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Chapter 158: Combined a.s.sault

Whenever Fang Yuan went out, he would bring along a large amount of gold and silver that were befitting of his status. However, it would be easier to make trades with items in the Ghost Market. For convenience, he brought along spiritual pills and objects primarily.

He took out a Muscle Building Pill. Based on the sheen that caused it to s.h.i.+ne like a pearl in the dark, it was obvious that it was not common, and possessed a bit of pill essence.

"The pill's carvings, essence and sheen...this is a real spiritual pill!"

The old man, who previously asked for money to purchase the map, croaked, his eyes fixed on Fang Yuan. "To be able to produce spiritual pills, could it be that you are a medicine master?"

He guessed that the person was either a true alchemy master, although the possibility was very small, or an alchemy disciple who could only use the t.i.tle of a medicine master.

Fang Yuan could not be bothered to correct him!

This pill is known as the Muscle Building Pill. It is able to treat injuries quickly. How about I trade this pill for your map?

He looked at the person in the cloak and asked directly.

"That would naturally be enough. Your pill is worth much more than that!"

The cloaked man immediately bowed.

Although he was usually proud and arrogant, the man could not be haughty in front of a possible alchemy disciple.

"That's good!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head and left.


The martial artists who were there to see the commotion parted to create a path, their eyes fiery. None of them dared to step forward and talk to him without understanding his nature.

The cloaked man had already started to close his stall and did not want to continue his business.

"Wait, I want to buy that map!"

A martial artist boomed after racking his brains.

"That's right, I will pay in silver and add another 100 taels!"

Another man in black s.h.i.+rt with bloodshot eyes said.

They had finally understood the value of the map which was sought after by a mysterious person and an alchemy master.

"I am happy with what I have obtained today,

please leave!"

The cloaked man held the spiritual pill tightly and disappeared into the crowd.

Hindered by the rules and regulations of the Ghost Market, some of the people felt that it was a pity. However, there were others that started to gather.

After all, that was a spiritual pill!

According to what that alchemy master had said, the pill would be a lifesaver at a critical moment!

The inner force experts and the martial artists of the 4 Heavenly Gates were willing to pay the price and shed blood for the pill.

People were willing to fight for just one spiritual pill. As such, Fang Yuan, the purported alchemy master, would face much trouble.

He appeared to be unaware. After looking at a few other stalls, he shook his head and headed for the exit of the Ghost Market.

"Sir, wait!"

The old man who purchased the map rushed forward and said respectfully, "I am Yu Feishui, it is my fortune to meet you today!"

"Oh, a lucky encounter!"

Fang Yuan asked indifferently, "How may I help you?"

Yu Feishui revealed his ident.i.ty which was famous in this district. It was obvious that Fang Yuan was not a citizen of Zhu Country as he had not even heard of his name.

He was cunning and appeared common, "That right, I have a large number of spiritual ingredients that I would like to present to you as a gift!"

"Drunken Moon Festival?"

Fang Yuan asked.

"You are definitely knowing!"

Yu Feishui smiled, "I know the person that previously sold you the map, his name is Jiang Tianw.a.n.g. He is familiar with the water and thrived in it. His ancestors made a living out of the Drunken Moon Lake. If they had not met any unforeseen circ.u.mstances, they would not be here selling maps."

"What does that got to do with me?"

Fang Yuan asked coldly.

"Every Drunken Moon Festival, the Drunken Moon Lake would produce up to 3 times as much Drunken Fish with the possibility of spiritual fish appearing!" Yu Feishui continued, "This time, I have put in the effort and created 3 metal hull flying s.h.i.+p, and the maps of Jiang Tianw.a.n.g. I am only lacking an alchemy

alchemy disciple to be able to use the spiritual fish as an ingredient..."

An alchemy master was second to none in fully utilising spiritual animals and plants.

Yu Feishui understood perfectly that it would be a waste if there was no alchemy master at hand to utilize the spiritual fish even if they had a good haul.

As such, he looked at Fang Yuan and gritted his teeth, "If you are willing to help, I am willing to share half of my haul with you!"

He bowed deeply after speaking.

Truth be told, half the portion was too much even for an alchemy disciple.

However, Yu Feishui was cunning and was not thinking about the harvest but rather used it as a mean to approach the alchemy master. As such, he was willing to sacrifice everything he had.

"I have heard your request clear, it is just a shame..."

Fang Yuan shrugged his shoulders and mocked him, "I am no alchemy master! Goodbye!"

He waved his hand and walked out of the Ghost Market in big strides.


