jumped to the side.

'My dream building ability has improved again!'

'Looks like a large part of the breakthrough of the dream is from the Yang family. A small part is here!'

Deep down in his heart, Fang Yuan had predicted that Yang Fan would probably have been a disciple of Qing Gui and suffered a lot under him.

At this moment, Fang Yuan counter-attacked Qing Gui. By accomplis.h.i.+ng a small part of the breakthrough of the dream, he had gained even more control of this world and his real Wu Zong power was recovered!

"Qing Gui Claw!"

Qing Gui retreated but both of his hands became emerald green in colour. Both of his hands became ghosts claws as he struck out.

"Martial arts? No! It's a spiritual technique. He is using a spiritual technique as a form of martial arts!"

Fang Yuan let out a big laugh and said, "How can his ghostly claws compare against my legitimate martial arts technique! Watch out for my Eagle Claw!"


Without avoiding the ghostly claw, he too struck his claw out.

The air in between them shook. The wind produced by both claws were powerful and pulsated in all directions, destroying the guest room in the process.

Amidst the explosions, Qing Gui exclaimed and blood exploded out from his body. Transforming into a green flash of light, he escaped from the window.

"Don't even think of escaping from me!"

Fang Yuan would not let him go easily and started to go after him.

"Aahh…...Who is this demon, how dare you harming others in the city with your spells? What are you taking the government as?"

Right in front, Fang Yuan heard a deafening voice.


With a few leaps, Fang Yuan arrived at a field. In front, he saw Qing Gui being stopped by a daoist, who appeared mad.

The daoist had a gentle demeanour, but became violent and powerful when he attacked.

Most importantly, surrounding the daoist were a few Eye Beasts', and their eyes were glowing red as they were able to see through Qing Gui's illusion.

"Little daoist, you are asking for trouble!"

Qing Gui was filled with hatred as he was stopped from escaping.

Even though he was an incarnation, if not for injuries he had and he the rush he was in to escape, how could he be easily stopped by the daoist?

"Hey, that daoist priest over there, don't let that person escape!"

Fang Yuan seemed very relaxed and slowly walked over. "This person is frenzied. He has destroyed the whole hotel and even killed a scholar!"

"Eh? How dare you?"

Daoist Fei Xiong was furious.

A scholar who had pa.s.sed the imperial examinations but hadn't taken up the role of an official was still considered a member of the government. How could there be no severe punishments for such murder?

Plus, he was escaping under Daoist Fei Xiong's nose, implicating him.

"Eye Beasts!"

Daoist Fei Xiong shouted, and the Eye Beasts lined up in a formation. Their eyes let out a red glow. "Destroy the evil! Destroy the evil!"


Seeing Fang Yuan coming for him and with the suppression from others, Qing Gui knew that he would not be able to escape and showed a gloomy face.

"You want to kill me? You two shall die together with me!"

Breaking his own arm and his wounds glowed an emerald green, and not one drop of blood flowed from his wounds. At this moment, he used his other arm to execute a technique. "Sen Luo Flame, burn this place into h.e.l.l!"

"Rumble! Rumble!"

Emerald green flames started to engulf his body. As the red glow from the Eye Beasts landed on the flames, the flames flickered for a while before the red glow faded away.

Slowly, the fire had begun to spread and some of the flames had caught onto the Eye Beasts. Some of the statues became emerald green fire torches and were reduced to ashes.

"This is….."

Daoist Fei Xiong was surprised and retreated.

Such flame was not only evil in nature, it reminded him of someone who was extremely powerful but evil.

"Sen Luo Flame?!.....Now I remember. You are Qing Gui, the Venerable Qing Gui!"

Daoist Fei Xiong was filled with regrets.

If he knew the person was Qing Gui, he would not have driven him to his wit's end and ended up provoking him.

After all, from the energy Qing Gui was giving out, he could guess that it was just an incarnation of him.

"You all….shall die!"

Qing Gui had become a person on fire and started to run towards Fang Yuan and Daoist Fei Xiong.


Fang Yuan knew that that move was his last resort and he would not be able to last.

Even though the fire was intense, it was less intense compared to before after some of it had spread to the Eye Beasts.

Fang Yuan struck both of his hands into the ground, where all the elemental force was. The whole ground started to break and a large portion of it rose like an iron wall before Fang Yuan threw it at Qing Gui.

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