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Chapter 101: The Fight

"What are you intending to do, Prefecture Master?"

Lu Renjia was gentlemanly, and there was a light fragrance coming from him, which had the ability to calm the others down.

His eyes were like lightning and shot right at Liu Yan, interrogating him.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

The sound of armour dragging across the floor could be heard from outside. Numerous Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers flooded the hall.

Liu Yan lifted his eyebrow and smiled. "It isn't about what I want to do, but you, Master Lu. What do you intend to do?"

As he spoke, he appeared stricter. "By getting closer to my prefecture's sects and Prefecture soldiers just to hastily sit in my seat? You think I can't live long? You are trying to bully me?"


The rage of a spiritual knight was not to be taken lightly!

In the hall, s.h.i.+ Yutong could feel an immense spiritual pressure which was almost suffocating.

Looking at Liu Yan, he was seated in his seat, but green flames appeared and seemed to be surrounding him, and were slowly growing.


Lu Renjia took out a small bronze cauldron and placed it in front of himself. He was not ashamed of anything and became serious. "Old Liu... Why are you still so strong? Must be... What treasures have you consumed to lengthen your lifespan?"

"That's right!"

Liu Yan's voice became deeper, with a mocking tone. "Hehe... I was fated to receive a Fire Dragon Fruit. Not only does this fruit complement me perfectly, it also had the ability to lengthen my lifespan... If I've used this to make it into the 'Red Dragon Pill', it's ability would increase fivefold. However, I knew that you would be greedy, so why would I trust you to do this for me?"

s.h.i.+ Yutong's heart became heavy after hearing this.

If not for his old age, Liu Yan would still be the number one spiritual knight in the entire Secluded Mountain Prefecture! Due to his planning, despite the fact that his enemy had improved tremendously, he was able to keep the secret and eventually trick them with the news that he was dying!

'This words are not meant for Master Lu, but for the rest of us Sect Masters!'

With this, s.h.i.+ Yutong had a question in mind. 'Even

if he kneeled down to surrender, I wonder how will things end up? It seems that he still had to let out his position and live in privacy for the rest of his life!'

'It seems that this is still more worth than the Sect being destroyed by the Secluded Mountain Prefecture soldiers.'

The pretty Sect Master suddenly changed her expression, as though she was fighting a mental battle. The two Wu Zongs on both sides seemed to be in the same predicament.

"Don't be fooled by this Old Liu!"

Lu Renjia rolled his eyes and said, "Eating the Fire Dragon Fruit raw can only increase his lifespan by a century! This old fool doesn't have too many years to live..."

He looked at Liu Yan with a sinister look, with no intention to conceal his motive to kill. "Furthermore... Even if you are willing to use your life to pit against us, in the end, all of us will die together!"

"Even if we have to die together, I will still exterminate this bunch of you!"

Liu Yan became fierce and waved his hand. A streak of green fire shot out like a dragon and aimed straight for Lu Renjia.


Lu Renjia became extremely serious and pushed the cauldron forward.


An invisible ripple of energy dispersed, and the green flame dragon was destroyed into embers, which flew in all directions.


A soldier wearing a Thousand Year Chilled Metal Armour could not dodge in time and was struck by an ember, lighting his shoulder in green flames.

"Hong! Hong!"

In the next moment, his entire person became a green human torch. He shrieked and died in an instant.

'Liu Yan's fire-type spiritual spells were even scarier than before... Even martial artists of the 4 Heavenly Gates don't stand a chance!'

Witnessing this scene, s.h.i.+ Yutong was shocked to her wits and glanced at her lowly-skilled sect disciples, who were all s.h.i.+vering in fear. She was glad not to have brought her own disciple along. Otherwise, she might not be able to leave this predicament.

"It seems that everyone is unwilling to accept my gracious offer..."

Liu Yan looked at s.h.i.+ Yutong and the other Sect Masters and shook his head. Suddenly, he gave a deafening shout. "The soldiers of Secluded Mountain Prefecture,

Prefecture, do hear this. The Spirit Returning Sect, Bone Melting Sect and the Yellow Brothers sect are now traitors. Kill every single one!"

"Yes, Master!"

A commotion was heard and the clanging of knives and swords outside was deafening.

"Haha….. Sect Master s.h.i.+, I, Old Niu, have always wanted to get closer to you, and now I finally have the chance!"

The capital leader of Niu Capital laughed, wore a helmet with bullhorns and approached her.

"If I had a choice, I would not want to oppose you Prefecture Master, but..."

s.h.i.+ Yutong was unwilling but made her choice.

Since he had already done it and was found out, any hesitation would only quicken his death. The only solution he had was to carry on what he was doing.

"Haha... You guys have made the right choice!"

Lu Renjia laughed. "After this, I will not forget any of you. And as for the promised spiritual pills, I will deliver two times more!"

"Lu Renjia!"

Liu Yan turned ferocious and slowly stood up.