Yu Feishui's mouth dropped open. He felt like giving himself a slap.

He realized that Fang Yuan only took out a spiritual pill and did not confirm that he was an alchemy master. All the previous guesses were his wishful thinking.

Knowing this, he still ran forward and revealed all his plans?

This was not how he normally behave!

'Wait a minute, when I chased after him just now, I only wanted to test him. Why did I reveal the truth and even my name to him the moment I met him?'

Old Yu felt that something was off the more he thought about it. He was in cold sweat.

" think that he would be able to get to Old Yu!"

At this moment, a few people appeared at his side, their looks were ominous. "He must be from another country as he did not even know your name. Rest a.s.sured, we will help you!"

They chased after Fang Yuan immediately after finis.h.i.+ng the sentence.

Old Yu recognized them as the Long Hair Demons, a famous group of bandits in Zhu Country. It was rumoured that all their members had at least

at least broken through the Death Gate, and they were all united and cunning.

The seven brothers had even managed to escape from a Wu Zong together!

With a strong reputation, they were unrestrained and were notorious in Zhu Country.

"There are to be no fighting within the Ghost Market. However, there are no such rules outside the market..."

Yu Feishui muttered as he looked in the direction that Fang Yuan went.

He did not know why he was not concerned about the youth but was afraid for himself to the point that his limbs started to tremble.

"Reckless idiots!"

Fang Yuan had realized long ago that he was being followed.

After all, he flaunted the spiritual pill in the black market and did not display his ability. Was it not to attract the attention of others to tempt them?

Given his current power, they were nothing no matter how many of them came.

He would be able to escape even if they were Wu Zongs and spiritual knights from Wu Country.

Soon after, the Long Hair Demons met their doom.

So what if they possessed a good technique that would allow them to combine their Elemental Force which would in turn rival that of a Wu Zong?

Fang Yuan was no ordinary Wu Zong!

He lifted up the second brother, shook his head and tore him apart.

The second brother was well-built. Under Fang Yuan's hand, however, he tore like paper. Fresh blood and innards spilt onto the floor.

"You are...a Wu Zong!"

The eldest brother did not run away. Looking at his brothers' bodies, he was in utter despair.

They could not beat the person standing in front of him even when the 7 of them combined their strength. Now that he was alone, how could he fight Fang Yuan?

He was filled with hatred!

He had already remembered the features of those experts that should not be messed with from the neighbouring countries but Fang Yuan did not meet the criteria for all of them.

If not, he would not have foolishly took on Fang Yuan and be sent to his death!

"Hmmm, correct guess, sadly there is no prize!"

Fang Yuan used the shadowstep and arrived before the eldest brother. He eldest brother. He touched the eldest brother's forehead. "Dream!"

The eldest brother trembled, closed his eyes and when into a deep sleep.

A white fog appeared and slowly swallowed everything in its path...

After a while, Fang Yuan opened his eyes. With a wave of his hand, the eldest brother's head cracked open.

"Long Hair Demons? What kind of stupid name is that?"

He was disgusted and shook his head.

After his dream-building was completed, the martial artists and spiritual disciples who were of the Elemental Force Realm and below were unable to keep secrets from him.

From the dream alone, he was able to delve into the life of the eldest brother, understand his whole family tree and even know where they hid their loot from years of evil-doing.

Of course, he was able to get much more information than that.

From the Long Hair Demons, he noticed the set of technique which allowed them to combine their a.s.sault.

After careful examination, he made a new revelation.

"This combined a.s.sault technique was pa.s.sed down for generations. Their ancestor was a common fisherman of the Drunken Moon Lake. It was fate which resulted in him meeting a benefactor who took him in as a servant and imparted this skill to him after he had served for 3 years..."

Fang Yuan stroked his chin. "Based on the timeline, it was very close to the founder of the Five Ghosts Sect. Could they be the same person?"

There was no purpose to further investigate.

What was important was that the technique was now in his hands.

"I have no use for this technique, however, this is not a bad technique to the servants and can be used to guard the house..."

Fang Yuan stroked his chin and wondered if he should impart skills to the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Armed Forces.

While pondering, Fang Yuan dispelled the fog and the misty Drunken Moon Lake appeared before his eyes.

The moonlight lit up the waters.

Fang Yuan touched his nose.

The gentle breeze brought along the fragrance of alcohol. It smelled no difference from the Drunken Silver Fish.

"The lake water carries the smell of alcohol, the moon and the lake meets? The Drunken Moon Festival... is here!"

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