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"Who is it?"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle landed and its giant body frightened the people who were living in the mansion of the prefecture master.

Fang Yuan clearly knew that many arrows were now aimed at him. Such threat caused the eagle to fidget a little. It could feel that there was a very high chance of it being seriously injured or getting killed!

'Correct…...if the Secluded Mountain Prefecture didn't have any air defences, wouldn't the spiritual beasts which could fly be ruling the airs.p.a.ce?'

He rode on the eagle and intruded the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City, and even landed right in front of the mansion of the Prefecture Master. This had caused lots of attention.

As the alert was sounded, many Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers came and surrounded Fang Yuan. The leader who was leading the group of soldiers was an 8-feet tall strong man. He was wearing a bull's horn helmet and he charged straight through a crowd violently and shouted, "How dare you intrude the Secluded Mountain Prefecture. Who are you? What's your name?"

The man with the bull's horn helmet was bold but cautious. He knew that such person who could ride a spiritual beast was definitely not a simple one. Also, Fang Yuan didn't land directly inside the mansion of the Prefecture Master, which showed that he was not trying to harm anyone. The man with the bull's horn helmet then ordered his men to stay put and be alert.

"Hehe…..I'm Fang Yuan from the mountains. I wish to see the Prefecture Master!"

Fang Yuan stood with both of his hands behind his back after he had got down from the Iron-tailed Black Eagle. He seemed to be very calm and was able to smile even though there were many soldiers surrounding him.

"Wu Zong?!"

The leader focused on Fang Yuan.

This Wu Zong was young and a stranger to him. He was quite surprised and had to be cautious of Fang Yuan.

"You want to see the Prefecture Master?"

He stared at Fang Yuan and went through his mind quickly. He cannot recall anyone who was Wu Zong and was able to tame a spiritual beast. He then continued, "I will report your arrival to the city master, but it is up to the city master whether he wants to see you or not….."

"Yes, I know….."

Fang Yuan seemed to be quite confident that the city master would see him.

In fact, in times of war and when this place was heavily guarded, the Prefecture Master would be busy handling matters. However, with the power of Wu Zong, Liu Yan would definitely make time to see the Wu Zong even if there were no support forces backing the Wu Zong.

Indeed, not long after, a soldier came running towards Fang Yuan and said, "The city master would like to invite you to the guest hall!"

"Very good! But I will have to get my gift for him first!"

Fang Yuan went back to the eagle and carried Ling Yin down from the back of the eagle.

"What are you….."

The leader couldn't believe his eyes.

He wanted to comment on the gift as the city master was already old and was not into young girls anymore. Plus, Fang Yuan was a Wu Zong and even brought such a gift, which disgraced him as one.

When Fang Yuan tidied Ling Yin's long hair and revealed her face, the leader was even more shocked. "Ling Yin!!"

He knew her as the beloved disciple of Lu Renjia and had previously seen her at the birthday banquet. He also knew that Lu Renjia even sent two Wu Zongs to escort this lady.

However, she was now beaten till unconscious and given as a gift.

He couldn't comprehend this big change.

"What do you think of this gift?"

Fang Yuan threw Ling Yin to the leader.


The leader was feeling awkward and immediately ordered his men to bring Ling Yin to elsewhere, where his men could watch over her. He then gave a thumbs up to Fang Yuan and said, "Well brother…..what a good way!"

At that point, he was not feeling suspicious of Fang Yuan already.

Even though he could see that Fang Yuan was trying to make use of Ling Yin to gain the trust of the city master, the city master was not a simple person. He was the most powerful spiritual knight in the whole of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture and such was just a joke to him.

However, if Fang Yuan was planning something else, wasn't he treating the staffs living in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture as fools?

Hence, the leader could confirm that Fang Yuan was sincere about joining the alliance with the city master. He then welcomed him and said, "Come…..I shall bring you to the guest hall personally! And also your spiritual beast!"

The leader then ordered, "Men! Ask the chef to slaughter a few of the snow cows and bring the beef to the spiritual beast!"

"Thank you! However, my spiritual beast is a little different. It prefers to eat roasted meat!"

Fang Yuan smiled and continued, "And if there is hard liquor as well, it will be even better!"

"Haha… are indeed a special person. Even your spiritual beast is special. What a coincidence, the roaster meat here in this mansion is superb and I shall ask my men to bring a few bottles of wine!"

The leader's eyes glittered and were wide opened.

If Fang Yuan didn't have any matters on his hand to settle, the leader would probably be eating and drinking with Fang Yuan together to their hearts' content. Likely, they would swear to become brothers as well.

"Please lead the way!"

The Iron-tailed Black Eagle was having a feast outside while Fang Yuan followed the leader into the mansion of the Prefecture Master.

The mansion looked grand and many of the structures here were newly built. There were a few big pits which had not been covered up and they looked worse than the ones outside the city gate.

'Were these pits formed during the battle between the spiritual knight and Wu Zong?'

Fang Yuan thought.

From what he had seen from the outskirts of the city, the battle was so intense that half of the main hall was destroyed. One would not be surprised if the whole mansion here was destroyed totally.