"Hong! Hong!"

b.a.l.l.s of green flames appeared around his body, burning brightly in mid-air. There was a continuous stream of heatwave coming from him. "Do you still think that you stand a chance?"

He still feared this alchemy master.

Although his combat skills may not be good, his alchemy skills helped him developed many diplomatic ties.

"You would never guess what my secret move would be! Even though you surpa.s.sed my expectations today, that is all you are going to be!"

Lu Renjia became speechless. "Tiancan, Dique, bring Ling Yin away!"

"Yes, master!"

Two Wu Zongs suddenly stood beside Ling Yin and escorted her out.

"None of you will leave this place today! He! The elemental forces of nature, listen to me! Green Dragon Dance! Prosperity be in the world!

Liu Yan recited his mantra, and spiritual imprints appeared on his spiritual gown.

"Hong! Hong!"

Nine b.a.l.l.s of green flame surrounded him, and suddenly evolved into claws. A green dragon formed from the b.a.l.l.s of flame and struck towards Ling Yin.

"I am your opponent!"

Lu Renjia frowned and threw out a few pills.


A red pill collided with a white pill in mid-air and exploded. A grey fog appeared, which constrained the fire dragon.

Liu Yan could see that the fire dragon within the fog had lost its spirituality. It stopped

It stopped moving and began to slowly shrink in size.

"Good! You have lived in the Secluded Mountain Prefecture for almost twenty years and it is only today that I get to see your true ability!"

Liu Yan began to spew fire out of his eyes. "Hopefully you do not disappoint me!"

"Hong! Hong!"

In a short moment, the green flames covered the entire hall!


Outside the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City.

Fang Yuan, who was on the carriage, turned his head around and took a quick glance in the direction of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City.

The tremor of the spiritual force was way beyond the capabilities of a spiritual disciple; it was obvious that two spiritual knights were engaged in a fight.


Yu Xinlou and Huang Fu Renhe rushed over, saw Fang Yuan staring in the direction of the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City, and followed suit.


At that moment, It seemed as though a flame started to grow in the Prefecture Master's mansion. Thick smoke rose into the sky like a chimney.

"That is... the direction of the Prefecture Master's mansion!"

Yu Xinlou was dumbfounded. "Today is the City Master's birthday, and yet they close the four gates to the city, and even something like that could happen within the city...'

"Are these green flames from the legendary Secluded Mountain Prefecture City Master's spiritual spells? I've heard that he is skilled in fire-type spiritual spells, and is a totally different level!"

Huang Fu Renhe observed the increasingly chaotic city, and made eye contact with Yu Xinlou; he broke out in cold sweat.

If not for Fang Yuan who brought them out of the city, they would be the ones trapped inside, desperate. They might even be implicated to death.


Another deep tremor was heard.

To have travelled such a long distance, Fang Yuan understood that the two spiritual knights had used their spiritual force to strike a hard one on each other.

Indeed, when he looked back, he saw something like a roof flying in mid-air, and suddenly it broke apart into flames. Screams were heard where it landed.

"Oh….. This is how spiritual knights fight with each other?"

Fang Yuan was shocked to see such a fight.

Even though he had become a dream disciple, he could not command his elemental force as he wished as he wished as he was not a dream master yet.

Seeing how one's own elemental force could affect nature in such fearsome means, he knew what to expect in the future.

"Elemental force... It's not far from me!"

Fang Yuan clenched his fist, in silence.

In terms of martial arts, he had already broken through the 11th Gate. What was left for him was the final Heaven Gate and Wu Zong to break through before he could finally attain Wu Zong.

As for his journey as a dream disciple, he had also entered the final stages and was only a few steps away from truly being able to control his own dream world.

"It's just... My skillset is specific, and the destructive power of a dream master can never be on par with that of a spiritual knight..."

Fang Yuan sighed, and suddenly called Yu Xinlou and Huang Fu Renhe over. "It seems that the only one capable of going against the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master is that alchemy master, Master Lu?"

"Although I have never seen him personally, I have heard that his alchemy skills are superb, and well known throughout the entire Xia Country... My previous master is no match for him!"

Huang Fu Renhe looked agonized and said.

He explored the ends of the world and his exposure was rather broad.

"The influence of the Prefecture City is rather strong, but the Secluded Mountain Prefecture Master had many connections with the outside world, and external allies might help him out!"

Yu Xinlou shook his head.

"Hmm... That's true. The destruction that we witnessed just now, could it be made by several spiritual knights and Wu Zongs together? Isn't it a good chance to see what we can loot amidst the chaos?"

Fang Yuan made a guess after hearing him said that.

'To loot from the chaos, we will still need a formidable party. Otherwise, we would be killing ourselves!'

"Let's go! We need to rus.h.!.+"

"Fang Yuan did not hesitate and ordered them.

"Yes, master!"

Yu Xinlou instructed for the carriage to move on. As he looked back at the Secluded Mountain Prefecture City, he was filled with mixed emotions.

Seeing his hometown being destroyed and feeling sad was secondary; it was more of a worry.

The entire Secluded Mountain Prefecture would change!

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