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Chapter 1159: Seal

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Whoo! Whoo!

A steam locomotive emitted thick and black mist as its ma.s.sive machinery rotated, bursting forth with a powerful force to move the train forward.

This steam train was different from usual, looking like a steel python monster. Besides having its carriage full of soldiers with loaded rifles and elites of the Investigation Agency, there were a number of railroad cars with enormous cannons on top.

It looked like a machine specialized in war.

In the frontmost car, Director Barton and a few generals sat together, all with stern expressions.

“Who would have thought something like that could happen? An onslaught of tsunamis? Arkham, the country of trade, is gone just like that. And you said that it was merely because of the awakening of an Ancient… and that it's helping us?”

General Hanson had experienced many military campaigns and was called the federation's G.o.d of War. When he heard what Director Barton said, he opened his mouth in shock.

“I know this is unbelievable, but it's indeed helping us… What's more lamentable is that the war deciding the fate of the world is happening on our land, but we can only do some relatively minor work, such as disaster relief or getting rid of the remnant followers…”

“Son of a b.i.t.c.h! Why does such a thing exist in our world?!” General Hanson smashed his fist on the table, and blood dripped out from the crack.

“Since the world is wrong, we can only accept it…” Director Barton looked helpless. “We're about to reach the border, so let's hope it isn't too bad…”

“Border? We're still at least a hundred kilometers away from Kimbert City, right?”

Through the window, General Hanson looked at the evening sky and suddenly saw a huge sun. Although the dazzling light was blocked by the mountains, he could still feel it and sense the warmth in it.

He was startled, and shortly afterward, he saw the illusory figure of the vertical eye.

It stood silently in the darkness with countless blood tentacles extending from it, containing an evil energy!

Just by looking at it, General Hanson grew increasingly infatuated, and his eyeb.a.l.l.s gradually protruded.

“Ahh!” After some time, he cried out and covered the two blood holes on his face. Both his eyeb.a.l.l.s actually fell out of his face!

“The contamination of extraordinary power? Can it actually spread this far?” Seeing this, Director Barton felt like he was falling into a bottomless abyss. “Even if we include the Extraordinaries from the other countries, what can we even do?”

As the director of the Federal Investigation Agency, he usually dealt with extraordinary matters.

But the descent of this Ancient still surpa.s.sed his imagination. Humans were basically like ants in front of this kind of existence!


At this moment, there was also the shadow of an octopus in the sky, together with a white line.


After getting closer, they could clearly see that it was an enormous wave that was over a hundred meters tall.

It whizzed toward them like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, containing an unstoppable force. Along with numerous roars and cries, the entire steel train was submerged.

At this point, Carls' official reinforcement team—completely obliterated!

“d.a.m.n it… This Son of the Deep Sea doesn't care about the destiny of humanity at all…”


Nietzsche had certainly sensed this and felt extremely infuriated.

However, the Son of the Deep Sea was the descendant of an Outer G.o.d, and it loved chaos and destruction, so even communication with it was a big problem.

Although he was collaborating with it against the Eye of Darkness, he would still occasionally be attacked by it, making it extremely hard to predict.

“If this carries on, the entire federation might end up peris.h.i.+ng because of me…”

Nietzsche clenched his teeth and penetrated into the ground.


A large piece of land floated, lifting the Eye of Darkness into the sky.

Bang Bang!

The Son of the Deep Sea seemed to go crazy and no longer cared about anything. It charged forward, and its tentacles tangled fiercely with the veins of the eye.

“Good chance!”

When Nietzsche saw this, he calmed down, and the radiance of the entire sun grew even more intense. “I… am the sun!!!”

After this second announcement, his entire body turned transparent. Only the purest radiance was left, as even the Black Iron Armor seemed to be dissolving indistinctly.

“Even if I have to risk it all, I will destroy you!”

As he shouted, a beam of gold and black shot out from the ground into s.p.a.ce.


The slab of land became scattered ashes in an instant as the beam of light enveloped both the Eye of Darkness and the Son of the Deep Sea before penetrating into the universe.


Within the gigantic pit in the ground, Nietzsche struggled to stand up as the Black Iron Armor suddenly fell apart onto the ground, totally sc.r.a.pped.

“Thank you…” He had a complex look, knowing that if he had not had the protection of the armor, he would not have been able to unleash an attack like that and could even be dead now.

Currently, the majority of Nietzsche's attention was on the two Outer G.o.d descendants in the sky.


With some expectation, he looked up and suddenly saw a huge black hole in the sky.

At the center of the black hole, there was only half an eye left, and the Son of the Deep Sea was nowhere to be seen.

“It… actually survived…” Nietzsche fell to his knees as blood shot out from his entire body. “However, its injuries are definitely much more severe than those of the Son of the Deep Sea all those years ago… Planet, take care!”

