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Chapter 1980 – The Foreign Guest in the Ancestral Grave  

*Hong Long……*

It rumbled once more, and was even more intense compared to the last one. Heavenly Peng's facial expression changed. The Demonic Immortal Island had existed for countless years, but nothing like this had ever occurred.

“Let's go and see what happened.”

Finished speaking, Heavenly Peng vanished with a swoosh. The ancestral grave was a forbidden zone on the island. All the ancestors were buried there. Ordinarily, no one would dare to get close to it. Naturally, the rumble from the grave shocked them all.

“Everyone, some accident has occurred in the interior of the island, but there's no need to panic,” said Blue Wolf Demon Sovereign, and he then flew towards the direction of the ancestral grave.

“What's going on? That huge movement seems to be coming from the ancestral grave of the Demonic Immortal Island. All the ancestors had been buried there. No one, not even Great Sovereigns are allowed to step into the zone.”

“I wonder what has happened, but judging from Heavenly Peng Demon Sovereign's reaction, it doesn't seem like a trivial matter. Let's go over and have a look as well.”

“Alright. Since we have nothing to do here, we might as well go there and see what actually has happened. Too many incidents have taken place one after another in the Demonic Immortal Island this time.”

Everyone was unable to remain calm. This ceremony seemed to be full of surprises. First, it was Jiang Chen and Xiao w.a.n.gqing, now it was the abrupt incident in the ancestral grave. It seemed like they weren't going to enjoy the peace on the island for a while.

A large group of people was flying towards the ancestral grave. As they were all staying to attend the wedding ceremony of Xiao w.a.n.gqing three days later, they might as well go over there and find out what happened. Plus, they were certain that this was a big incident.

Jiang Chen, Xiao w.a.n.gqing and Tian Lingyu exchanged a glance before following suit. Yu Huafan and Big Yellow followed from behind.

“Junior Brother Jiang, tell me how did you do it.”

Yu Huafan asked. He was dying to know how Jiang Chen did it. He might go crazy if he continue to stifle his curiosity.

“We just have many things in common.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. He could never disclose the true reason as that was the secret of Heavenly Peng.


Yu Huafan was rendered speechless. Who would believe such a reason? But knowing that Jiang Chen had his own reasons for doing so, he chose not to ask any further. In any case, it was a great thing that Jiang Chen was able to build a good connection with Heavenly Peng. It was beneficial not only to Jiang Chen himself, but also to Fengchi Immortal Court.

Big Yellow was looking in the direction of the ancestral grave blankly as if he was in a trance. He didn't speak a word throughout their conversation. He didn't even congratulate Xiao w.a.n.gqing. He seemed to be preoccupied with his own thoughts.

However, Jiang Chen didn't try to ask him because it would only be pointless, knowing that Big Yellow wouldn't tell a thing to him.

Everyone halted somewhere close to the ancestral grave.

The ancestral grave was a towering black paG.o.da that consisted of several dozens of levels. The forty mile radius around the paG.o.da had been sealed. The atmosphere of the place was stifling and lifeless. This place was strictly forbidden. No one would dare to intrude into this place. Except Heavenly Peng, no one, not even Blue Wolf was permitted to step on this zone.

According to others, this place contained the supreme spirits of the ancestors who had made great contributions to the Demonic Immortal Island. Every one of them was revered greatly by the posterity.

*Hong Long……*

An immense rumble was heard once more. This time, they saw that it was coming from the black paG.o.da because it was shaking noticeably.

“Demon Sovereign, nothing as such has occurred ever since the grave was built. Is this related to that monkey?” said Blue Wolf with a frown.

“It has to be related to him,” replied Heavenly Peng firmly.

This time, Jiang Chen and the rest appeared next to Heavenly Peng. After the sworn ceremony, he was now one of the most important figures in the island, so no one would stop him from getting close to Heavenly Peng. Even Blue Wolf could only greet him with a friendly smile.

After all, Jiang Chen's status was no longer the same as before. Lan Xian and the rest could only watch Jiang Chen step onto the forbidden grave from a far distance.

“Monkey? What monkey?”

Jiang Chen was surprised to hear the word “monkey” because he was sure that there shouldn't be a second monkey that was as great as his monkey brother in this world.

“Brother Jiang Chen, a youth appeared in the Ocean Domain not long ago. When he approached our island, a ray of light suddenly shot out from the black paG.o.da that had been silent for centuries and fell upon the youth, leading the youth into the paG.o.da. We have been wanting to explore the truth during this period of time, but we were afraid that it would alarm the ancestral spirits,” explained Blue Wolf.

As Jiang Chen was now the sworn brother of Heavenly Peng, Blue Wolf addressed Jiang Chen as “brother” despite his slight reluctance.

“What does that youth had to do with the monkey?” asked Jiang Chen.

“Demon Sovereign saw that the youth wasn't a human at first glance. The incredible bloodline of a Battle Saint Ape flowed in his body. If he was merely a human, he wouldn't be able to draw the attention of our ancestral spirits,” answered Blue Wolf.


Jiang Chen and Big Yellow exclaimed at the same time. They were sure that there's no other one that inherited the bloodline of the mighty Battle Saint Ape.

“Big Brother Blue Wolf, how did the youth look like?” In order to confirm the ident.i.ty of Dragon s.h.i.+san, Jiang Chen continued to ask.

“He looked almost the same age as you, good-looking and wore a yellow robe. Also, the most obvious feature in his appearance is his black and white hair,” answered Blue Wolf.

“It has to be s.h.i.+san. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d has gone to someone else's ancestral grave.”

Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. The features Blue Wolf described confirmed that the youth was indeed Dragon s.h.i.+san.

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