The Prefecture Master was very capable as he was able to rebuild this place to such a state.

After they went past a small garden, they reached the guest hall.

"Please have some tea first. The city master will be here soon!"

After they entered the guest hall, the leader invited Fang Yuan to have a seat and two beautiful servants came in and served him tea. They then left right away, which clearly showed that they didn't want to stay in the hall for long.

"The tea made here in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture is the best in the whole of Xia Country. You have to taste it!"

The leader lifted the teacup and took a sip of the tea delicately. He was enjoying that cup of tea.


Fang Yuan then laughed and said, "Well, I will have to taste it for myself then!"

He could smell the fragrance of the tea as he lifted his teacup. The fragrance brought him a sense of tranquillity and peace.

In the translucent tea, the tea leaves slowly unfolded. This particular tea leaf was like a piece of white jade, and the veins on the leaves were distinct and connected to the stem of the leaf. As the leaves spread out, it was akin to a flower blooming slowly.

"Good tea!"

Fang Yuan gave a surprised look and said, "From the colour of tea, I can see that this tea is of high quality!"

Of course, he knew that the leader had not much knowledge in tea and since he had enjoyed the tea so much, it was likely a spiritual tea.

'This tea is inferior to my Questioning Heart Tea.'

Fang Yuan's heart wavered and took another sip.

A bland taste filled the mouth, bring with it a mild stimulation to the taste buds. The stimulation slowly increased in intensity and was unlike a strong sensation that would slowly die down. This was an unforgettable taste and would leave a strong impression.

Of course, as the tea reached the stomach, Fang Yuan could feel the spiritual energy spreading inside his body and his Dantian was warmed by the tea. He felt that his elemental force had improved even though it was just a slight one.

"How is it?"

The leader stared at Fang Yuan and saw that he was also enjoying the tea as well. The leader then patted Fang Yuan's leg and said, "Good one, brother!"


Fang Yuan was confused by the leader's expression and actions.

"Brother Fang, this tea is actually a spiritual tea and is limited in stock. This tea is only served to important guests. Spiritual knights, Wu Zongs, or anyone else who have tasted this tea for their first time will have a very different expression on their faces, which show that they really enjoy the tea. This is the first time I have not seen an expression that has changed. Very good!"


Fang Yuan was speechless for a moment and felt that the leader seemed like a crazy person when he agreed with someone as his actions were overly expressed.

In fact, even though the tea served was good, it was not really the top-notch ones. The leader wanted Fang Yuan who was used to drinking Questioning Heart Tea to feel lost after drinking this tea? What a joke.

"Here comes the city master!"

Just when Fang Yuan thought that the leader had wanted to swear with him as brothers, the city master was finally here.

"I have seen you before, Prefecture Master!"

He exhaled a long breath and got up to greet the city master after he had managed to stop the conversation with the leader.

"Hehe….there is no need for such formality. Please rise!"

Liu Yan held Fang Yuan with both of his hands and was smiling widely.

As Fang Yuan got up, he was looking at the city master in detail.

From just a look, one would think that the city master was just a skinny old man with two thick eyebrows.

However, Fang Yuan was not only a Wu Zong, he was also a dream master and hence was able to detect much more.

There was always a fire-type energy surrounding Liu Yan at all times. By simply using one's magical energy to observe the area, one would realise that it was no longer a person sitting in the prefecture master's chair; it was a huge fireball!

This illusion meant that this person's spiritual knight cultivation had already reached the peak and was on the brink of a breakthrough, slowly approaching the next stage of cultivation.

"Your name is Fang Yuan?"

Seeing that Fang Yuan had joined the alliance out of his own will and even brought another powerful person as a gift, Liu Yan would definitely not put up his strong self in front of Fang Yuan. He was constantly giving a smile and was kind. He looked like one of the kind old neighbours in the city.

However, his eyes looked solemn. "If I'm not wrong, you are not only a Wu Zong but also somewhat a spiritual knight…..Also, you have already made a breakthrough to the heaven, haven't you?"

This was not much of a secret as Fang Yuan had already expected the city master to know this when he gave Ling Yin as a gift.

He had also reveal part of his magical energy on purpose and it was normal that he had been seen through.

"You're correct!"

Fang Yuan nodded his head conservatively. However, even if Liu Yan was 10 times more observant, he would still not be able to detect Fang Yuan's true ident.i.ty as a dream master.

After all, there were many branches of spiritual techniques, and dream elemental force was the most illusionary one. How would Liu Yan be able to differentiate it from the others?

"You are a talented one indeed. I admire you!"

Liu Yan's expression had gotten a little more serious.

"What…..Brother Fang, you are a spiritual knight? Oh my..."

The leader, who was beside them, was so surprised. "You really have my full respect!"

"You can leave first, Leader Niu!"

Liu Yan frowned and waved his hands.

"I will take my leave!"

Leader Niu dared not to be arrogant in front of the city master. He immediately took a bow and left, leaving just Fang Yuan and Liu Yan in the guest hall.

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