With some gratification, both his eyes turned blurry, and he was about to pa.s.s out.

However, a sudden change occurred in this instant!

From the boundless outer s.p.a.ce, n.o.body knew when but a large ma.s.s of darkness was floating over.

One glance at it caused Nietzsche incomparable fear, as though… he was staring into the abyss!

So much so that his body started trembling, and he was completely unable to say a word.

In his heart, there was a voice shouting, “Outer G.o.d! Outer G.o.d!!!”

After its progeny was heavily injured and almost annihilated, the Master Living Above the Lonely Star, the Astral World Traveler, the Ruler of the Planet of Demon Insects, the Lord of Chaos and Madness, the Darling of Darkness, Omar Kyege Sars finally decided to appear!

The whole planet seemed to be trembling under this ma.s.s of darkness.

A thick tentacle that looked like it had many eyeb.a.l.l.s on it pulled the badly damaged Eye of Darkness into the darkness.

Seconds later, a completely healed and seemingly even more powerful Eye of Darkness reappeared and entered the atmosphere.


After a loud explosion, another gigantic pit appeared in the ground.

A shock wave ruthlessly sent Nietzsche flying. He did not have the least bit of strength to fight back at all.

In the sky, the atmosphere fluctuated violently, and a vortex formed at the center of the hole in the atmosphere. It seemed as if there was an existence comparable to a planet wanting to force its way into Planet Stael!

“Anger! Crazy! Does it want to destroy this planet completely?”

Fang Yuan looked on with nothing but delight on his face, like a hunter whose prey had finally appeared.

After all, the Eye of Darkness was different from the other followers of the Outer G.o.ds, and it was a direct progeny of Omar. Back when he had eliminated one in the Uyguklais' planet, Omar might have feared him and dared not to seek revenge.

However, on this unprotected planet, the fact that another one almost died again definitely gave it enough reason to be angry!

It grew so infuriated that its true body would descend to annihilate this world!

“Ahh!!!” Nietzsche felt the gaze in the darkness and screamed.

His skin started tearing apart as black eyeb.a.l.l.s appeared one after another, releasing ear-piercing hisses.

Merely being glanced at, he was about to die or turn into a complete monster!

“It's over!”

At that moment, countless high-level Extraordinaries felt immense desperation and wanted to commit suicide.

This was an extremely courageous and wise act because they knew that once Omar completely arrived on this planet, whatever awaited them would be an even more brutal future.

“Ahhhhhh!!!” Nietzsche yelled devastatingly again and again, and he had already completely turned into a monster covered with eyes.

Even his consciousness of being human was constantly collapsing.

“Am I… going to die?”

Just as his consciousness was about to disperse, he had a final dying flash of lucidity and remembered what he had forgotten.

It was a convenience store and the boss named Andy…

Hiss Hiss! All of a sudden, at the same time as he saw his memory, the ma.s.s of invading darkness sent out a shriek full of emotions.

Nietzsche did not understand why an Outer G.o.d could shriek with such fear and anger.

The Eye of Darkness was lying fearfully on the ground and instantly retracted all its tentacles, s.h.i.+vering like a rabbit frightened by a lion.

“Haha… finally fell for my bait!” Fang Yuan appeared beside Nietzsche, staring at the ma.s.sive darkness. “The orbits of the Lonely Star and the Jade Star are just right… Come on out, Omar!”


Indescribable white lightning emerged and lacerated the darkness, revealing Omar's true body.

It was a colossal ball of meat formed of countless tentacles. It was dark red and had many eyes on its surface.

“Do not look directly at the inexplicable horror!”

Nietzsche hurriedly lowered his head in fear.

But immediately afterward, he realized that despite seeing the true body of an Outer G.o.d, he did not feel any pain at all.

Even the flesh on his body fell off as he recovered his human form.

“Phase… stars activate!”

Fang Yuan stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes glowing.

Buzz Buzz! 

There was an unfathomable change in the universe as the stars started releasing a great amount of light.

The tremendous pressure instantly turned the Eye of Darkness into ashes and forced Omar's true body to shrink into the small Planet Stael.

In the depths of the ocean, the endless seawater drained away, causing the deaths of innumerable sea monsters, and a dried-up marine trench appeared.

“Astral magic… seal!”

A thick, blood-red tentacle was tossed into the marine trench.

A vast indescribable force distorted Omar's body, turning it into an illusory figure that was sucked into a vortex.

A large amount of seawater returned and smoothed the exposed land, making it as if everything that had just happened was but a mere illusion.

But all the life forms on the planet were trembling. It was a trembling from the depths of their souls as they felt the danger that their world could perish at any time.

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